Friday, May 31, 2013

Gifted Baskets!

Think back in time…about 2 trips ago!

Remember my trip to Glens Falls, NY?  I know!  It seems like eons ago, right?

Well it wasn’t THAT long ago ----

It was still THIS month!

When a trip is winding down it’s always a mad rush to get the remaining books boxed up along with everything that won’t fit in the suitcase, and get them dropped off to be shipped home.

In this case, I had one and a half boxes to ship!  You can’t ship half a box without filling the empty space with SOMETHING because it’s not good for books to rattle in an empty box – the box can get crushed and books can get damaged..so I stuffed the box!

I stuffed the box with anything soft that I wasn’t going to need ---a pair of jeans,  my empty canvas tote bag, some rulers and other class supplies – and THESE!

These sweet little basket blocks were the “Block of the Month” for the Wings Falls Quilters Guild during my visit – they chose one of my Addicted to Scraps column blocks, encouraging everyone to participate in making the scrappy 6” baskets.These are found in the March/April 2011 issue Here.

They asked ME to draw the winner --- and wonder of wonders, I drew the name of JAN – who happened to be one of the Quilters on my Bali trip last August!! ((Jan, it was so fun to see you again, and in your own stomping QUILTING grounds. :c))

And then the biggie – they had a batch of blocks especiialy for ME TOO!  Color me excited!

projects 018


So my life went like this --- ship the books home, forget there is other stuff in the boxes and when the boxes arrive, I’m already gone to the NEXT location, and they get stacked with the OTHER boxes until….LAST NIGHT!  It was a happy reunion, and I can’t wait to play with these.

So this is how I deal with an odd selection of blocks that “Don’t Seem To Match”  There are several that are scrappy  bright and EVERYTHING, and quite a few that are VERY Civil War.

It’s the NOT ONE ODDBALL rule.  If there are only a FEW that are bright, or different…that means I need to make MORE of those to balance out the mix.  To give it MORE of an EVERYTHING flavor – and that is what I plan to do, or else I’d end up having to separate categories, and I don’t want to do that.  I want them all included together, because that’s how they were gifted to me.

Oh yeah….it’s so true!


This morning I’m doing something different! 

Instead of meeting up with friends for LUNCH or DINNER….we are meeting downtown Winston Salem for BRUNCH at 10:30--  At a new place I’ve never been to!

We’ll be discussing details for our upcoming Collaboration Celebration, and you can bet we are going to have a good time planning how to make this THE BEST TIME for you!

You ARE coming, Aren’t You?  Click HERE for more info!

I also talked to the fix-it shop – the Blue Morse is all rewired and ready to be picked up!  So that’s on the agenda too today.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Hope you make more of those baskets on quilt cam... they are darling! I know you have the crumbs quilt when you spend time with us... just an idea to see MORE of them :) Thanks for blogging and sharing your work :) Kathi

  2. I love surprises like this! Many times, I set things aside (in a safe place!) for a later time. When I find them again, it's like the first time I've seen them! Sounds like you are enjoying your time at home to the fullest. Hooray for friends!

  3. You are torturing me. The timing of the collaboration is awful for me. It is my 40th wedding anniversary and even though he would probably go with me if we hadn't made plans for a tour with family. Please just start planning a new one so I won't feel so terrible.

  4. Good morning! Love the basket blocks - I can't wait to see more and what you do with them. Enjoy your brunch & have a super day!

  5. They are seasonal baskets some for spring some for fall need some Christmas ones and a few blended ones or maybe some blues for January! Orange and yellows for August! Any way what a perfect gift! and Oh By the way I cann't wait to see some quilts hanging from your new cabin maybe patriotic ones but Ill be waving from The Tn side of that MT Kate in Knoxville

  6. Can't wait to go to the Wings Falls Quilters Guild Quilt Show this weekend to see all of the beautiful quilts they've made!

  7. Just taking a break from house work, have the day off , work with a reward system, mop floor than I get some Bonnie time! Yippee skipee a new book in April I can not wait! Have a terrific day, flitting to and fro :)

  8. The fix-it shop, eh? I always refer to it as "The Spa." That's where my circa 1955 Singer 306W to be petted, adjusted and gently massaged. That's the best $80-$100 I spend all year.

  9. Anonymous11:30 AM EDT

    How nice of the ladies!!!! Can't wait to see what you add to the mix. Just love scrappy baskets...ummmmm like I have several basket quilts lol.

    Bonnie, I bet your fix-it guy has wonderful Bonnie tales to tell about the machines themselves and the nice lady who brings them in to the shop. ;)


  10. Lucky You, maybe you should call out a scrap basket block exchange from all or your followers. We could all make you one block and then you would get enough to make several quilts! LOL ,.. I will sign up, so count me in. When is the new book due out? I have not heard ????

  11. I'm so glad to hear that this guild used your design as their block of the month! YAY! The blocks you were given look great and I know you'll do something really wonderful with them. Looking forward to seeing them in a quilt someday!

  12. I was going to suggest the same as crazy quilter. We could all make one each and send to you. How cool would that be? The only problem is I dont have the magazine so you would have to post the pattern.

  13. I love this basket block. I made a scrap basket quilt that I have on the bed in my guest bedroom. So pretty!

  14. Thanks for sharing, can relate when you said you put some other things in the box and totally forgot, when boxes arrived off to another trip so stacked boxes for later, but fun to find things like that later.


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