Saturday, May 11, 2013

Charlotte’s Baskets in Glens Falls!

As I was being driven from the airport through downtown Albany, and then the scenic route through Washington County……I was related the story on how the Wings Falls Quilters got their name.

It seems “Back in the Day” that the town was founded In 1766 as Wing's Falls for Abraham Wing – the leader of the group of Quakers who established the permanent settlement – and for the falls on the Hudson River. Wing's claim to the name of the falls and the hamlet was transferred to Colonel Johannes Glen of Schenectady in 1788, either on collection of a debt, as a result of a game of cards, or in exchange for hosting a party for mutual friends, depending on which local legend is believed.

Interesting bit of history!  So the Wings Falls Quilters have their name to honor the founder who lost his claim to the town by losing a game of cards.  You can see why I so love history!

Charlotte’s Baskets is a small quilt with only 16 blocks, but those blocks have many many pieces and are surrounded by string quilting turning them on point…we had a lovely day of cutting, piecing, pressing, talking, laughing, joking ---several of our quilters were from outside of the guild with some as far away as Connecticut, and other parts of New York State.

This first picture is Cecilia!  So fun to spend the day with her, she is one of the gals who joined us from far away and we wound up staying in the same hotel!  Her baskets just glow!

Charlotte’s Baskets is found in my book, String Fling, for those wanting to know!

And let’s get right on to the slide show.  If you can’t view it on your mobile device, simply click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.

Charlotte's Baskets, Glens Falls, NY 2013

This morning it's a bit rainy and drippy outside...our guild meeting with my lecture & trunk show is this morning, and who knows what we will get up to this afternoon as it all depends on the weather! We will have a good time no matter what we get up to.

Tomorrow -- I'm headed home and will be back in North Carolina by 3pm and am looking forward to a Mother's Day afternoon and evening with both of my boys home!

Happy Mothers Day Weekend, everyone!


  1. Beautiful May Baskets all! Lovely slide show, Bonnie--more thanks fly out to you...hugs, Julierose

  2. Beautiful baskets! This quilt is definitely on my list of I want to make.

  3. My bucket list just got longer!

  4. Anonymous8:36 AM EDT

    love the history lesson!! Thanks for sharing photos of everyones baskets!

  5. Sweet baskets with happy faces, looks like a great day!

    Happy Mother's Day, now aren't you lucky to have your boys
    with you? Have a blessed day.

    Happy Sewing :0)

  6. Having been born and bred a Quaker with many generations of Quakers in my heritage, a Quaker would not partake in the playing of cards as it would have been considered scandalous to do so in the late 1700s. Your information seemed a bit "off" according to my knowledge of the faith, so I looked it up. Unfortunately, the history according to the descendants of Abraham Wing seems to be that the name was given away as the payment of a debt for a party, and not a card game.


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