Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hard at Play!

When I’m quiet, it’s because I’m busy!

I spent this morning ironing up a bunch of neutral shirt parts, and cranked them through my accuquilt studio into 2.5” strips.

My selection of variety was way down there, and this should stock me back up for the projects I have going on behind the scenes!

When you are a Scrap Quilter…a variety of backgrounds is a MUST!  I am never happy when seeing just one fabric used as the background for a scrappy quilt…I NEED MORE!

The ironing took the longest..the cranking them through? Nothing flat!

And then….I began to set up…and learn the ins and outs of:

elna 003

Hot-Lips Hoolihan!

elna 004

I am charmed by her Swiss engineering, and how her take-up lever swings in an arc…see the curved slot?

She’s definitely got curves where it counts, baby!

My crumb strips from last night’s Quilt-Cam were the closest at hand, so I played with those, first learning how to wind a bobbin ((VERY SLICK! You don’t even have to disengage the hand wheel to stop the needle from going up and down…it already KNOWS!)) And then learning to thread the machine itself.

This little girl is SO QUIET!  I am really enjoying her.  I haven’t tried any 1/4” seaming on her yet, but it shouldn’t be an issue once I use my seam guide ruler to find where to put my sticky guide.

My foot keeps reaching for the foot pedal...and there IS NONE.  She is knee-lever driven...but old habits are hard to break --

And I just LOVE her green color!

However…SOMEONE is feeling a bit neglected:

elna 001

Won’t you come play with ME instead, Mama?

Time to take Sadie for a walk, and then back to some more stitching!

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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM EDT

    AHHHHHHH Sadie understands .. Mom makes warm soft quilts for Sadie to lay on. This is typical puppy logic. But now and then, Mom has to play with Sadie and walk her and talk to her Mom-Puppy style too. Dogs are WONDERFUL people.

    And I am now on the lookout for a Grasshopper machine! See what you do to us lolol


  2. Love your quilt cam show and love just sewing along with you while you chat and show just by watching :) Will love seeing this quilt come together hopefully via quilt cam :) Kathi

  3. I learned on my mother's sewing machine which had a knee-lever. It took me a while to get used to using a foot pedal! Hot-Lips Hoolihan really looks like a fun machine to sew on!

  4. I still can't use a knee lift since after all these I began sewing with mom's old Singer in the cabinet with the foot pedal mounted on the side. That's been over 40 years ago and I can't retrain my brain! Love the Elna. I had a small Elna and gave it away. Now I could just kick myself!

  5. heading to ebay. lol...

  6. *snort* Hot Lips is the first name that came to me when I saw that green beauty! I really like the built-in sewing table from the container. I am pretty sure I learned to sew on a knee lift type machine, sitting on my mom's lap!

  7. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    Sadie is so cute. I miss my Annie, whom we had to put to sleep a few months ago. =( I love Hot Lips. She is very sleek. I just recently signed up for your blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks for all! By the way, is that a turtle pin cushion anchoring your blocks? Really cute. Pattern?

  8. Welcome to the world of Elna green machines! I have two and love them both. Actually my other one is a Supermatic that I learned to sew on when I was 9 years old. My mom bought it new in Japan in 1955.

  9. Hot Lips sounds wonderful. I'm looking for a machine for mt dear son & his girlfriend. Wondering what would be a good fit. I'm thinking of a 301A. Good choice?

  10. An Elna was one of my first machines.... wish I still had it! Iw as lied too and told I couldn't get parts to it anymore, that they didn't make them.... So I bought a Viking, that I didn't like, then a Pfaff which I LOVE, and about 8 Featherweights LOL.
    I saw a Necchi at a used clothing and furniture store recently in a cabinet for $55. But I passed... I have no room. need to liquidate.


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