Sunday, June 30, 2013

OH. Brother!!

See this sign?

Oh, Monroe Regional Airport!

This is what I was afraid of.

On my way into Monroe – one of my quilt bags did not arrive.

The employee at baggage told me to go down to the ticket counter and someone would help me find out where my bag was and when it would arrive.

When I went to the ticket counter….there was this sign.


I waited 30 minutes for someone to come to the counter……it seems that when a flight is ready to board, they close the ticket counter to folks waiting to check in or be helped so that they can go board the waiting passengers for their flights ---

In the mean time, the line of angry folks lining up to receive help at the ticket counter piles up until that poor counter person returns to handle them one by one.

It took one minute for the ticket person to check the status of my bag and be told that my bag would be in on the next flight from Atlanta ---and when I came back at 5pm to pick it up, I was greeted with yet again…THE SAME CLOSED SIGN…

The ticket counter person was once again away from the desk, boarding a flight and folks had to wait another 30 minutes for someone to come back to help them.  Frustrated doesn’t begin to cover the range of emotions I went through while waiting to see if my luggage had indeed arrived.

So my biggest fear about being dropped off at the airport this afternoon?  You got it!

SAME SIGN!  It was 1pm.  The ticket counter was closed until 2pm.  And there I was with this amount of luggage:

Monroe_LA2013 892

Two 50lb duffle bags full of quilts, my roll aboard and my backpack.  I had an hour to wait.  I plopped myself down on the floor and reclined against my quilt duffle and took care of business on my phone.  What else is a girl to do?

One of the things she DID do while sitting there….was contemplate how to sneak her carry on luggage into the house…because….well you see….

Monroe_LA2013 883

There is something hiding inside!!

Shelia made me do it!  Actually, this sweet little machine belonged to her Aunt Bradice who is in her 90s and  in the nursing home.  One day Aunt Bradice called Shelia up and told her to take the machine…and she did…and then Shelia gifted Aunt Bradice's machine to ME!

Monroe_LA2013 884

Aunt Bradice’s sweet little 99k in excellent condition!

Monroe_LA2013 885

Her serial number dates her to 1956!

If you have ever wanted to date your Singer Machine, click HERE and choose either no letter prefix, single letter prefix or double letter prefix.

I ended up sending most of my clothes home via FedEx so I could fit the machine in her case inside my roll aboard.  I padded her inside the case and out with what remained..and I’m hoping hoping hoping she makes it home okay.  I’m taking smaller commuter jets home so the luggage will be checked plane side ---*fingers crossed*

I’m now checked in – flights are good to go, and am waiting in the passenger waiting area for them to open up TSA check in when it is time to go to my gate.

And the journey home begins!

Oops!! Scratch that –

I just got a phone call from Delta that my flight has been delayed long enough to miss my connection in Atlanta! It looks like I will be spending the night in Atlanta tonight. Good thing I have plenty of Hexies with me to keep me busy!

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Tulip Fields in Monroe, LA!

If I was only allowed to make one kind of quilt for the rest of my life…it would likely be a string quilt!  I love how each one turns out so different, and each fabric scrap has its own story to tell.

What’s not to like about a string quilt? 

They are utilitarian by nature, and perfection can be completely thrown out the window in favor of wild whimsy and reckless abandon ----at least for the string part of the block.

Halfway through the class day we switched gears and that is where the precision piecing comes in……and we had them doing a great job with that too thanks to fixing seam allowances and getting them where they need to be.

Here I am at Marie’s machine demoing my favorite method of sewing on two blocks at once, using each as the leader/ender for the other keeping the chain as simple and manageable as possible.  These blocks are easy breezy, no stress and so fun….and then…the tricky part!

The tricky part?  The pieced tulip top triangle needs to measure the same as the string pieced tulip base that you have just trimmed to size. 

If your top is too small…the only thing it can be is your seam allowance is too big.  If your tulip top triangle is too big?  You have got to fatten that seam allowance up ….find what you need to do with that seam allowance to get it to turn out right and don’t stop until you do!  Never trust a 1/4” marking on your machine bed….never trust a 1/4” foot.  Remember, the fold after sewing comes from the far side of the thread….so you have to think a bit scanter than a mathmatical 1/4” which measures only from the edge of the fabric up to the thread….but doesn’t include the thread, or where the pressing-over is going to happen.

Monroe_LA2013 064

Candy Pink’s cousin Lucy came to play today!

Of course her name is Lucy – she is a vintage red head!

Monroe_LA2013 074

I was also introduced to possibly the best potato chips ever --- and totally local!  Zapp's chips are crispy, tasty, with only 3 ingredients – Potatoes, PEANUT OIL, and salt!  Yummy! I love discovering local stuff while traveling. 

All in all it was such a super visit with the quilters of North Louisiana--- I’ll definitely be happy to come back any time!

I hope you enjoy the slide show below.  If it doesn’t play on your mobile device, simply click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album…..or visit your nearest REAL computer!

And if you are wondering...Tulip Fields is found in my book String Fling!  Click the String Fling book image in the left hand side bar to order :)
Tulip Fields, Monroe, LA 2013

My teaching time is done...and today is a travel home day for me -- but my flight isn't until 5pm!

I'm relaxing in the hotel room with a bit of laptop work, some hand quilting work ---and then I'll be meeting with Jeanette for lunch out and a bit of antique browsing before she drops me off at the airport this afternoon.

The last day of June 2013.  This year is half over already? WHERE did it go? HOW did that happen?

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Tip-toeing Through Tulip Fields!

The north Louisiana quilters guild girls are at it again today!

We've spent the morning string piecing on foundation papers for our tulip block bases–

The trickier part comes with accurate piecing for the block tops!

They have got it nailed! :-)

It's a great day to be in Monroe, LA! :-)

Rectangle Wrangle, All Day Long!

Boy, it felt good to be teaching a class again.

And with it being over 100 degrees and humid as all get-out in Monroe ---where better to be than in the air-conditioned comfort of a great work space sewing away with a great group of quilters?

This is Susanne – and I bonded with her right off due to her lovely pink featherweight, Candy!

Yes – Candy even gets her own name tag! LOL!

And doesn’t Susanne just look HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to be here?  We all were.

Rectangle Wrangle is found in my book Scraps & Shirttails II – and is probably my favorite of all the quilts in the book.  The border of Ohio Stars was an afterthought --- because once I had the quilt top together and tried it on the bed, it was way too murky and dark --- the stars MAKE the quilt for me…besides, I love 6” blocks, don’t you?

Monroe_LA2013 034

There were lots of featherweights humming away in class, and a couple of 301s as well!  But look at THIS beauty --- it’s a Black side featherweight…made during the WWII era when chromium was not as available for machine parts and a black finish was given instead….I don’t find black side featherweights very often..so this was a treat to see!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device to go directly to the photo album.
Rectangle Wrangle, Monroe LA 2013

Today we do it again with a Tulip Fields workshop, and we will be string piecing the day away which promises to be a whole load of fun!

Two days left of June -- what are YOU going to do with it??

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Friday, June 28, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Rectangle Wrangling Away!

27 ladies sewing away makes for a fun time in Northern Louisiana!

We've spent the morning working on our strip pieced center blocks and will move into Ohio stars this afternoon.

Tonight is a lecture and trunkshow and we should have a good crowd!

Happy happy happy in Monroe---

Duck Dynasty Drive-By!

Okay, we didn’t just drive by…..we pulled in and parked and got out and took photos!

Along with 100 other people who were milling about, trying to capture themselves beneath the legendary Duck Commander sign.

It’s a cult thing.

Because sometimes you just have to!

After all, it IS Monroe, Louisiana!

Mostly I did this for my guys --- because they are huge huge fans…and I admit it, I got swept up in the adventure too!

duckdynasty 048

Hi guys, guess where I am?!

duckdynasty 045

You dared me and I did!

duckdynasty 053

And yes, even the taxidermy has a long beard….

duckdynasty 051

And you CAN pick up plenty  of souvenirs ----

Baby, you are NOT in DUBLIN anymore! LOL!

duckdynasty 050

And NO, you can NOT have one of these….just because it is CAMMO!

And NO, we did not see any Duck Dynasty stars here….they have much better things to do than hang around where fans gather ---however….

duckdynasty 059

We went here for dinner --- Cotton!

duckdynasty 060

How many of you watched Chopped??

Chef Cory Bahr was a former winner, and this is HIS restaurant!  Oh my goodness, was it wonderful!  And while we were enjoying our meal---who should walk in??

duckdynasty 061

Pardon the grainy picture from the rear, this is a zoom shot from across the restaurant…..it’s Martin from Duck Dynasty.  He knows where the great eats are!

As we were leaving I was introduced to Chef Cory ---and we had a nice little chat!  Turns out he is a quilt lover too and was telling me about one he has that is all feed sacks ---and upon Susan telling him that we had done the “bring a tourist to Monroe” loop that included Duck Commander – he proceeded to tell us that the entire Robertson family was in the upstairs room having dinner at that moment ---THAT was the furniture I heard being moved around above during our meal.

So close but yet so far ---and I was tickled to be able to give this bit of gab back to my guys at home ---

This morning we are off and running with a very busy and full day.  it’s a Rectangle Wrangle workshop today, followed by a lecture tonight ---it was 100 degrees yesterday with high humidity and it should be the same today ---can anyone say PONYTAIL!?  It’s all about keeping cool and quilting on!

Have a super Friday, everyone!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Happy Happy Happy!!

Guess where I am??!!

More photos to follow!

Life is Happy Happy Happy in Monroe. Louisiana!

Awash With Color!

I thought I’d gone through all of my Ireland photos – then I remembered I had used my “old” iphone as a back up camera for when I ran the battery out on the main one…

A girl must always be prepared!  And since the electrical was not the same as what we have here, it wasn’t as easy to find a place to plug into and recharge other than the hotel room at night…so…spare phone = great camera!

Our last jaunt in Belfast was to the Botanical gardens.-- Remember me telling you about the G8 Summit, and how things were going to be closed down?

This is the sign that was on the gates to the Botanical Garden as we entered….so glad we were seeing it on Friday instead of Saturday or it wouldn’t have happened!

Next door to the Botanical Gardens is the Ulster Museum.  I wish we could have had more time in there --- as it was we had 15 minutes just to see a few highlights and it was fascinating!

Belfast2013 004

Isn’t this pretty?!

Since I’m catching a plane this morning I’m just going to upload these as a slide show.  The gardens were so beautiful!

I thought North Carolina had great natural rhododendrons that would stand out in beauty – but IRELAND!  Rhodies grow so tall and so lush there due to the climate, and they grew in colors and varieties I had never seen before – and that is all OVER Ireland…in the wild, not just in the botanical garden!

Keep a watch out below for the peachy-orange one….it’s my favorite!

Click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album if the slide show doesn’t play on your mobile device.
Belfast Botanical Gardens, 2013

There was a bit of a hiccup last night with my flight this morning.

Right in the middle of Quilt-Cam there was a phone call from Delta saying my flight was delayed 2 hours --which meant of course my connecting flight to Monroe was going to be missed for sure and for certain.

After Quilt-Cam was over..I called...and changed my flight to a later time..I'm now arriving in Monroe about 2 1/2 hours later than I thought, but happy I will still get there in time!

Heading out to the airport in about 15 minutes --- hexies await!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt-Cam 6-26-2013

Here is a pic of Diane sewing away working on Pineapple Crazy blocks (From String Fling) in her RV!

We Sew Wherever We Go!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,

I am working on a KING sized scrappy batik pineapple this summer while traveling in our RV.  Really enjoying quilt cam today, thanks for sewing with me.

Cute, cute cute, Diane!  Keep Sewing!

I am back from my little afternoon jaunt..and just in the nick of time.

I hit road construction, a wreck with stand still traffic, and bumper to bumper rush hour to get to this little lady….but here she is in the back of Shamu:

vintagemachines 004

Treadle laying down, head off to the side resting on a towel ---

But do you see the bonus?!?

It turns out that the lady I bought the machine from is a quilter!  And when she found out that I was a quilter as well….she ushered me into her studio where other things she was trying to find a home for were waiting for adoption.

Could I use a quilt laddder, she asked…..OF COURSE!!  So she threw in the ladder for good measure, and I know it will have a happy home in my new cabin.

Her house had a big  SOLD sign across it…she and her hubby are moving to the coast and having a house built, but for now she has downsized considerably – lucky me!

vintagemachines 005

Here She Is!

This lovely lady is going to have a great home up at the cabin.  She’s a Singer class 15 – I think she dates to 1921 –but I’ll have to double check. 

Her Tiffany decals are in excellent shape..I don’t think she was sewn on much!

The hand wheel and some of the other chrome parts are going to need some de-rusting work – and she moves very stiffly, but I don’t think it’s anything I can’t handle.

I won’t be sewing on her tonight…..because I just got back, I’m grabbing the same project I’ve worked on the last couple of Quilt-Cam sessions.  Crumb pieced rectangles.

Wanna join me? Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!

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But Dear! It’s For The Cabin!!

Yes, I know it is Quilt Cam Night….And I promise to be home in time!

But I was looking for just a CABINET for a treadle head that I have…..

And…oh LAWWWW!

That’s the problem with cabinets…they usually come with machines still attached!

And this one is only $65 and it is in AWESOME condition.

How can I NOT?!?

Pretty Pretty Pretty!


I emailed the guy..had him send me a photo of the bobbin area…and the bobbin case is still there so I am good.


Shamu and I are on our way to Huntersville, NC ---HUNTERSVILLE – It’s Kismet, RIGHT?!?


This is going in the new cabin….whooopie!!

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**First Off!!** Yes, there is Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm Eastern!

I've beenaughing myself silly this morning!

After posting about the stack of dusty rose fabrics that I was bound and determined to use up as a backing, my friend Jill sent me this photo with the following caption:
Bonnie....Found the perfect way to bust out the rest of your dusty rose stash!
((SNORT!!))  OH, I remember these rompers from the 1980s…WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?  Do gathered stripes and ankle bands and very ginormous collars look good on anyone?

And this is the era a lot of this fabric came from.

It was THIS kind of stash that I was trying to rid myself of by piecing it into a backing.

I finished the backing yesterday morning....and had a great time throwing in random blocks to spice it up!

I was able to lay my quilt back out on the deck before the siding guys worked their way around to the back of the house.  Good thing too – because today I wouldn't be able to lay it out anywhere!

backings 002

Not SO bad, is it?

Most of the blocks were gifted to me for my 50th birthday.  All different varieties, all different sizes – so showcasing them in something like this is really fun.

There are a few blocks that are mine that I never did anything with…..that feathered star in the bottom left is one, and the applique block at the upper right – as well as some of the spool test blocks.

I like to work pieced backings in long columns, so I can mount the quilt sideways and have the longest seams along the roller bar, instead of wrapping around and around it.  It’s still a crap shoot on how this will quilt up…but I’ve had mostly good luck doing it this way.

Oh, the size? BIG!  It is backing a 91” X 101” quilt!

But those fabrics..what a walk down memory lane!

house 021

See this peachy rose print down the center?  1984.

How do I remember this?  Because Jason was born in 1983, and when he was 9 months old I took a part time job at the local Arts & Crafts Supply in Ontario, Oregon.  I made shop samples…and that fabric was actually used in a baby quilt I made that also included lace panels….ewwww!  But I loved this little print, and I still do.  I sewed like crazy on my little Kenmore ---and this scrap still looks as new as the day I brought it home.  Fabric is like that.  With fabric, it’s as if no time has gone by at all!

house 022

Darkish dirty pink with dotted design –1982 Maybe?

I remember exactly where I bought this print..at a little mill end fabric place, also in Ontario, Oregon ---the same place I bought my first quilt book ever: Mary Ellen Hopkins, “It’s Okay if You Sit On My Quilt!”  I loved patchwork, but at the time I was making stuffed geese and sheep with little wooden legs, and this fabric was for them.  Why is it hanging around?  It’s such a non-descript color! It’s not really pink – it’s not really red – its not really brown….it was harder to use up ---until now!

house 023

Dusty Pink Country Hearts!

Okay, I admit it…this came from a yard sale…it was huge HUGE balloon shades for $3.00 and there was yards and yards of fabric in it…and this was about 1990.  And it is still hanging around…..it needs to be cut SMALLER! LOL!

house 024

Large Cabbage Rose print

THIS is the fabric that reminds me of the romper era from the pattern above….I never had rompers..but I do remember a dress with a dropped waist and a huge collar and big rose print like this….OY!  This fabric however started life out as a shower curtain.  And wound up in the “sorta pink, sorta not” use it up in a backing pile – and luckily there were only a few narrow strips of it left and that’s where it ended up in this quilt back.

Can it really be 30 years old?  Where has the time gone?

It’s now loaded in the machine and I am quilting away on a quilt for the next book – can’t show it to you yet – but I will as soon as I can!

I’ve been thinking a lot about fabric, current, and vintage ---and you know what?  

No matter how current the fabric you sew with today is…eventually that project WILL end up just like the romper pattern above.  Dated or Outdated – but we don’t have to look at that as a bad thing.  Enjoy the whole process.  Quilt in the NOW – with whatever you are enjoying sewing with, and let the future take care of itself, whether future quilters will chuckle at the use of your color choices, or the style of fabrics you liked at the time.  JUST SEW with what makes you happy. 

I can’t run around being concerned that something is going to be old school or out dated at sometime in the future. Because...it ALL WILL BE at some point.  We can't help passing from one era into another, and neither can our quilts.

After all – who is the designer of your quilt --- YOU?  Or the home dec industry that decides what is “IN” and what is “OUT” seasonally to keep you buying?

I’m happy with my back!  The only bad part is ---I didn’t use near enough of that pinky rosy old stash – I’m hoping there will be girl babies in my future, because I sure have a lot of pink backing fabric to use up!

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