Sunday, June 09, 2013

ATM stop in Oughterard

When we drove out to Kylemore Abbey, a call was raised for stopping on the way at an easy-bus-access ATM so those who needed Euros could fill their wallets and pockets with the correct currency to gather the goodies they need to bring home to family and friends, doing our part to help the small town Irish Economy.

As we drove into town, I was instantly charmed by the brilliant paint jobs on doors and windows, flower boxes and shutters ---I didn’t need to stand “in the queue” at the ATM – but I sure could stretch my legs and explore a bit!

Ireland2013 177

Busy little town enjoying an unbelieveably warm and sunny June day!

You will likely find loads of my photos with the present rearview mirror in the upper right hand corner….the bus has BIG windows….and a picture through a bus window is better than no picture at all.

Ireland2013 180

Out of the bus and off onto the street!

This little restored thatched roof cottage is typical of historic buildings throughout the area.  The thatched roofs can last up to 30 years with care, replacing worn sections as needed.  I loved the fresh look of the new white washing!

Ireland2013 181

We also saw lots of lace in windows!  I can imagine how the light filters through on the inside, adding a touch of “pretty” to the surroundings.

Ireland2013 182

More lace at the window….and my reflection as I take the picture!

Ireland2013 183

More lace…and cheery window boxes full of flowers!

Ireland2013 184

Okay….you can take my picture too….

Did I mention that I forgot my curling iron and it wouldn’t have worked here anyway, even with an adapter?  We’ve been going “au naturel” all week!

Ireland2013 185

Jae’s Coffee House!  Cute!  Really love the brickwork on the corner of the building and around the windows.

Ireland2013 186

Headache from last night’s pub crawl? No problem! Get your aspirin at Flaherty’s Pharmacy!

Ireland2013 189

Or rewet your whistle at Faherty’s bar and food!
LOVE the red roof and the window casings…and all the flags flying!

Ireland2013 191

Okay, you can take my picture HERE TOO!

Ireland2013 193

Everywhere you turn is one cute shop after another, and the style of the buildings are very similar small town to small town as they are found dotted across the Irish countryside.

Some went shopping in the little gift shop…the proprietor seemed a bit flustered, and VERY happy that a bus full of 40+ Quilters and Co-horts were buying everything for sale in his little shop.  So happy to make a small businessman also happy – I found the sterling claddagh ring that I had been looking for….Maybe I DO need to go to that ATM after all!

Ireland2013 195

Row of buildings on the way out of town ---

Oughterard was just a tiny spot on the way to Kylemore, but it was the first tiny Irish town that I got to wander.  I feel like I’ve left a part of myself here…..and not just the 20 euros that the ring cost me!  Much much more, and I’m bringing home with me even more thanks to the friendships I’ve made while being here with a fabulous group of people on the most amazing tour!

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  1. Such beautiful sights! I especially like all the lovely colors and lace everywhere. So glad you are enjoying it all and making friends!

  2. Hello Bonnie,

    Great to see you getting out and about. You are unbelievably lucky with the weather.


  3. So glad the weather is nice for your trip and it has been so much fun so far watching your adventures :) Thanks for sharing! Kathi

  4. Great pics, sounds like you are having a really great time.

  5. Wonderful pictures - I love Ireland and hope to visit some day. Thanks for letting me live vicariously!

  6. You look great au naturel, the smile is still your best feature!

  7. Bonnie, you look so cute and happy in the photos. Doesn't look as though you needed that curling iron, anyway. Your hair is long enough to put up in a ponytail if necessary. Weather looks good, too. So jealous.

  8. your hair is long enough for a pony tail - curling iron not needed :) looks like you are having fun, thanks for sharing photos

  9. One of the best days of my life was when I decided I didn't need a curling iron any more!! Small things that take extra time...time that can be spent wandering Irish walking paths, finding horses and sheep of many colors. Keep having fun!!

  10. Glad that you are having such beautiful weather. Here in SC it has been raining and pouring, with just a small peek of sunshine. Hope it will be nice again when you get back home. Thank you for sharing your travels. I love feeling like you have taken me along for the sightseeing.

  11. Love the little town shots that you are providing us. Thanks so much for taking time to do this. I would love to go to Ireland, but it probably will never happen. Your photos will be my tour.

  12. You are doing a remarkable job putting ireland on everyone's trip wish list.the pictures go from one more beautiful and interesting than the last. I am enjoying your trip and I think more than one of us are wishing we were there with you. Thanks!

  13. Thank you for the tour of Oughterard, that is where my Father was born, although I have never been there. I am a Brit living in Florida with my American husband and this has meant so much to me. Thanks.

  14. So happy that you are getting out and getting some time to tour and thanks for the pictures and posts so we also get a little tour of Ireland.

  15. Question for Bonnie. Looking out the front bus window there are cars moving in the opposite direction on the right. If the bus is moving the correct direction in the left lane, why are there cars parked to the left facing the opposite direction?
    Looks like a wonderful time!

  16. Great pictures! I need to go there one day and see it all for myself. Which way are you going to wear your claddagh ring? I've heard it's supposed to mean something when you wear it a certain way.

  17. Seems you're always lucky with the weather when you visit us in the UK,Bonnie.Loving the Quiltville blog and enjoying what you find interesting(most of which we take for granted I think). @coolmama- the cars are parked there because a) there was no space on the other side of the road or b)the shop the driver wanted was on that side of the road.Where parking is limited, you get in where you can.


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