Thursday, June 06, 2013

Arrival Day!

Boy, what a long haul we had!  And this, is my first view of Irish Green Country side as we began our descent toward the Dublin airport ----

This is going to be really short as we will be loading up our bus soon for another day of touring…..

Any time you have folks gathering from all corners of the earth to one place….it means a lot of waiting for other planes from far away places so we hung around the airport a while waiting for those folks to arrive, get themselves through customs and reclaim their luggage.

From there we loaded up onto the bus….and off we went!

It’s about a 2.5 hour drive west from Dublin to Galway, and we had made plans to stop half way for a leg stretch and a bit of lunch before heading right into touring.

Of course, HALF of us were passed out trying to catch up on missed sleep – but a couple of quilters from South Carolina, Margaret and Liz….never skipped a beat!

Ireland2013 101

Hexies on the bus!

Their secret??  They came in on MONDAY and spent a couple days in Dublin so they are already well rested and wide awake!  ((NO FAIR!))

Ireland2013 102

lunch spot!

Yes there was a Burger King in here….but when you are hungry, ANYTHING is good.  There was also a regular lunch counter with soups, etc….and I had a yummy soup and bought some fruit…

Back on the bus for another NAP!

And then we stopped at the Connemara Marble in Galway.

Be sure to click the link above….it’s got the whole story that I don’t have time to write down right now!

Ireland2013 111

The ladies piled in to hear the lecture on the very unique green marble found in the area.

Ireland2013 104

We were given a very interesting look at the green marble and how it is used.

Ireland2013 103

Marble, uncut, unpolished

Ireland2013 106

Cut, polished and fashioned into jewelry.  Gorgeous!

The differences in the colors was fabulous!

Ireland2013 109

A family run business, even the young boys are busy at handcrafting jewelry and other trinkets from the beautiful stone.

Ireland2013 107

Samples of marble cuttings

Ireland2013 108

Marble cutting saw.

Ireland2013 112

The weather is just spectacular!  Today it is supposed to be even better, with a high around 73 degrees f.  I packed for colder weather --- oh well, there is always shopping!

From here, we went on to see how crystal was cut ---will save that for another post.  From there it was home to the hotel where we nodded and tried to stay awake through dinner – and off to bed!

I’ll keep you caught up as much as I can – we have a full day planned today beginning with a tour of the Connemara Region.  We will drive through mountain ranges, past pristine lakes and streams, and past the bridge made famous in the 1952 movie “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.  From there we head to Kylemore Abbey and Gardens enjoying not only the abbey and gardens, but a bit of shopping and lunch before heading back to the hotel….

Much love from Ireland ---

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  1. Now I'm all jealous, Bonnie, and feel like nipping across to join you.

    Well done Margaret and Liz, fresh as daisies!

    And, no, I don't feel guilty warning you to pack for cooler weather - just wait till it clouds over. Won't be long. If I'm wrong, then you have landed in freak weather and can consider yourselves very lucky gals.


  2. I have a necklace made of Connemara marble. Thanks for the tour - I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of Ireland and your tour! You are so generous to share your trip with us.

  3. Love the marble! Guess you can say, "I'm green with envy". Have loads of fun on the trip. Stay safe!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Someday I want to go to Ireland and Scotland, until then I will enjoy your posts.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Someday I want to go to Ireland and Scotland, until then I will enjoy your posts.

  6. Say hey to Liz and Margret from Marj, one of the SC Girls with Longarms. Looks like you will be very busy with the tour for the next few days. Have a great time!

  7. That marble is beautiful! Thanks for sharing Ireland with us.

  8. Thanks for sharing. It looks beautiful. Will look forward to your future posts!

  9. looks like a lovely time but who wants to go all the way to Ireland and eat at Burger King!! I know you have to go where the tour takes you. Have fun and do a lot of shopping!! I would love some Irish sweaters :)

  10. I will never, ever leave the North American continent. So I will only see Ireland through photos and videos. I am so happy for you!!
    Kathleen from San Juan, Texas!!!!!!

  11. I was in that area in the fall of '96. So beautiful! Definitely want to go back someday, but in the meantime I am enjoying your photos and comments!

  12. The green marble matches the green countryside - no wonder the name The Emerald Isle. When I was young, we lived on a ranch and the ranch owner had two Connemara horses, I imagine they were from that area (or at least their ancestors were). Easter Diamond and Silver Lace were their names.

  13. The Quiet Man is a favorite movie at our house. Going to live vicariously through you. Thank you for the pictures and the story. Hope you have a fabulous time.

  14. Bonnie enjoy the tour it is a wonderful country! Thanks for bringing back many wonderful memories of Ireland for me! Safe Travels! Luann

  15. Anonymous1:12 PM EDT

    Bonnie, so happy you made it over and are enjoying. Hard part of travel are times zones. You'll sleep like a log when you get into your hotel bed.

    Thanks too for sharing photos, as you go along, with us. They tell me weather there can change in a heart beat ... so it might just turn a tad cold! If not, Tshirts from Ireland sounds good tome. lol

  16. Oh my, I still remember after 20 years that flight! Our plane was filled with college-age young men headed home for the summer. We loved the Galway area and visited the Connemara Marble Factory as well. I bought a Claddaugh ring as my trip mometo. Enjoy the tour and the Festival.

  17. Just beautiful !! The question is how many hexies did you make to Ireland lol


  18. Anonymous7:02 PM EDT

    Thank you for taking us with you, Bonnie! I truly enjoy your generous heart-you share yourself with all of us so willingly! Enjoy everything this trip holds for you!

  19. The marble is so beautiful! Thanks for the tour... hope you get caught up on your sleep!

  20. Hope you get to see the beautiful Connemara ponies....
    The women who came several days early were really smart! The key if you have just arrived is to doze on the way back from the airport and then get busy and stay awake and have an early night...have a wonderful trip!

  21. Sounds like you are all having a great time. One day I would love to do a trip like this (dream anyway?). I'm curious how long does it take to get to London from America? Takes 23 hours from Sydney Australia, now that's a long haul:) Have a great time, love the pictures and information. Julie


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