Monday, June 24, 2013

Updating–Houses…and Quilt Backs!

The guys are hard at work on redoing the siding on my house!

Oh, the pounding, oh the sawing and hammering!

Sadie is hiding out in the basement with me as that is the quietest place to be!

It’s amazing how fast the transformation is taking place.  The old siding is being completely covered with new insulation and the new siding is going right over it..new moldings added everywhere, even under the eaves.

The front porch area will be a bit different…adding siding that looks like shake shingles in the front porch for a bit of a different texture.

Shutters and porch railing will match the rust colored front door that we added at Christmas time.

A total house face lift!  It will pay for itself over time with the energy we save, and the value added to the house and the fact that we won't need to paint, stain or seal anymore.  It's all good.  In the long run.

house 008

Down in the basement I am getting ready to deplete this unloved unwanted ((but fondly remembered)) stack of old pinks and dusty mauve’s into a queen sized quilt back!

I just couldn’t make myself buy 9 yards of one thing for the back of a scrap quilt.  I just couldn’t do it.  The gauntlet has been thrown down ----

I think I’ll dig into the orphan bin too and see what blocks are in there that contain pink in them and see if I can empty out from two areas in the stash that really need to GO.

What is the most unloved color in YOUR stash?  Can you find a way to use it? 

I dare you!

((photos to come))

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  1. I got rid of most of the pinks and lots of bright colors and lots of fabrics that had so many colors that you couldn't tell what color they are. That made my stash much easier to manage. Take care and keep thinking how nice it's going to look after the hammering. Lane

  2. Quilt backs are my favorite place to hide the unloved uglies of my stash. What a nice way to move out some serious stash and make room for things you love. I am working on a quilt now with a back made of 10.5 inch squares of blue. I love blue, but there always seems to be SO much of it in the stacks.

  3. I just got rid of so much from my stash!!! It was really fun to walk down memory lane and see what I bought before I knew any better. And to find out that I apparently collect green fabrics, specifically grass green, which is the one shade of green that I rarely use in my quilts. well, other than orange, because I did not have a single piece of orange in my stash.....so, I purged through and made backs, and bindings and then cut the rest into 2" strips for rag rugs and quick trips. And now, I am done cutting, my rotary cutter is on strike.

  4. I'm not a fan of brown but since I'm a dedicated scrappy patcher, everything goes!

  5. Be sure to check with your power company to see if they have any rebates for the new insulation & siding. I got a nice check from mine when I put in new windows and insulation. Can't wait to see what your backing looks like. :)

  6. Bonnie, getting rid of a multitude of pinks must be the order of the day, as I am sitting here finishing the binding on a very, very pink baby quilt. It is pink, front and back!! I don't think there is a color created that I can't stand to have in my stash, but blues and greens seem to be the most abundant at the moment.

  7. Has to be the orphan blues that just do not look the same after I get them home. Royal is not navy. Seems to be a hard color to find. Next in line is the odd burgandy colors. So I have been scraping a few into my scrappy quilts to get them out of there...Any takers?? lol

  8. Mine has to be pink. I do not like pink and I try to make mostly quilts for boys since I make charity quilts. Boys are not big into pink. So my pink scraps usually stay tucked away.

  9. The house looks great. You will be SUPER insulated now - from heat and cold. Enjoy . . .

  10. Less time doing chores at the house more time at the cabin!

  11. Have to say... IO would have to take a deep gulp and summons the courage to use pinks and mauves...YUCKERS. And to think we liked them lol.

    But as you always do, you will turn these horrors into something gorgeous. We will all go looking in our stashes for pinks and mauves!

    THINK maybe we gott he computer fixed.

  12. AH, I thought I had it made with siding, too. WRONG. It still gets dirty. Lots of trees around here, and that encourages a green-gray algae to grow on the siding and makes it look awful. I have to have the house pressure washed once or twice a year. I hope you don't have that problem.

  13. My goal this summer was to uncover finished tops that I forgot about and made backs from stash.
    I found twenty tops--several of which I have only a vague memory of piecing.
    The backs have caught my interest and I find myself piecing a back then looking for a top to fit it!

  14. I have a lot of trouble using the old pinks (I have a pile just like yours!). I did cut some jelly rolls out of my older fabrics (a rainbow sampler) and gave them away as door prizes at a guild meeting. I also gave a couple of bags full to Tonya Ricucci! She sliced them into tiny slices and they look fabulous!

  15. I have to chuckle, is that guy in the center half-naked? Which reminds me of a piece of fabric that was in my stash (received from someone, somewhere) of the hot-bod shirtless cowboy I think - not sure where that is! Color wise, I only have pinks because I did a pink and tan quilt for my half-sister eons ago, and used some of the same pinks in a wall hanging of hearts using log cabin with logs finishing at 1/2". I don't do much with batiks or Orientals regardless of color.

  16. Had to take a second look at that half naked man! The hot male fabric makes a great backing to sleep under Lee! ;-) I just completed 50 shades of green. Green was my favorite color, but not so much anymore after a whole green quilt!

  17. I am totally with you on the mauve. I have some in my stash that was given to me by family members who have been quilting forever so if you dont have enough I can send you some more!! Next it would be the black with silver suns on it which I think came out in the next decade.

  18. I laugh at your pile of mauves, as I have one very similar!
    I'd have to say Yellow is my most challenging stash fabric...
    Need to use them up on the back! You're an inspiration Bonnie!

  19. OMG! I am a girl of the 80's. I LOVE those shades! The back of your quilt will be as beautiful as the front! :)

  20. Least favorite colour... blue! Most asked for colour in block swaps.... blue! True story!

  21. I wasn't quilting yet when that color was everywhere. LOL
    I seem to have lots of blue in my stash, but I love it so it doesn't surprise me.

  22. I've been training myself out of unloved colors with the mysteries. Blue is (was) by far my least favorite color. The blues I had were inherited and other than 30's fabric quilts I don't think I've used blue...and I've been quilting since 1970. Year before last I chose cheddars, blues, and browns. You know what? I now have a blue blouse and tried to find a blue car when we were shopping this year :)

    Life is good, looking forward to Wed. quilt cam, I'm working on backs for three Scrappy Trips tops. Two of them loaded with blue!
    Sharyn in Kalama

  23. I love the very bottom fabric, I like all of them actually... I'm a pink lady what can I say. LOL Looking forward to seeing the backing and the quilt when it's all finished.

  24. Yellow is the most difficult fabric for me. I do keep a few pieces on hand, though. I still have some mauves--still love them. I've been weeding out any lower quality fabric I might have purchased in the 80's or 90's--not just a single color.
    You'll be glad to have a lower maintenance home--good investment!

  25. You must've been grateful to those workers for doing their work quickly. You don't have to stay in the basement for long just to avoid the noise. Hehe! Well, pounding, sawing, and hammering noises are indeed bothersome. But that's really part of the project; you can't avoid it. Anyhow, the sidings look great. They matched well with the roof. Great choice!

    Lue Madson @ DryTech Roofing Company


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