Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Streets of Adare!

We pulled into Adare mid afternoon on Sunday –A great little place for wandering, viewing blooming gardens, thatched roof dwellings that have been turned into shops, picking up some souvenirs and soaking in more of the lovely unseasonably warm sunshine.

And NEVER pass up an opportunity for local ice cream!  The rum raisin was to die for!

At some of these rest areas we are given about an hour to an hour and a half to wander ---it’s like letting the tourists out of the bus for recess!

Ireland2013 619

But which way should we go?

((I love seeing the street signs with names to places I’d only heard about before!))

Ireland2013 620

We could stroll through the lovely park ---

Ireland2013 621

Or go grab a quick bite to eat in a pub –but that would take up most of the allotted time!

Ireland2013 622

Let’s just walk --- up the road and find a very interesting thatched home….

Ireland2013 623

I don’t know if you can see but the porch rail and the beams are all tree limbs.  SO cool!

The lower porch roof has had a bit of repair work done on the upper right.  If you keep up with the roof repairs, it can last you 30 years!

Ireland2013 624

Loved the look of this building sitting at a crossroads.  I don’t think it’s “THAT” old, but it looks it!

Ireland2013 626

Cross the road and walk up the other side of the street!

Ireland2013 627

I love the rows of similar buildings, their chimneys all in a row like legos!

Ireland2013 629

And oh, the gardens!  Poppies as big as dinner plates!

Ireland2013 630

I LOVE the bright yellow window frames on this little thatched cottage!

Ireland2013 631

Same house, different angle…lovely flowers over the wall!

Ireland2013 634

But the piece de resistance as always in places rich in history are the churches!

Ireland2013 652

This is Holy Trinity  Abbey Church, and just wait til you see the inside!

A Quilter’s Dream!

Click the image below if the slide show doesn’t play on your mobile device to be taken directly to the photo album.
Holy Trinity Abbey Church, Adare Ireland 2013

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  1. I expect to see a quilt based on those beautiful floors very soon!! Thanks again for sharing your journey.

  2. Bonnie, I have so enjoyed "touring" Ireland through your pictures. Such magnificent beauty, such history. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  3. Wow! Beautiful! Only a quilter would have taken so many pictures of the Church floor. Very inspiring! I was looking at them and trying to work out how to make the blocks! 20 years ago I would have just said nice floor and went back to looking at the windows. LOL! Thank you for the great pictures of Ireland from the eyes of a quilter!

  4. Breathtaking...thanks for taking us along :)

  5. As I hand quilt I read your posts and imagine being there too frolicking across Ireland... as I sit in the comfort of my back porch :) Thanks for sharing so awesomely! Kathi

  6. You have taken some of the same pictures I took last year in Adare, but we missed the church, so THANK YOU for these wonderful snapshots, especially the floors! I did that same thing at St Colman's in Cobh. What luck to have the sunny days for your trip!!

  7. Hello Bonnie,

    Adare - been there years ago, passing through. You must love being able to wander around. It's wonderful being able to look at the scenery from the coach, but you need the fresh air, and it's very fresh in Ireland!

    Houses all joined together are called terraced houses, or you can just call them terraces. The roofs are mainly of Welsh slate, which was exported from North Wales. You will see terraced streets like the ones you show not only in Ireland, but also in Britain, particularly along the West coast.

    Will you cross the Atlantic more often, please? You would not believe the dramatic improvement in the weather. It is just over three weeks ago that it was so cold that we got our woodburner going in the back room and lit a coal fire in the front room, and I started treadling just to keep warm.


  8. Bonnie, I eagerly check your blog each day for a glimpse of my friend, Carol, in your slide show. I've seen her a couple of times and know she is having a wonderful time with your group!!

    My great grandfather was an Irishman, so I'm enjoying seeing the countryside and villages of my ancestors.

    Your photos are spectacular!!!

  9. So wonderful, thank you for sharing------------visiting Ireland is the last thing on my 'bucket list' that I have not been able to do yet!

  10. Loved all the pictures! So nice to be able to see such beautiful things. I really liked the yellow windows too!

  11. Great to read your posts in the same time zone as the UK. Thanks for sharing your trip - you have had the luck of the Irish regarding the weather!

  12. Absolutely breathtaking! My daughter is currently traipsing around Europe (Italy today) and with this pictures and yours I feel I am on a world tour! Thanks Bonnie! (I am secretly hoping a future mystery is inspired by this trip!)


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