Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Quiltville Inn!

Spring Fever in Full Swing!

The big tree with the mini yellow dogwood blossoms (until someone tells me the correct name otherwise!) is blooming in front of Quiltville Inn.

THIS beautiful effort by this ancient tree is the official sign of spring's arrival for me here in Southwestern Virginia.

Sure, there have been daffodils, forsythia, Bradford pears and others blooming - but THIS!

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Washing of "The Jane"

This was the view from my chair over the weekend.

The chair became my comfort spot while I rested through the after effects of Moderna #2.

Friday afternoon upon returning home I got this crazy notion to NEST - see Saturday's post of spice cabinet clean out! 

This also lead me to finally jumping in and washing the Jane Stickle quilt that had been hanging in the basement studio at the Wallburg house for the past 13 years.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Where the Pretty Things Bloom

Thursday was road trip day.

A mid-afternoon appointment in Winston gave me plenty of time for a new audio book as I drove my way down beyond the Blue Ridge parkway to Wilkesboro, and further into the piedmont where allergy season is in full swing!

After two hours where "the pretty things bloom" it felt like my eyes were blinking sand!  Oh yay! Spring!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Catching Rainbows Pattern Release & Gift-Away!

It's a rainbow explosion of fun in the Quiltville Studios today as we release the printable PDF pattern for my Catching Rainbows quilt!

Are you as excited as I am?

I have heard from many who have been pulling and setting fabric color families aside for weeks - I suspect this weekend will be a flurry of color for many as you dive in!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Rollin' With the Changes

It's inevitable!

Nothing stays the same.

The only constant is change.

And we've got to roll with them if we want to keep moving forward.

Sometimes these changes come and I embrace them. Sometimes changes come and they tie me knots and throw me for a loop and a standstill.

This one is not a biggie  - but it will affect many of you so we are going to put this out here at the top of the blog so you can keep following with only a few adjustments being needed.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This is a Test, This is Only a Test

I got a little message from Feedburner this afternoon.

They are discontinuing the service of emailing blog posts to followers. The service from Feedburner will end in July.

It's SAD for me, because I know many of you come by simply because you found the teaser post in your email.

And the Obsession Grows -

I made 7 more Cabin Corners blocks yesterday.

This project was just an idea - a pipe dream - a possibility - a nudge - okay, a SHOVE into sewing up the remains left from my Rockabilly Swing quilt which I do have to say is much more fun than simply throwing everything into some random bin to deal with later.

If there re more scraps on hand - just keep sewing!

The center of the blocks really do use the small pieces - but when it gets to the larger pieces, I've been digging into strings.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Step Outs, Patterns & Ponies!

This was on my agenda yesterday.

The crazy thing is that I KNOW I took step out photos while I was making the blocks for the quilt - but months pass, I checked the file folder where I've been stashing everything, and they are nowhere to be found.

Not on my phone, not my computer, not in google photos - 

And it's kind of a good thing really.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Weekends and Wanna-dos!

I am back to hand quilting on the Eternal Hexie quilt.

Well sort of.

It's kind of hard to move and maneuver the hoop once these two have settled into their own version of "Pet Tetris" on top of me.

It's about this time that the thimble goes back in its little metal tin along with the quilting thread, needles, seam ripper, a few pins and a needle threader.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Binding to the Finish!

It is the BEST feeling when those last binding stitches go in!

And there are miles of binding stitches in this quilt - 

To recap: The top originally measured 108.5" x 114.5" before quilting. ⁣

After quilting with the shrink up it now measures 105" x 111." 

That's 3" of shrink top to bottom and side to side that will likely shrink more after washing and drying.

(I envision commercial laundromats for this job in my future - it's too big for a home machine.)

I quilted with Hobbs 80/20. 

Friday, April 09, 2021

And On To The Next...

I have a big baggie of bonus triangles.

This bag was a gift from someone - I'm not sure if it came in the mail, or if it was handed over with love while teaching a workshop or giving a lecture.

Maybe it was sent my way with tongue-in-cheek as if to say "HERE!  YOU do something with this!"

They are fairly small - I believe they are about the size that comes from trimming stitch & flip corners on the diagonal after sewing.  Maybe from 2 1/2'' squares?

They are already right-sides-together - so - GAME ON!

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Out and About with the Ponies!

Someone spent some time stacking these rocks near the Appalachian Trail as it runs through Grayson Highlands State Park, not far from the cabin.

How long will it stand before it topples?  And why did someone build it?

It doesn't matter - it was a "hello, I was here!" moment to whomever left it.

Yesterday's abundant sunshine and high temps in the 70s led me to ask a couple of friends if they wanted to hike up and see the ponies.

With a resounding yes, we grabbed up Zoey and headed out.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Green, Green - It's Green They Say -

I had a lovely little drive on my "outings day" to take care of some much needed things.

And there couldn't have been a better day for a drive than this gorgeous April Tuesday.

It's like someone somewhere flipped a switch.

Less than a week ago we had snow falling (Last Thursday I believe)

We had crazy hail and torrential rain - morning temps hovering around 18f.  CRAZYTOWN weather.

But yesterday?

The green is back!  YAY!

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Cats on the Quilts!

Quilts and/or fabric are CAT MAGNETS!

And while some folks are "Oh, the cat hair!" (And I get it - folks are allergic - true) I just grin and accept it as every other kind of dirty thing in our lives from dust to pollen to laundry to dishes to dirt being tracked up the stairs -

In some ways, I get what the cats feel and why they do what they do.

Is there anything better than petting the fabric?  Than snuggling down into a newly completed quilt?  or even a well washed, well worn to shreds older version?

Monday, April 05, 2021

Easter Weekend: Sunshine & Stitches.

We decided yesterday to take a bit of a drive - maybe an hour away, and just see how things were "springing up" at Hungry Mother State Park outside of Marion, VA.

This beautiful place with trails surrounding the lake gets really packed with people during the summer months.

They have a "beach" that is popular for families - though I  have a feeling it stayed pretty empty and :socially distant" during the summer 2020 season.

With the weird weather we've been having over the past month including snow just before the weekend, the warm sunshine was such a gift!

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Down the Mountain, and Back Up Again!

The quilting continues on the Snail's Trail -

My time was cut a bit short yesterday by a little trip back down the mountain to Jonesville, NC - moving help for Ashlyn and Jeff being offered up freely.

For independent kids - isn't it wonderful when they finally cave and accept the physical help that is being offered when it comes to big things like moving house? 

Besides, I got a chance to see Casden, and got a big kick out of him being SO proud of his new room and showing me where his toys and puzzles were, and where he is now putting this or that.  So much fun!

Friday, April 02, 2021

Let the Quilting Begin!

Something this whirly and swirly deserves quilting of the same kind.

I love that this block pattern is also known by many other names, including Virginia Reel - as it does remind me of couples spinning on a dance floor, moving in unison formation -

Can you see the colorful dresses swirling?  

The jury is still out on what I will title this "use everything" scrappy quilt - but Dizzy Izzy as the quilting is the perfect match of motion and texture.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Hopes, Dreams, & First Homes.

I am emotionally wiped out.  Completely.

In every good way possible - I think the older I get the more it takes to recover from things like moving house.  Or helping someone ELSE move house to start their new lives in a new place.

We left the mountain at about 9am yesterday - and didn't return until dinner time was later than it should be, and all of us agreed that pancakes, bacon and eggs would be a feast fit for a king after the run around of the day.

I took photos of this gorgeous blooming Bradford pear when we stopped to do one of the many "must do's" that happen with moving.  While things were being taken care of inside the establishment, I walked Zoey outside hoping she would take care of some business of her own after 1 1/2 hours in the car.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Of Quilt Tops & Pieced Backings!

It was a weekend of "extra width"

I was a woman on a mission - so close to the finish that I couldn't stop myself from making the "one row extra" so I had enough drop on the sides of my king sized Snail's Trail quilt.

It set me back a bit - I was so eager to get this done that I nearly felt deflated at the realization that the extra row was 360 pieces in total.  AUUGH!

But then - realizing that another 360 scrap pieces would find a place to live instead of being stuffed into bins, bags and buckets - again, it's all how you look at it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March '21 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

More Gift-Away Fun - Before March runs out!

My March Quilty Box arrived just before the weekend, and I've had time to unbox it, to pet the fabrics, to read the Bundles of Inspiration Magazine, and DREAM of where all of these beautiful spring toned batiks may end up!

What a great way to send this very weird month of crazy weather into the archives!

And someone - one lucky someone - is also going to win this box!

Could it be you?

Monday, March 29, 2021

Weird Wild Weekend!

First - let me start with the Quilty Stuff.

I pinned and pinned and pinned some more!

SO many points to match, but it really makes it worth it.

All the while I loved seeing all of the fabrics come together like this.

Truth be told - there have been many Snail's Trail variations I have seen that just didn't float my boat.  I could never put my finger on it.

Maybe it was the size of the pieces, or the fact that the quilt was just made in two fabrics ONLY. (That's a hard one for me to swallow! LOL!)

But this one - oh I have had so much fun!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Tractors, Patchwork & Quilt-Cam!

Friday afternoon tractor fun!

The Hubsters grapple for the front of his bright red birthday tractor arrived yesterday - and in true tractor lover's fashion, he took the afternoon off for this big delivery, as he couldn't wait to put it to good use.

I am always on the lookout for photo ops, but the big one I missed happened with chainsaws a week or so ago.

Jason and Dave OBLITERATED the nasty stickery bug infested always way over grown hedge that lines the side of our east drive entrance/exit.  

Like - one minute it was, there - and the next - it was ALL to the ground.

We've been dealing with massive piles of brush along the drive waiting for the grapple to arrive.

Yesterday it did!

Friday, March 26, 2021

The Gas Men Cometh! (And 3 more blocks to go!)

Two friendly masked helpers came for the new range install yesterday!

The moved right into position, started up with conversion kits and attachments, hoses and nozzles - 

They were even so great they peeled the sticky film (That was NOT easy to remove!) from the sides of the range before sliding it into place, connected to the gas and ready to go!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bloom, Baby, Bloom!

The forsythia are exploding!

Yesterday's trip down to the North Carolina piedmont was a wonderful sight!

You know how folks oooh and ahhh at fireworks on 4th of July?

I'm the same way when spring arrives and trees and bushes are blooming.

It was like descending into OZ.

The fog was thick all of the way between the cabin and just below the Blue Ridge Parkway - but as I got closer to Wilkesboro, the fog dissipated and and left me with a clear view of blooming loveliness that has not reached our higher elevations yet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Rivanna Runner Bound - DONE!

There is magic in the LAST STITCH, isn't there?

Finally finally finally I was able to finish that last long side, turn the last corner, and stitch myself to the finish.

This runner will be occupying my table over the next while - until I whip up something to replace it.

Winter has turned to spring, the blue/neutral version of my Pine Tree Point runner being put away until next January.

And there are still so many blues in the stash - but I'm not focusing on that. There will be more opportunities for blue in my future!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Weekend Trail Warriors!

I spent some time up on the Appalachian Trail with some special folks over the weekend!

Saturday's afternoon hike showed us that leaves are soon to be happening - 

The trees are showing their red tipped halos as so much of the brush does as things turn to Spring here.

Still no foals!  But soon!

And no, this pony is not as small as it looks - Jason is standing on a rock!

Monday, March 22, 2021

BlockBase+ Gift-Away!

Have you heard of the new BlockBase+ by The Electric Quilt Company ??

I am so excited about the NEW BlockBase+ I can hardly contain myself. 

I have been an EQ user from the very first release. I own the previous version of BlockBase, running it with my different EQ versions all the way up through EQ7. 

I love that there is a new, updated version to go along with my EQ8 software. 

My favorite thing? Pairing two blocks together to see what other interesting secondary designs happen between the blocks. It’s magic! 

The only thing better than the NEW Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book – is the ability to have those blocks in BlockBase+, to go with my EQ8!

Now for the fun part - Electric Quilt is GIVING AWAY a free Block Base Plus for one lucky person who enters on today's blog post! It could be you!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

With a bit of Courage, Faith & Joy!

Yesterday afternoon had me quietly and happily stitching myself into the weekend ahead.

I have been wanting to sit down with this project for the past AT LEAST 2 weeks.

It has been there, confined to its project box - nearly taunting me - as I went through my days doing all of the needful things.

Occasionally I'd lift the lid, pet the pieces, and say "Soon, my pretties - soon!"

That soon came yesterday afternoon on the tail end of something else ultra meaningful to my life.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Antique Mall - On the Loose!

I saw this sign, and cracked up - seriously!

I actually thought of purchasing it and hanging it outside the back porch door at Quiltville Inn - but maybe my retreaters wouldn't find it as funny as I do?  LOL!

Here we are at Friday, and I'm just getting around to talking about my little outing (Because that is what we call dentist appointments these days!) from Monday.

I wish all dentist appointments were like this -  go in, get numbed up from your ears to your nose, get some work done, and then be turned out into the world after being told to "come back in 90 minutes."

What else was this girl to do?  I couldn't just sit in my car when there was an antique mall I hadn't been in for months and months just about a mile down the road, could I?

I needed to show some love to vintage quilts.  I needed to see just what was there.

I donned my mask as I pulled open the front door with the 'PULL HARD!" sign, and in I went.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Misty Mornings and the Coming of the Green!

This photo was taken about 9am yesterday on my little 7 mile drive from home on the mountain, to my Quiltville Post Office studio -

The road was completely empty.  It was chilly, but that spring feeling was definitely making itself known.

There were horses and cattle grazing in the quiet of the morning air.

And all around me I felt a promise of a beautiful day.

I love how the foggy layers hug the ridges and rills. My own Brigadoon.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hike a Little, Sew a Little More!

First Appalachian Trail Hike!

Late Saturday afternoon, I couldn't stand it anymore.  I just HAD to get out on the trail and see what the ponies were up to - and how they had fared through the winter.

Would there be any around?

Would we discover new baby foals?

One of the greatest joys of living so remotely in this magnificent corner of Virginia is the ability to drive just a few miles over winding mountain roads and find myself amidst the wonder of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Rush to Beat the Rain.

Saturday's activity on the roof!

I really can't thank these guys enough - 

When the disaster leak happened a few weeks back in heavy rain, running down through one of the light fixtures inside the Quiltville Post Office studio - I was kind of at my wits end with things that have been causing problems around here.

It's not that any of the problems were extremely huge, and compared to what had been going on in other parts of the country (Like Texas!) this was all minimal.

But as things tend to go, they all seem to happen at once.  (Or is it just in threes?!)

Monday, March 15, 2021

Tulip Time Pattern Time (and Gift-Away!)

Good morning and happy Monday, Quiltvillians!

Can you believe we are half way through March already?  Spring is definitely happening around here, even though it is a rainy Monday in my neck of the woods today.

And to those in Colorado and other snow storm afflicted areas - just WOW!  The only upside to that is MORE sewing time while you hunker in and stay warm and wait for a thaw - eventually!

As promised, today is release day for my Tulip Time quilt, one I know many of you have been excitedly waiting for -

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Quilt Me A River ...

I finally broke away from my desk late yesterday afternoon, and since the guys were off doing something else, I quickly loaded the table runner I had pieced last weekend and set into quilting it.

The fabrics in this thing just make me stop and stare.

 Where did all of these blues come from?

So many that I recognize from projects over the past 30 years - including the baby quilt I made for Jeff before he was born to bring him home from the hospital in.

(I have that quilt - this is a reminder to myself to get photos to share.)

Friday, March 12, 2021

Up On The Roof.... *singing*

The late afternoon sunshine was warm and wonderful - short sleeves and everything!

But don't let the sunshine fool you - there is threat of rain, big rain, coming this weekend and our job at hand (Yes, it involved a bit truck a fork lift and an off loading of roofing supplies!) is to get the new metal roof installed on the Quiltville Post Office Studio.

Yes, the previous leak we experienced a couple of weeks ago was located and patched, all is dry, my light fixture where it was coming through the ceiling has been reinstalled and we should be good - but we just don't trust this roof anymore.  

Who wants to fix a roof every 2 years?

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Red Birthday Tractors for the Win!

What do you get a well deserving man the week of his 61st birthday?

Okay, it didn't start out as a birthday gift, but as a needful addition to our life in the mountains.

It just happened that delivery coincided with the week of his birthday - so we'll chalk this one up as kismet and say it is. LOL!

This has been a TOUGH winter.  And there is only so much that the little RZR can handle when it comes to plowing and grating the drive.

Not to mention the work that needs to be done around Quiltville Inn and the QPO studio.

Still - let it be said that i have NEVER seen a man more chuffed with himself than I did yesterday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Sewing and Road Hiking!

I DID spend some time working with the "extras" over the weekend!

It meant I had to make a few extra blocks, but Lola has approved of the table runner that is now next up in the quilting queue.

All of these blues bring out the green of her eyes, don't you think?

Borders have been added - I've even pieced a backing.

I just need TIME  and that is something that is escaping me this week.

Quilting may happen this weekend.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

It's Here! Bonnie K. Hunter's Quilter's Tech Set!

Some fun things have been long in the "behind the scenes" column, playing the waiting game to get things manufactured and released - it's been that whole supply chain back up, you know?

I was waiting for these to be ready for the holiday season - because they make such GREAT gifts!  But March is good too!

These are things I use EVERY DAY in my travel life as well as my personal life – and I know you are going to love them as much as I do.

I have worn glasses since I was 3 years old – something I don’t often have the chance to admit, and while I hated being called “four eyes” in school, and switched to contacts in high school (oh the vanity, and desire to fit in!) I gave up on that in college and have had glasses perched on top of my nose all day, every day since!

Now that I have reached the “middle age” zone – I’m finding that glasses wearing is more the norm for nearly everyone – whether they use simple readers to see closer when stitching or while working at the computer, or those of us who need our glasses every day, and are grateful for the ability to see what we are doing, whatever we are doing, more clearly.

Monday, March 08, 2021

Diamond Tiles on Day Three!

Friday flew faster than Fridays should!

(Say that three times fast!)

And then the weekend went by in rapid succession - Happy Monday everyone!

Somme of you have asked where MY Diamond Tiles quilt went - it's currently in the closet waiting!

This one is Monas - and her quilt is a lovely large couch sized, so on Friday morning we were able to finish up her Unity quilt  (Shared in Saturday's Post) and quickly load her Diamond Tiles.

The clock was running so she could make a late-afternoon exit toward her own home.

And at the time, we didn't KNOW that Jason would be arriving in short succession.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Goodbye, Hello!

It's been a very quilty week in the Quiltville Post Office Studio!

3 out of 4 quilts were quilted in the time that Mona and I had together, and as to the 4th one?  

It can simply wait as a reason for us to get together again!

It was wonderful seeing her Unity quilt come to life under the needle of the long arm.

This quilt is going to her son-in-law whose favorite color just happens to be red.

This quilt does have a lot of red in it - and it isn't "too girly" (Something we have to think about when giving quilts to guys, right?!) and will be just the perfect size for snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, taking a nap, etc.

Friday, March 05, 2021

Quilting from Sunrise to Sunset -

We have a quilting finish!

And is there anything better than reaching the last border on a quilt when you are quilting? 

The finish is so close at hand!

This is Mona's Jamestown Landing from my book String Fling.  

Another testament to my love of blue and neutral - and I don't think I'll ever stop seeing blue/neutral two color quilts in my head.

I don't think there will ever be an empty spot where "blue used to be" in my stash!  Blue is just magical. It must be.  No matter how hard I try to sew it down, it never depletes.

I even asked Mona if she needed MORE blue now that she's finished this one.  She said she's experienced the same thing.  There is just as much blue in her stash as when she started this one.

Loaves and fishes, my friends!  Loaves and finishes!