Saturday, December 18, 2021

Making My Way -

It's really slow progress, but oh - so worth it.

I'm about 3/4 the way down one side of the hexie quilt with the knife-edge binding finish.

And because I know there will be more questions on this, I have placed my original post with more photos and descriptions under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog for easy reference.

Everything there is alphabetical, so scroll down to K for Knife Edge.

And you just might find some of the other topics under that tab to be of interest, too.  

Ivy found her cozy spot between my shins as I worked away at this.

As the hexies are only 3/4'' per side, there really isn't enough space to make several stitches using the ladder stitch as I usually do for applied bindings.  In this case, I'm using a tiny whip stitch as I can get more stitches into the small space and really hold things securely.

My stitches are not completely invisible.  I am just catching a couple of threads at each fold - and my thread matches my backing fabric.  If you look closely - you can see them.  But that's okay by me.  It is HAND STITCHING.  If you look between the hexies you will likely see hand stitches there too.  IT'S HAND STITCHING.

Ivy says to just go with it.  So I am.

At this rate, with it taking roughly 4 to 5 evenings per side, I MAY have it done by New Year's Eve.  And I'm okay with it if it takes longer than that - but I'd really like to not carry this project into another year.

For those asking "Where's Zoey?!" She was curled up right next to me, all four legs in a tangle, snoozing away!

It was a big day that included this:

Picking up pallets of pavers at Lowes.

Breaking up the dirt after sod removal -

There are a lot of rocks and other things under this grass, and the soil is more like heavy clay.

We've got to remove about 3'' of dirt from the trench.

A load of sand was also acquired yesterday for filling the trench before setting the pavers.

Using "Diamond Dust" in between the pavers (which will also be sealed) will help keep weeds from growing between them.  This whole process is something I am leaving to the menfolk -

This is what Jeff does for his job - all of this hardscaping kind of thing, so I'll leave it to the professionals like him!

It's just going to be SO SUPER NICE.  The best Christmas gift I could ask for.

These got a bit more attention paid to them late yesterday afternoon.

I'm still planning on this project being my main focus between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.  I'm sewing down that string bin!

And I think it's going to be a lighter/brighter quilt as I am alternating dark strips with light ones - giving each room to shine.  We'll see how it goes.

Some of these fabrics are SO OLD!  And it is really fun to mix them in with the more contemporary scraps and see what happens with them.

So into the weekend we go!

How many of you are already digging into Rhododendron Trail Part Four?

I've heard from many of you that are so happy that the release of Part Five is put off until after Christmas weekend.  I'm so glad!  It's just the best way to make it fit within my own schedule and I thought it might help many of you out as well.  

For those who missed it, Part Five will appear on Monday, December 27th so you have some extra time to work on this labor-intensive clue.  Deep breaths!  No rushing.  You've got this!

Okay!  Breakfast time - hearty oatmeal with craisins & walnuts, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, sweetened with real maple syrup drizzled over the top.

And then off to the QPO I go to get the mail out -

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you closing in on some quilting finishes and last minute gifts?  Are you baking today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Or in other words, I am happiest when I am busy cutting up fabric and sewing it back together!
As is my plan for today!
Are you with me?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. no online shopping and no stores for me this week...all mine to sew!

  2. I worked hard at getting all the wrapping and baking done so that I could have a few days to relax before Christmas but now find that I'm in funk because it is all done. I'm hoping that a little exercise and a little sewing will improve my mood.

  3. Now I want oatmeal! 😋 Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. In my process of moving out my sewing room for a temporary bedroom for my son and his wife I found all your Mystery Quilts that I had gathered the fabric for and had not started. I am an "under" achiever. They are all in scrapbook boxes with the instructions and the color cards. LOL I put them under my bed and that is what I will work on when I set my sewing room up in my bedroom. Joy to being prepared to work on projects.

  5. Our son eats keto. His wife told him not to ruin Christmas with his dietary regimen but then she asked me to make a keto dessert so Christmas will be a little different this year. No cookies because he can't resist them. Lots of high protein food including steak. I don't think anyone will actually complain. Besides its' not about presents or food. This mom and dad are just happy to have the family together. Living thirteen to twenty hours apart means it doesn't happen often.

  6. Thanks, Bonnie, for the tut on the knife-edge. You are always so thoughtful. Christmas letters and cards are 'on deck' for the weekend. Yep, some won't get there till after Christmas...it's just me being me. :)

  7. Your hexie quilt is amazing!! A true labor of love. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  8. Your hexi quilt is gorgeous -- it was great to see the whole quilt the other day! I have a round the world quilt that was made from new fabric in the 1930's, never used and never laundered, and stored carefully so there was no fading or wear on the fabric. It was pieced, quilted and edged by hand. That quilter finished that quilt almost 90 years ago, and her handwork and care still shines.

  9. The antique quilt behind today's quote is such a happy riot, and fun to study. Did you notice how the left edge of the lower right star has some creative make-do piecing, where there are bricks and strips instead of HST?

    Enjoying the progress reports on both the knife edge and the pathway. Enjoy your time with your string blocks this weekend. :)

  10. family from Denver coming in for a visit so I seriously doubt there will be any sewing this weekend. I am one of those happy with extended time between clues during the holidays as I'm still working through Clue 3. But am not overwhelmed...enjoying the process! MERRY CHRISTMAS BONNIE!!!

  11. Your hexagon quilt is just beautiful. It will no doubt be a family heirloom. I have all my shopping and wrapping done, and just need to do a little house cleaning. Other than that, I have some quilt tops I want to get loaded and quilted. I procrastinate terribly on binding, but I am determined to push through and get that done as well.

  12. I am taking a sewing hiatus during December. We don’t celebrate the holidays, so it’s not really busy. I’m using this month to get some clothing patterns altered to fit and some plans laid for next year as far as my sewing and quilting projects. Also doing a “pantry/freezer clean out”. Eating our way through all the ‘stuff’ that has accumulated over the year so as not to waste anything. Foods that are not our normal staples and aren’t eaten before the 1st will be given away. Starting out with a clean freezer and pantry always make me feel better. Also, having my plans in place for sewing for 2022 is a must. There will be some fabric clean out also…not quilting cotton, but apparel fabric that I’m no longer loving. It will be making a trip to goodwill. Hope everyone has a wonderful end of the year! Look forward to seeing how the paver project progresses. Please take pictures through the process. We need to do the same out our back door, and it would be great to see how the professionals do it.💝

    1. Tammie-You can come help clean and organize my pantry and freezers, as well as sewing/ quilting fabrics/projects, room; ANYTIME!

      I,too need to do a paving project out the front walkway and the back steps. I want to do it from the house to the greenhouse, too.

      Kasilof, AK

  13. I did baking today: carmelized pecan halves, and Ginger Snaps. Yummy! I'm not finished with the "wings," about halfway through, but I'm looking forward to working with my "garnet," which is a green batik.

    1. OH- I love Ginger Snaps! I used to make Pecan and Walnut Turtles when I was married and the boys were small.

      I will be anxiously waiting to see what your colors are, and how they turn out. I kept the garnet, but put a marbled green in for the aqua. It will be Great to see everyone's colors!

      Kasilof, AK

  14. I love how you share so much! You are awesome Bonnie! I spent today moving quilts to storage and making bath bombs for my sister. My hands and house have a lovely scent of peppermint. :-) I can't believe Christmas is only a week away. Tomorrow is baking..... cookies and cranberry bread for more gifts. Ho ho ho!

  15. Thank you for all you do - merry Christmas from the UK :)

  16. What a beautiful hexagon quilt. I too love cutting up fabric then sewing it back together.

  17. I have always so enjoyed the pictures of Zoey & Lola but especially since November 30 when we had to say "Good-bye" to our precious dog, Cookie. She became very ill so it was the best thing we could do for her but I miss her terribly. I know many, many of your readers have gone through the same thing. We were blessed to have her as part of our family for 12 1/2 years. We have been in Az for a week and will be here for another 6 weeks so I am hoping being in a different setting will mean I won't miss her quite as much? I am soaking up the sunshine here.

  18. After seeing how absolutely gorgeous your gfg quilt is turning out I finally pulled mine out and worked on it for a little while last night. I keep say this is going to be the year to finish but we are almost out of year and mine is no where near completed . Maybe next year.

  19. I love to cut up fabric and then sew it back together. I had a bad problem with my machine today but I finally got it going when I completely
    re-threaded everything. I only had a short time to sew and I was determined to get it going again. Just to sew strips and squares together....LOL

  20. I'm making more caramel corn (we call it Karma Korn) to share with friends. Stitching on more pieces for "Lozenges" from one of your patterns. Thanks for all you do, Bonnie.

  21. Love the knife edge finish…….thanks

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