Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Winding Down 2021!

The December Quiltvillians took a little field trip next door to the QPO Studio to see what I have been working on!

Okay - they REALLY came to see Lola - Everyone wants to see Lola, and she put on the best treat-begging show of the year for them.  Silly girl!

It's fun to have folks come, and excuse the mess - and talk about things like stash management. (AKA: How Did We Get Here, and How Do We Sew This All Up!)  I know these are gals that understand!

The answer is simple - keep making more quilts.  Right?

Michelle working on her Pine Tree Point quilt!

Laying out the blocks - 

She had a Christmas themed Jelly Roll that was sparkly with gold, and is going to keep her sashings wider to make good use of those fabric strips.  I think it's a great idea!

This lovely is also going to be surrounded by borders with just 8 blocks and is destined to hang behind a couch.

I love watching blocks go up on the design walls!

Celtic Solstice is coming together!

This one has been growing all week long!

The blue and white quilt here is being made for a neighbor by Jeanette.

Also made by Jeanette is the Halloween chain topper on the left.

Dawn just finished this gorgeous quilt top to many oohs and ahhs!

Joann's 30's blocks are so much fun!

And yes, there were treadle lessons too!

Click to Play:

Great job, Tracy!

Yesterday was a full and busy day, and the weather wasn't cooperating!  We barely missed the rain for our group photo op, and the wind was a bit blowy for our "Over the Porch Rail" photos - but we got them done!  

I'll post them tomorrow as today's post is already getting a bit longish.

As to how I spent my Monday?

Something got its last seam.

(Sneak peek at the top photo of this post behind the ladies!)

Cutting out border pieces!

I couldn't just slap something on there for borders - so this top is going to take me a while yet as I move on to what I think this quilt really needs.

But life is not a race, right?

This morning the December Quiltvillians are hitting the road and headed back home for the holidays.

It's been a wonderful week, and so exciting to have them here with the release of Rhododendron Trail, Part Two.  Part Three comes Friday - only a few days away now.  My how the weeks turn quickly!

How are you coming with your progress?

I'll be working on these half-square triangles above while the last laundry haul of 2021 runs. 

The end of the year house closing will also include washing all of the protective pillow covers and mattress pads, and flipping mattresses so they can rest over the next couple of months.

Our first group of 2022 arrives February 9th!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

These words from such a young life haunt my heart.
I first read The Diary of Anne Frank when I was 12.

I visited the place where the Frank family and others lived in secret before they were discovered in Amsterdam. Such an amazing insightful young lady.
Her words still inspire me.
Hopefully they will inspire you today as well.



  1. ooh i love to visit people with more fabric than i have...makes me feel really good about mine...LOL...

  2. me too cityquilter grace

  3. Love the red/coral/green quilt top. Anyone know the pattern?

  4. A couple of years ago my husband & I visited the Ann Frank house. I can't imagine living in that tiny, dark space for any length of time.

  5. How much fun it is to see all the quilts being made. the colors of fabrics being made into beautiful quilts. thanks for sharing with us. Waiting for clue 3, what beautiful colors being sewn up.

  6. We have cold and rain this morning in the High Desert. Of and on all week. It's beginning to feel like Christmas! Looking forward to your Friday clue!!

  7. Tiniest sneak peek, had to look!! On the rail ready to load, oh I need to get a couple on my rails... thanks for sharing it all year! Love that your Quiltville Inn Dream is working sew well. 😍 Happy Tuesday!!

  8. Always love seeing Lola! I think she knows more people = more hands dipping into the large container of kitty treats on her behalf. She's sweet and smart!

  9. Inhave been watching that gorgeous brown and turquoise quilt being built for a while! I can't wait to see it finished! Working on clue 2, almost done, and I learned a new skill! The more I did, the faster and easier they went! Thanks, Bonnie!!

  10. I adore Anne Frank. She lives in my heart.
    My mom lived in Rotterdam. She had a job at the train station (her daddy worked at the train station too) and they were involved in the affair of slowing the trains at various locations leaving Holland headed to German concentration camps. When the trains slowed the prisoners innocent Jewish families, were able to flee into the country side and find shelter at farms.
    I have many stories about those years. Both of my parents lived in Holland My father was taken up in a razzia and had to work in a camp in northern Germany

    I like the blue and brown quilt you are making. Everyone's work is so beautiful

  11. I recently found the book "The dressmakers of Auschwitz" by Lucy Adlington... What a great book. It's a true story of women who sewed for survival. It reminded me of the life of Ann. What a life these people had! We are so fornutate to sew for pleasure & comfort of our families.

  12. There is always inspiration when I see all the pictures.
    My Christmas wish is to someday get to Quiltvill for a retreat.
    Thank you Bonnie for all you do for the world of quilting.


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