Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are you Blog Hopping!?

This is your daily reminder of just what is going on in blogger-ville!

I am participating in two consecutively running hops!  Both are running exciting give-aways and both are worth picking up and checking out! 

Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 blocks by 100 designers is such a fun thing to be a part of.  My day is coming up on May 3rd, but here is who you want to check today to register for their give-aways and see what their blocks are all about

Today’s Featured Designers

  1. Elizabeth Dackson  dontcallmebetsy.com
  2. Jackie Robinson  animasquiltsblog.com
  3. Jessie Kurtz  hardinghilldesigns.com
  4. AnneMarie Chany  genxquilters.com
  5. Cheryl Lynch  cheryllynchquilts.blogspot.com
  6. Susan Guzman  suzguzdesigns.blogspot.com
  7. Celine Perkins  perkinsdrygoods.com
  8. Stacey Carey  staceysplace.com
  9. Kay Mackenzie  allaboutapplique.net
  10. Cyrille Zellweger  bubblestitchquilts.blogspot.com
  11. Meagan Taylor & Kristi Jones  meagsandme.blogspot.com
  12. Nancy McNally  nancysonestitchatatime.blogspot.com
And be sure to check out Quiltmaker’s blog QUILTY PLEASURES for today’s featured blocks and give-aways!

Marie Bostwick’s Blog tour is under way as well!  My day is tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see what I have to share with you!  And be sure to pick up a copy of Between Heaven & Texas…it’s a great read and I am really enjoying it, every character, every page!

Calendar of Events:
Monday, April 29 - Marie's intro post and her block - http://quiltinggallery.com/
Tuesday, April 30 - Michele - Quilting Gallery - http://quiltinggallery.com/
Wednesday, May 1 - Bonnie - Quiltville - http://quiltville.blogspot.com/
*Thursday, May 2 - Pat - Pat Sloan - http://patsloan.typepad.com/
*Thursday, May 2 - Kim - Persimon Dreams - http://www.persimondreams.com/
Friday, May 3 - Melissa - Happy Quilting - http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/
Saturday, May 4 - Jo - Jo's Country Junction - http://www.joscountryjunction.com/
Sunday, May 5 - Wendy - Ivory Spring - http://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/
Monday, May 6 - Victoria - Bumble Beans Inc. - http://bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com/
Tuesday, May 7 - Vicki - Quilting Lodge Blog - http://www.quiltinglodgeblog.com/
Wednesday, May 8 - Melissa/Jake - Generation Q Magazine - http://generationqmagazine.com/
Thursday, May 9 - Jennifer - Sew Hooked - http://sewhooked.com/
Friday, May 10 - Jackie - Canton Village Quilt Works - http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.com/

Bring on the fun----TEXAS SIZED!

Happy Hopping, everyone!

Don't Be Duped Again!

Make SURE this doesn’t happen to you!

About a week ago I got an email from Bernadette including photos of a quilt she found at an antique mall, and she was hoping I could give her more information on it.

She writes:

Hello Bonnie!

I've attached pictures of a quilt I saw at our local antique market. 
I'd love your insight...I have no idea if it's old, new...
The fabric on some of the snow ball blocks is faded.  It's been machine sewn, hand quilted, stitched in the ditch around the nine patches, braids in the borders, and flowers in the snowball blocks.
I purchased it as a gift for a friend, but I'm totally clueless as to whether or not it's new, or old...lol!

I'm a follower of Quiltville and Bonnie, I know you'll be able to tell me something about this...you're the expert!
I don’t really consider myself an expert….just a passionate quilter who knows what to look for in this area!

Let’s look at Bernadette’s Quilt:


Pretty pastels, 9 patches and snow balls….nice triangle inner border.

But is this antique?  I don’t think so.

Let’s loook a bit closer. This looks too “set up” to me.  Although it could happen in an antique quilt….I just doubt it with this one. I am also concerned about the “minimal” hand quilting and how poochie everything is around those blocks.

Closer look:


Toe catcher stitches!!

Can you tell that these stitches are like 5 stitches to the inch or fewer?  Definitely not a quilt of any quality, and we see this in import quilts a lot.  They are made quickly ---and the women making them work for pennies.  At the same time, the soft spot in my heart tells me that they are at least able to have a job to help support their families, but the time isn't given them to do a really nice job, they are forced to be fast and minimal with no quality to their work at all.

What I can’t tell from here, and I’m just guessing – is that this quilt has polyester batting, which I don’t think came in wide use until the 1960s.  If I could feel it…I’d know for sure.

Another photo:


Prairie point type edging with ZERO binding.

Mitered corners?

While prairie points ARE traditional, these are FAUX prairie points, and I don’t think you would see ANYTHING like this in an antique quilt.

Now let’s look at a REAL antique quilt and point out some things in comparison:


This is a view of a lovely antique double wedding ring with similar colors to the import quilt above.

Things to notice: 
  • Separate applied binding, sewn by hand.  Most Chinese imports are sewn with the quilt front and quilt back placed right sides together  with the entire quilt being sewn all the way around the outside edges, and then turned right side out BEFORE quilting. ((This explains a lot of the bunching and scrunching)) and are top stitched to give them a faux-binding.
  • Size of quilting stitches and amount of quilting:  This REAL DEAL ANTIQUE quilt has much more quilting in it and it is going to make the quilt more sturdy, not to mention more eye-catchingly beautiful!  Look at that texture!
  • Batting:  This quilt was batted with cotton, you can tell by the texture and feel of the quilt what the batting is inside.  Be sure to check.
  • Fabrics in the antique quilt represent the era in which the quilt was made.  This double wedding ring was made from the scrap bag around 1940 from decades worth of scraps.
In replying to Bernadette and trying to let her down gently, I asked if I could share these photos to hopefully help folks from making the same mistake that she did.

Her reply:
Lol...you can use both my name and the pictures!  Not being very good at dating fabric is an issue that many have.
My issue with the quilt was...condition, just tooooo white, and the way the backing was pieced.  Oddly enough, there was a feedsack quilt at another booth, (we don't see many of those up my way!) and there were two fabrics that were so close that I questioned it. 
It was simply too reminiscent of a quilt my mother had from the '60's, and it that was a repro.  Unfortunately, when you find a quilt up this way, and I'm in Mennonite country (Guelph, Ontario), they're usually at prices that are simply way over the value of the quilt, no matter the condition.

Being that it was a gift that was perfect for a friend, I still got it.  I dickered that baby down, telling the lady there was no way it was "old"!  It didn't hurt to ask, I am certainly not an expert on dating this kind of thing.
Hey, I found a Featherweight for $125 a few booths down, I consider that I came out ahead for the days hunting!

What a great attitude!

And I don’t think it’s a total loss either.  Quilts like this import may have their place, thrown over the porch swing as a soft spot to land where we don’t care what the weather does over time….use it for a bit of decorating, let the dog or cat use it as their “own” quilt, send it off with a kid to college, use it as a pretty picnic blanket or picnic table cover in the summer months when enjoying the outdoors ---

I hope this helps buyer beware!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quiltmaker Magazine Blog Hop Time! GIVEAWAYS GALORE!


My date on the blog hop isn't until May 3rd, but there is so much good stuff going on, I wanted to send you the links of those who are being featured today.

The blocks coming out of this issue are just AWESOME.
Follow the links below. Each will have instructions on how you can win an issue on that site.

Today’s Featured Designers

  1. Jennifer Ofenstein sewhooked.com
  2. Nancy Mahoney nancymahoney.com/blog
  3. Jo & Kelli Kramer joscountryjunction.com
  4. Marilyn Foreman quiltmoments.wordpress.com
  5. Michelle May theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com
  6. Jennifer Schifano Thomas curlicuecreations.blogspot.com
  7. Sandi Colwell quiltcabanapatterns.com/blog
  8. Erin Russek erinrussek.typepad.com
  9. Peg Spradlin handicraftsbypeg.com
  10. Deanne Eisenman snugglesquilts.com/blog
  11. Gail Pan gailpandesigns.typepad.com
  12. Jacquelynne Steves thenoblewife.blogspot.com
Also..be sure to check out Quiltmaker Magazine’s blog QUILTY PLEASURES every day during the tour..they are giving away bundles of goodies you won't want to miss!  You need to go over THERE to enter for those goodies, as well as entering on each individual blog listed above.
QMMS 130033 cover 5001 100 Blocks Blog Tour: Day 1, Giveaways!

Ask for 100 Blocks Volume 7 at your local quilt shop or newsstand, or get it from quiltandsewshop.com. (Shop owners: To carry this popular issue in your store, contact Claudia at 800-815-3538 ext. 8366.)  You should find it on sale at a news stand or shop near you by May 7th!

On Growing Things….Bushes, Trees, Boys & Quilts!

I just have to share a couple of pictures from my corner of the world!

This azalea bush lives in the corner of my drive way, and it is such a happy bloomer!  The pinky-purple blossoms make me smile each spring and I wish they would last longer.

Over the weekend talk was had over whether or not we should plant more azaleas up the curve of the drive.  I don’t want anything that is going to take a lot of care and pruning, but azaleas grow nearly wild here and I think they would add a lot of color to the yard without having to work so hard for it each year.

We have our choice of white, or a pink red, or these……and THESE are my favorite color by far!

dancingnines 005

The trees grow tall and leafy now….this is looking up at the canopy the covers the drive and shades the house from the summer sun.  Oh how I have missed this shade of green!

dancingnines 006

And these silly boys, ages 23 and 29 are my heart’s joy.  It was fun spending the weekend with them both and seeing them interact with each other.

dancingnines 007

Sometimes it’s like they’ve never grown up at all!

dancingnines 008

But I love that they are becoming better friends than they ever have before.

((And did you notice the LEAVES?!?))

dancingnines 017

This is what has been accomplished so far today.

My “Dancing Nines” baby quilt top center #1 is together and ready for borders!  It needs a bit of trimming on the edges, those plaids are a bit stretchy, but oh so soft!

dancingnines 016

I’ve decided that quilt #2 is going to have pale green sashings – where I originally thought red.  The red was just too strong, but this is just right!  It’s a fabric designed by my friend Mary Koval, and it’s lived in the stash for just this purpose……it will be PERFECT!

Borders are still working in the back of my mind.  Maybe I’ll go simple, or maybe I’ll do something fun….I’m just loving how these leader/ender 9 patches that have been set back with no project in mind are coming to fit the bill for these two cousins who are on a race to see who will be born FIRST!

Auntie Bonnie better get BUSY!

Marie Bostwick From Heaven to Texas blog tour!

I am so very excited to be participating in Marie’s blog hop to promote her new book, Between Heaven & Texas!

I love her writing style.  I am partway through this book and just can NOT put it down!

And this one is a PREQUEL, Y’all!! ((Yes, this is me putting on my inner Texan since I lived in Texas for a few years and still have family there…))

This is the luminous prequel to Marie’s beloved Cobbled Court Quilts series…taking readers into the heart of a small Texas town and the soul of a woman who discovers her destiny there.

Between heaven and Texas
Book Description:
Welcome to Too Much--where the women are strong-willed and the men are handsome yet shiftless. Ever since Mary Dell Templeton and her twin sister Lydia Dale were children, their Aunt Velvet has warned them away from local boys. But it's well known that the females in Mary Dell's family have two traits in common--superior sewing skills and a fatal weakness for men.

While Lydia Dale grows up petite and pretty, Mary Dell just keeps growing. Tall, smart, and sassy, she is determined to one day turn her love of sewing into a business. Meanwhile, she'll settle for raising babies with her new husband, Donny. But that dream proves elusive too, until finally, Mary Dell gets the son she always wanted--a child as different as he is wonderful. And as Mary Dell is forced to reconsider what truly matters in her family and her marriage, she begins to piece together a life that, like the colorful quilts she creates, will prove vibrant, rich, and absolutely unforgettable. . .

"This book is wrapped around my heart with all the love, warmth, and beauty of a favorite family quilt. I can’t stop thinking about it! I’m in love with Mary Dell Templeton, and I’m in love with Too Much, Texas."  - Robyn Carr, #1 New York Times Bestselling author

"Brilliant . . . the characters thunder with life right off the page and into your heart in this quintessential story of family, forgiveness, and nobility. I just adored every single page!" -- Dorthea Benton Frank, New York Times Bestselling author of "Porch Lights"

"A book that brims with laughter and laser-sharp insight." --  Kristan Higgins, New York Times Bestselling author


About Marie ...

Marie Bostwick is the New York Times Bestselling author of eleven books, including the popular Cobbled Court Quilt series of novel.  She lives in Connecticut with Brad, her husband of thirty-one years. When not writing or volunteering for her church, she enjoys quilting, gardening, reading, watching movies, spending time with her friends and family, and especially playing with her grandsons. Marie travels extensively, speaking at libraries, bookstores, quilt guilds, and at quilt shows. She has been a featured speaker at the Paducah Quilt Festival and the Houston International Quilt Festival. In 2013, she will be the keynote speaker at Quilt Nebraska.

Can you resist?

My day on the hop will be this Wednesday, May 1st – so be watching!  I’ll have a fun block for you, as will all the other participants in the hop.  You will want to gather them all!

TODAY:  Head over to the Quilting Gallery site for Marie's big kick off and her block!  http://quiltinggallery.com/

Other valuable links to check out:
Main go-to page for the hop & Blocks:  http://quiltinggallery.com/quilters-fun/between-heaven-and-texas-blog-hop/
Flickr group for hop:
Marie's Web Site:

Calendar of Events:
Monday, April 29 - Marie's intro post and her block - http://quiltinggallery.com/
Tuesday, April 30 - Michele - Quilting Gallery - http://quiltinggallery.com/
Wednesday, May 1 - Bonnie - Quiltville - http://quiltville.blogspot.com/
*Thursday, May 2 - Pat - Pat Sloan - http://patsloan.typepad.com/
*Thursday, May 2 - Kim - Persimon Dreams - http://www.persimondreams.com/
Friday, May 3 - Melissa - Happy Quilting - http://happyquiltingmelissa.blogspot.com/
Saturday, May 4 - Jo - Jo's Country Junction - http://www.joscountryjunction.com/
Sunday, May 5 - Wendy - Ivory Spring - http://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/
Monday, May 6 - Victoria - Bumble Beans Inc. - http://bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com/
Tuesday, May 7 - Vicki - Quilting Lodge Blog - http://www.quiltinglodgeblog.com/
Wednesday, May 8 - Melissa/Jake - Generation Q Magazine - http://generationqmagazine.com/
Thursday, May 9 - Jennifer - Sew Hooked - http://sewhooked.com/
Friday, May 10 - Jackie - Canton Village Quilt Works - http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.com/
Bring on the fun----TEXAS SIZED!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Land of Orphan Machines!

Remember the island of misfit toys?

I think there must be a land where orphan machines go waiting to be adopted by someone who will love them.

I just spent some time flipping through some folders of photos of machines, and each of them I’m sure has a story to tell.

These are not ones that have been adopted by me, but I found them interesting enough to catch on digital-film :c)

Why is THIS a misfit?  Well someone didn’t know enough that this is the BACK side of the machine, they had the front side to the wall to display the BACK! LOL!

We find this all the time on Craigslist as well…..things like….MACHINE IN CABINET.  MACHINE WORKING.  But there is no picture of the machine, or description of the machine, just the cabinet.

I always get a huge chuckle out of those ads!

PA_April2013 100

Front of Machine. 
((Yes, I turned it around to display it better!))

I loved the decals.  Loved the faceplate….what I didn’t love?

PA_April2013 101

HOLY MOLY! $225.00!!

This machine is NOT rare, nor collectible other than the fact that it is what it is…..a 1950s singer clone made in Japan by the 1,000s.  I wouldn’t pay more than $65.00 for this machine.

People make the misake that because it is black and has decals, and is old and heavy that it is worth as much as a featherweight.  Nope.  Not so!

Then there was this one:

PA_April2013 103

Beautiful little 127…La Vincadora decals….it was also very high in price, and missing the knee bar that would make it run…see the little belly-button on the right hand side of the base?  That’s where the knee bar goes. The wiring was SCARY.  This machine is not worth $200.00 either.

PA_April2013 105

This Wilcox & Gibbs was a cutie pie!

It is a motorized chain stitch machine, and the wiring is very circumspect….but what I loved the most was the shoe shaped foot pedal!

PA_April2013 107


And the tag told the story:

PA_April2013 108

Well documented…but if I had one, I’d rather it be a treadle.

PA_April2013 110

Very pretty Standard in a cabinet.

PA_April2013 112

Gosh, I love these decals on the pillar! 
Doesn’t it look so Art-Deco?? Late teens, early 1920s I’m guessing.

PA_April2013 111

Very interesting bobbin arrangement here!

None of my machines have that finger deal that hold the bobbin case in place.

I hope someone will snatch this one up --- but to tell you the truth I don’t remember WHICH place I saw it!  But can you imagine all the house hold items and clothing this machine has seen in its day?

I  just can’t get enough of seeing these beauties.  They are works of art, and such a help to the women who owned them.  I’ve slowed WAY down on collecting, but that doesn’t stop my interest in seeing them, touching them, giving their hand wheels a gentle loving turn….and dreaming!

Sunday Scratch & Dent Sale!

This is how happy I was to see Jason last night!  It’s so great having him here for the weekend!

These times go by so fast ---but there is hope that he may be moving up to Charlotte soon, which will bring him loads closer.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I’m trying to be patient.  But we all know how kids lives go, and they can change their minds at any time and how important it is that he have the opportunity to make these choices himself without any pressure from mom.  But I’m HOPING!

I spent some time in the studio this morning while everyone was still asleep.

I’ve had a stack of books growing…..remember a few months ago we redid the flooring in my basement studio, I got new book cases, and was doing some sorting?

I found several goodies that would be happier living in your home than mine! LOL!

I’m listing these on my Etsy Store

There are several books you may be interested in, I’m showing them in the slide show below.  Things sell out quickly, so just know that even if you see it in the slide show here, that by the end of the day the item will be gone, and when they are gone they are gone.

Have a great day, everyone! If you can't view the slide show, click the thumbnail below...or go to the etsy shop by clicking the link above.
For Sale in my Etsy Shop!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things!

This guy….is definitely one of my favorite things!

And it’s days like this when I love the green in the spring of North Carolina.

This is my 23 yr old son Jeff, mowing the “back 40!” as we call it….even though it’s only 1.5 acres.

The chin beard is a new thing.  Amazing what they try when they grow up and find out they CAN grow facial hair….I am attributing this latest phase to Duck Dynasty, and I know this too shall come to pass and it won’t be there forever.

I can’t…..however…resist tugging on that chin tuft every chance I get!

Have you had the pleasure of smelling fresh mown lawn yet?  It's definitely a SPRING THING!  Love it! ((hay fever and all!))

quiltmaker 021

Another of my favorite things….Time OUT getting the first pedicure of the season!  Heaven knows, my toes have needed some pampering for a while….it was just a short stop after dropping off mail at the post office and making a bank deposit run…..it’s spring time!  Pretty toes are one luxury I indulge in.  For me. 

Another favorite thing?  Goodies in the mail!

quiltmaker 013

Jo Morton contacted me a week or so ago asking for my address…..she had been saving some goodies for me, knowing I have been using browns in my latest hexie project.

FABRICS DIRECTLY FROM JO!??  Oh, I am definitely a happy girl….can’t wait to use these!

quiltmaker 019

And Subee…that sweetheart.  As if she doesn’t do enough for everyone already --- she has made two matching afghans for my soon to be nephews!  Aren’t these the sweetest, softest looking bits of baby crochet you have ever seen? You should feel them!  These babies will be born early July, and it is HOT HOT HOT in Utah.  Quilts may be used inside at night, but for walks in the summer in the stroller…these light and airy afghans are going to be SO SWEET!  Thank you, Subee!

I’m still getting ready for Jason’s arrival.  I have so much computer work that has piled up and things happening all at once this next week.

Look what’s COMING!!


The tour starts on Monday and will run through Friday, you will want to hit each stop on this tour! 

I wanted to post the schedule ahead of time….but it’s not available yet, so I will link to it as soon as Monday arrives Smile

Be watching my blog on MAY 3rd!

And I’m still running like a crazy woman to get bathrooms cleaned and guest room made up…Jason just called and he is on his way!

Sister’s Choice, Day 2!!

I’m home again, home again Jiggety Jig!

Sister’s Choice Day #2 was just as fun as Sister’s Choice Day #1!

A whole new group of 26 Ladies, a whole new day of laughter, cutting, stitching, and sew sew sew sew sew!

I SO love watching how other people set up their “personal” space to sew, don’t you?

Even for a 6 hour class….our personalities and habits and things that we take comfort in shine through!  You can learn a lot about someone by how they sew!

PA_Apr2013 510

What would you say about this table space?!

Quilters are like FOAM INSULATION!
We EXPAND to fill the space we are given! :cD

PA_Apr2013 483

Pretty boxes beautify our temporary space!

PA_Apr2013 484

Holding a collection of 2” squares for needed leaders & enders!

All the comforts of home to make our classroom time as productive as possible!

Enjoy the slide show!  If for any reason you can’t view it on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the actual album.
Sisters Choice Day 2! Beaver, PA 2013

I had a LATE sleep in this morning, but I'm off and running. Jason is coming to visit today! YAY! Which means, laundry is running after the trip, I've got bathrooms and kitchen floors on my to-do list as well as getting book orders to the post office before Noon.

He doesn't arrive until evening, so maybe...can I just maybe...find some machine time this afternoon after all the to-dos are done?? I hope so!