Friday, April 19, 2013

Scrappy Mountains at Scrap Club!

I received the following email from Evelyn, with photos attached of a Scrap Club meeting held at her local shop in Idaho.

She writes:

I'm sending you some pics of Saturday's Scrap Along club at Suppose Quilt Boutique in Preston, Idaho. 
I demonstrated your Scrappy Mountain Majesties and everyone had a great time. 
Thanks so much for all you do for quilters everywhere.
I love to see the fun that other quilters are having and what they accomplish while sewing together!

here are the photos in no special order – no info was included on who was who, but their smiles and blocks tell it all!


Hard at work….pedal to the metal!


Much discussion going on over at the Accuquilt Studio and cutting table!


Beautiful Blues!


Reds and Neutrals!


Green & Cream!


Purple Mountain Majesties!


Layout coming together!  Isn’t it fun to see what the stripes do?


More blues all coming together!


The layout possibilities are endless!

My day in Manchester has been wonderfully relaxing…I’ve even had time out for a massage this morning, and lunch out down town before heading back to go sew some more!

Manchester_NH2013 088

Approaching town with amazing cloud cover!

Manchester_NH2013 089

It’s really fun to visit a city that I’ve never been to before – discovering what it is like to walk down town, view the buildings, hear the folk lore and history, and just soak up a bit of New Hampshire to take home with me!

Tonight --- dinner out with the guild girls ---and tomorrow?  Midnight Flight workshop!


  1. Suppose is a very fun quilt shop. I was tempted to join that activity, but couldn't make it. I like seeing the different setting possibilities of the blocks.
    I'll be in NH in a few months. I look forward to it--never been there before.

  2. Great settings and colors!

  3. Lucky ladies to make the Midnight Flight tomorrow. Glad you can have some down time while you are there, too. Enjoy your dinner tonight.

  4. looks like a fun group making a great block. Bet you are glad to be in New Hampshire and not Boston! I sure feel for everyone there today.

  5. Anonymous7:55 PM EDT

    I so enjoy reading your blog every evening....have another wonderful trip.

  6. ahhhhh....thanks Bonnie...you made me smile...thinking of you riding down (or is that up?) Elm St. Felt like I was home for a minute. :)
    Can't wait to hear what eatery the girls took you too (tho I've been away for soooooo long, I'd be surprised if I 'knew' it..ha). I wonder if the quilt shop off of Elm St. is still there...it was so cute..down below the sidewalk (Lowell St. I think)...it opened way after we moved away, but I enjoyed visiting it on the rare jaunts back north. Really enjoying your NH visit!

  7. I'm doing your scrappy mountains right here, right now, in Texas too ! So I am really glad to see this post. I'm using cowboy prints.

  8. So excited to be in your workshop today and I'm bringing everything but the kitchen sink so as not to forget anything, lol! These rain showers are supposed to clear off this morning, here is the local link to the weather:
    See you soon!

  9. They look great. I am just about to try my grace frame and Janome 1600p for the first time. Just off to sewing room to practice on an old cotton sheet. Mountain majesties is the first top I am going to quilt on my set up once I have got the hang of it. I made the blocks a couple of years ago and found them whilst having a sort out, they are now a top with borders and hopefully I will have a finished project by next weekend.


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