Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4-17-13 Quilt Cam! Doing the 9-Patch Shuffle!

I have had 2 baby quilts hanging over my head for, well several months now.

My Sister Mary, and my Sister-in-law Anna are both due with baby boys within a week of each other in July.

Auntie Bonnie needs to get BUSY!!

I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking…..but nothing was inspiring me.  Until I opened a basket today and there they were…..a WHOLE bunch of leader/ender 9 patches made with recycled plaids and stripes.

What could I do with these?

9patchshuffle 003

How about setting them “Domino” style so they bob and weave over the quilt top??

I can dig this!

And I think the soft baby blue star print adds just the right “BABY” touch.

9patchshuffle 001

Pieces & parts are ready to sew during tonight’s quilt cam!

Are you ready to sew along?  Click the arrow below to watch “LIVE” while it is live streaming at 9pm EST.  If you catch it later, you’ll actually be watching the archived version from Youtube!  You can even go check out my channel and catch RERUNS!

Let’s Sew!


  1. Yay!! so glad for QuiltCam tonight. I was tired and a bit uninspired but this is just the nudge I needed. I'm piecing a border for a collaborative quilt my FaceBook quilting buddies and I are making for the Sandy Hook Elementary children. 26 angels to watch over them while they are healing

  2. Also working on a baby quilt tonight! Glad to have you back, if only for one quilt cam.

  3. Happy to see you again. I am setting with feet up..lol sorry.. I don't seem to be able to sew at night. But I always get something out of your Quilt Cam. thanks

  4. Pam and Jerry are watching you from Houston! I meant to be cutting out some stuff for orders but I'm tired and don't want to miss what you are doing.

  5. I used that exact blue fabric in a log cabin baby quilt I made for my former boss. I love your setting - it's similar to one I saw somewhere on a blog using 4 patches. One day I'll actually finish my version of it. :-)

  6. I'm not sewing along with you tonight, but I am addressing envelopes for mailing some swap blocks I just finished making. The quilt(s) behind you are gorgeous!! Congrats on the new nephews.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Yay for quilt cam! Thank you so much Bonnie for all you do. I am right now hand quilting one of the two Easy Street quilts I made. One in you color selection and another in all Batiks with pink, brown, green and gold which I absolutely love! Will send pics when I am done.
    Donna in Kentucky
    PS I hope to be able to attend one of your classes real soon!

  9. I'm making two PINK quilts this year for new Grand-daughters. Using your Sister's Choice for one of them. Are you going to show us your finished Sister's Choice quilt on QuiltCam??

  10. Anonymous9:10 PM EDT

    Glad to see quilt-cam up and running. Nice shelf! What a good husband! Hello from Delaware! Mary- Stitchinggrandma

  11. Thank you for quiltcam. Just the pick-me-up I needed. Working on another crayon box for yet another co-worker's soon to be baby. Mini baby boom going on here

  12. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Watching here in Indiana, just had injection on lower back, so not sewing tonight....

  13. Anonymous9:14 PM EDT

    I read your post for quilt-cam while in Walmart. Hubster was excited, shopping trip got cut short and his wallet was healthier. So glad you had a chance to inspire us with quilt cam.

  14. nice shelf for sure, my first time seeing your wonderful Quilt cam-thanks

  15. Hi Bonnie, Jamestown Landing was full in two minutes at Qullt Odyssey. I was lucky enough to get in but then everything froze. I was so upset but then somehow I managed to get them to take my payment. Looking forward to seeing you then.

  16. I like to attend the Hersey show (Quilt Odyssey) every year that you mention, love the teachers & all the fun that goes with that show. The market place is really fun & hard on my purse most years! hope you have fun in Hershey.

  17. Quilting my 98" X 98" Easy Street tonight on my DSM. It will be a wedding present.
    I love the hexie quilt- wish I could be there for the Winston-Salem gathering :-)

  18. Working on a baby quilt here too :)

    A baby doll baby quilt. My 2nd grand daughter will be born May 16th. Giving the big sister a baby doll, bed, and quilt. The baby doll quilt is made from same fabrics as the new big girl, bigger bed quilt.

  19. Hi Bonnie! I'm sitting at an outdoor coffee nook, enjoying my coffee and watching you!!! Hubby is reading the newspaper:-) How great to be sitting out here AND watching you too!

  20. Thomas and I are watching! Just bought my new Quiltmaker mag can't wait to start on the Wild & Goosey-that will be my next UFO!!!! lOL!!

  21. Im Jackie from Michigan. I am in Cheasning MI with 12 of my quilt frineds at Creative Passions retreat. We are sewing with you.

  22. This is my first time live with you on Quiltcam! Love the archived videos, but this is SO much better! I have been ironing a backing for a Quilt of Valor that I will be loading on the midarm, and prewashing some batiks. Now I'll de-bone some shirts while you sew...this is great fun! Have a great time in New Hampshire!

  23. Anonymous9:30 PM EDT

    I loved your neutral tutorial on quiltcam. It was so helpful. How do you choose fabrics for your main color? In talkin' turkey you used reds -- and in Jamestown Landing you used blues -- how do you decide which fabrics will read red or blue even though they have other colors in the fabric? Maybe you could show us some examples in a quiltcam session when you have time...


  24. Wowza, that is a great pattern idea!! LOVE IT! What a great way to use those 9 patches - for baby quilts!
    Cindy in NY

  25. OK .. so now we can add "speed ironer" and "speed presser" to your resume, Bonnie. I'm impressed and exhausted all at once!

  26. A quick question - why do you not "set the seams" before you press them open?

  27. I have asked before but if you don't have scraps and strips, only fat quarters, how should I go about making scraps? I have finished piecing my Easy Street-my first completed top-except for the borders. I couldn't have done it without you. You are truly a great inspiration for everyone, especially me. Thank you!!!!

  28. Bonnie, I think something has happened and the picture is going dark. My computer seems to be working fine in all ways, but all of a sudden while watching quilt cam, your "show" has gotten very dark. can still see you, but its very dim. Is it just me or could something be wrong with the camera?? Sally

  29. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

    Just don't let the other people that spent like Quiltcam as u have more who do.

  30. Looking forward to meeting you in Ireland in June

    Leona in CA

  31. Love the Collaboration Celebration quilt behind you. Looking forward to the weekend in Winston Salem

  32. Hi Bonnie, love the baby quilt you're working on, it's going to be real cute, you always have such neat ideas, thanks for quilt cam and safe travels. (I agree, the people who posted the rude comments are loser's)

    Gwen in Sask.

  33. Hi Bonnie, do you plan on coming back to bluegrass quilt festival?

  34. Love your 9 patch project. I'm pulling paper off the back of a paper piecing UFO as I watch you.


  35. Hi Bonnie, I'm a newbe and am working on a sister's choice with yellow star points. Keep doing the good you are doing for quilters.

  36. Hi Bonnie - got here late. Been going thru my machines the last few days and have gotten ruthless - 13 machines to rehome. Let me know if you want too see any of them - anything from handcranks to a clone or two. :) Di in TN

  37. Hi Bonnie, do you plan on coming back to bluegrass quilt festival?

  38. Tuesday please, I am working wed. night. Got the baby doll quilt finished, thanks for keeping me company.

    Hope to do it again next Tues....


  39. Hi Bonnie,
    Awesome to catch you on quiltcam. Can you tell us the size of the baby blue rectangles again please? Cheers Donna-Maree in New Zealand.

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  42. Would like the cutting sizes for squares and strips for 9 patch shuffle please

  43. Glad to join Quiltcam the next morning while you were in the air coming to NH! So excited and pray for safe travel for you. I was putting the final borders onto my Easy Street which was done in Civil War greens and looks fabulous. THANK YOU so very much for the mystery tradition!

  44. Got time to sit down and watch quiltcam for the first time last night and LOVEd it !!! You are such an inspiration !!! Take care and safe travels !!!!

  45. Loving these plaid blocks and your setting! Poor misunderstood plaid.

  46. Love these cute nine patch dominoes. I may have to do that one soon.

    Love, Love, Love the fact that I can now watch quilt cam when I am ready to regardless of when that is. It is so great to be able catch up and stop and start and rewatch. Great idea!

  47. Finally found time to get caught up on this Quilt Cam (one to go!) I savor them like a good piece of chocolate. I for one will never get bored of sewing along with you on Quilt Cam...keep it coming when it works for YOU!


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