Monday, April 01, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Live from Nashville!

My day went like this:

To bed at midnight. Up at 4am. Off to airport at 5am.

Arrive in Nashville at 10:30am. Gather luggage and meet Judy and Charlie and head out!

We had a great lunch with the quilt ladies and had the most amazing dessert ever!

Have you ever had strawberries with sour cream dipped in brown sugar?

Do not knock it til you have tried it!! It's yummy just like the grape salad made with the same!!

There will be sewing tonight in the hotel room thanks to a borrowed featherweight!


  1. Strawberries and ice cream, hmmm, works for me! Just got my QM..those blocks in the pic look awful familiar. where have I seen those before. Have safe travels...

  2. I should do more reading vs looking a pictures. All an all the strawberry combo still looks yummy.

  3. That was my kids' favorite dessert when they were growing up and they said the same thing to people who thought it sounded weird. It tastes just like the Strawberries Romanov at La Madeleine here in Texas and Louisiana.

    And I really really want to make those goosey blocks!

  4. It's called Strawberries Romanoff and it's yummy!

  5. 4 hours of sleep? Hope you got to sleep on the plane!! Love the goosey blocks. (How bad is it that I focus on the lack of sleep rather than the dessert???)

  6. ooo...that's sounds delish and I am going to try it when strawberry season comes...IF we can EVER get rid of winter here in NY.
    Those blocks are awesome...next to that very pretty machine!

  7. The only way to eat strawberries as far as I am concerned.

  8. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    The strawberries look delish! Love the block you are working on! (By the way, I think you need a new travel planner!!!!)
    Mary / Stitchinggrandma

  9. I have strawberries, I have sour cream, and I have brown sugar. Gonna try this out right now.

  10. Hope you get a good night's sleep. You are burning the candle at both ends. Love the wild n goosey blocks. Hope to pick up the mag on Wednesday. Have been waiting for this pattern impatiently.

  11. Anonymous11:07 PM EDT

    YUM....isn't Nashville wonderful! Big place with a hometown feel.

    I really do like those paper piecing you have been doing. Is this one going to be in a book took? You are teasing us terribly Bonnie lol


  12. Love those goosey blocks too. My friend Teresa is in your workshops while you are in Nashville. She does the most amazing projects too. You'll like her friendly smile and witty charm. Tell her not to have too much fun!!!1 lol I know they will all love your workshops.

  13. Another project to do! Like I need any ideas. But it doesn't have to be a hugh quilt. Love s strawberries.

  14. Ooooh! I like the bright, colorful look of the blocks coming off of the FW! Have a super day!

  15. Hi - I am currently working with all greens and neutrals for my Jamestown Landing.
    Eleanor Seltzer

  16. Anonymous7:38 PM EDT

    Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar = heaven! I am just finishing up a red and white quilt, a scrap quilt is up next:-)


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