Sunday, April 14, 2013

Down On The Farm!

During our “in between” hours on Friday, I mentioned to Tonya that I would love to see some local “scenery” ---And scenery I got!

It turns out that traffic on this country road came down to a crawl – a genuine Pennsylvania Traffic Jam……a large tractor was crawling at a snails pace down the main road oblivious to the line of cars trailing behind him.

Tonya, her own farm not far, took a side road and treated me to views and vistas of beautiful working dairy farms with rambling farm houses and tall silos, rolling green hills and very very happy cows ((No matter what those California cows say – Pennsylvania cows are happy too!))

We pulled down the long drive of Tonya’s nephew’s house….to find he and his wife out with the calves and heifers.  Look at this sweet girl!

It was feeding time so they were all close up against the rails and I was interrupting their dinner time.

PA_April2013 367

That closest one to me was SO curious! Look at her look!

PA_April2013 370

Baby Jersey Love!

This tiny girl is already a month old…and she is itty bitty!  She was a triplet ---so ended up very small, sweet thing.  See that white “heart” on her forehead?  She’s been affectionately named “Sweetheart” by the grand kids…..she looks like a little baby deer!

PA_April2013 371


PA_April2013 373

This little one is a “Swiss” and has a totally different build and coat than the Jerseys or Holsteins.  Adorable markings and very soft fur!  And I have a hard time not turning to mush at such cute spring babies!

PA_April2013 376

Thanks for the visit, now Moooooooove on back home!  Have a safe trip!

It was a very fun visit!

And I am headed home today!  Thank you, Pennsylvania for your warm welcome!  For odd weather days with temps soaring to near 90 one day, and dipping into the 40s the next with rain and wind!  As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Pennsylvania in the Spring, come back tomorrow – it will have changed!

Catch you later, everyone!


  1. Yeah we had that same crazt dipppy hot/cold weather here! but I spent the w/e at the International quilt festival WOOOOHOO! really nice show. didn't think it was as good as last yrs.... but maybe one of these days I'll go to the REAL Houston International Quilt Festival and see the WHOLE thing.
    LOVE the cows....and the pics from Pennsylvania.

  2. Absolutely adorable.

  3. Hope those adorable babies aren't veal calves...the reality of farming (and why I don't eat veal....)

    1. LOL, lynda. My mom was raised on a PA dairy farm, and she never ate or served us veal, either!

  4. That was a fun post. Thanks, Bonnie.

  5. be safe on the way home girlfriend. Was such a joy spending the afternoon/evening with you. See you in July!!

  6. sooooo cute! what a restful place....can't wait for my own trip in october...

  7. Anonymous9:53 AM EDT

    How fun to get out on a farm and see the little animals. You were in a world where quilter flourish! Travel safely home!
    Mary Deeter / Stitchinggrandma

  8. Awww....what a cutie-pie! I grew up in between two dairy farm operations. The farm to the south of us had holsteins and they were the stupidest cows on the planet. They routinely walked through their fences and trampled our lawns and gardens. The farm to the north of us had jerseys and guernseys and the farmer was an old Swiss guy who hand-milked his herd (he and his two sons and daughter) and his cows were so placid they would even let a strange neighbor kid milk them. They had such big brown eyes and long eyelashes and were "leaners" - they'd turn their head around and lean on you as you'd milk them.

  9. They say that hete in nebraska too i lived in pittsburgh for 26 years born and raised.

  10. I miss seeing the farm animals....

  11. You capture some adorable pictures! Thanks for taking us to the farm with you. Have a safe trip home.

  12. Next time you are around Gettysburg try a meal at Hickory Bridge Farm. Yum, yum. Great PA cooking in a restored barn.

  13. or as my husband says..... if you don't like the weather in Pennsylvania, just wait an hour or two...

  14. I just love Jersey's, and those babies, they make my heart swoon as I remember the babies in my childhood that we'd bottle feed. Thank you for share this sweetness. :)

  15. I have Pennsylvania roots, lots of childhood memories, but no more family there, so haven't been in a loooong time. Your pics and descriptions make me homesick, Bonnie. Glad you had time for a little sightseeing.

  16. What pretty babies. Those big eyes just get me. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Those babies are so very sweet - and I will not eat veal either. Hope those babies have a chance to grow up and eat grass and make milk, and be content. What gorgeous countryside.

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