Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things!

This guy….is definitely one of my favorite things!

And it’s days like this when I love the green in the spring of North Carolina.

This is my 23 yr old son Jeff, mowing the “back 40!” as we call it….even though it’s only 1.5 acres.

The chin beard is a new thing.  Amazing what they try when they grow up and find out they CAN grow facial hair….I am attributing this latest phase to Duck Dynasty, and I know this too shall come to pass and it won’t be there forever.

I can’t…..however…resist tugging on that chin tuft every chance I get!

Have you had the pleasure of smelling fresh mown lawn yet?  It's definitely a SPRING THING!  Love it! ((hay fever and all!))

quiltmaker 021

Another of my favorite things….Time OUT getting the first pedicure of the season!  Heaven knows, my toes have needed some pampering for a while….it was just a short stop after dropping off mail at the post office and making a bank deposit run…..it’s spring time!  Pretty toes are one luxury I indulge in.  For me. 

Another favorite thing?  Goodies in the mail!

quiltmaker 013

Jo Morton contacted me a week or so ago asking for my address…..she had been saving some goodies for me, knowing I have been using browns in my latest hexie project.

FABRICS DIRECTLY FROM JO!??  Oh, I am definitely a happy girl….can’t wait to use these!

quiltmaker 019

And Subee…that sweetheart.  As if she doesn’t do enough for everyone already --- she has made two matching afghans for my soon to be nephews!  Aren’t these the sweetest, softest looking bits of baby crochet you have ever seen? You should feel them!  These babies will be born early July, and it is HOT HOT HOT in Utah.  Quilts may be used inside at night, but for walks in the summer in the stroller…these light and airy afghans are going to be SO SWEET!  Thank you, Subee!

I’m still getting ready for Jason’s arrival.  I have so much computer work that has piled up and things happening all at once this next week.

Look what’s COMING!!


The tour starts on Monday and will run through Friday, you will want to hit each stop on this tour! 

I wanted to post the schedule ahead of time….but it’s not available yet, so I will link to it as soon as Monday arrives Smile

Be watching my blog on MAY 3rd!

And I’m still running like a crazy woman to get bathrooms cleaned and guest room made up…Jason just called and he is on his way!


  1. Fun, fun mail, Bonnie!
    Are those two nephews coming here to the same valley where you sent that wonderful Storytime Stars quilt? Somebody is going to have their hands full!

  2. Jeff looks absolutely happy riding along on that lovely green grass! I used to love to mow my Dad's back 40! That meant I didn't have to walk around with the push mower. :-) I was thinking of you earlier today when I had my very first pedicure EVER! I'm going to make sure it won't be my last. Those browns that Jo sent you look just yummy. The two matching afghans are just cute as anything. Hope you have a very nice visit with Jason. Sit and relax before he gets there!!

  3. Love that pedicure! Love that fabric! Love that happy son. Only one disagreement ....Pedicures are NOT a luxury, they are a necessity! :)

  4. Aren't sons great!?!?!? Our son (29 years old) mowed our yard when we returned from vacation - he actually did it as part of his dad's birthday present. I spent the afternoon doing yard work with him and had so much fun! We filled our yard debris container to go out next Friday and dad was one happy camper when he returned from his first day back to work after two weeks vacation and found out he didn't have to mow the yard.

    Beautiful quilts for your little nephews - and those browns from Jo ... I am so jealous!

  5. Scrappy Jo Morton browns? That's the sweetest haul of all!

  6. What a great day. A bunch of scraps from Jo, two sons, and one pedi. What could be better?

  7. Oh my gosh Bonnie, the fabrics Jo M. sent you are gorgeous! And those two afghans...perfect for July evenings here in Utah! Your nephews will be here before you know it! We are in the Northern area of the state so even though it can get extremely warm here too, Southern Utah can get sweltering, but oh is it ever gorgeous. The red rock country is our favorite place to go for time away. Hugs...

  8. those fabrics are yummy! really I thought it was a pile fo chocolate!

  9. Love those browns! Your Hexies are coming along quite nicely with all the travel you have been doing. Enjoy the weekend with the boys around.


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