Friday, April 26, 2013

Sister’s Choice, Day 1 in PA!

It’s not very often that there is such demand for a class that a guild fills it twice!

Yesterday was day one of a two day love affair with 2.5” strips and Sister’s Choice blocks….one of my favorite star blocks of all time.

We started with seam allowance…getting everyone on the right track there.  it’s so important because the next rectangle added around the center 9 patch block is cut at 2.5” X 6.5”….if you sew the 9 patch with the wrong seam allowance this rectangle isn’t going to fit and troubles compound from there.

These ladies passed with flying colors!

There are also a ton of bonus triangles that can come from this quilt, and it is worth taking care of them as you work on each block……

PA_April2013 458

Aren’t these cute??  One of our stitchers who's blocks are shown above went right on to use her bonus triangles as leaders and enders and started turning them into pinwheel blocks while piecing her stars!  The demo quilt has 42 blocks.  42 blocks with 8 points means there are 336 bonus triangles created in the making of this quilt.  If you go bigger….there are more!  The possibilities of these are endless! ((And just plain fun!))

Our slide show is a long one, they got so much done!  Fix yourself a cuppa and get comfy while you enjoy the slide show below.

If for any reason you can’t view it ((most likely you are on a mobile device if this is the case)) click the icon below to visit the album directly.
Sister's Choice, group 1 Beaver, PA 2013
I am on my way out the door to go do it again with a whole new group of ladies! After class it will be a mad dash to drop any left over books at Fedex on the way to the airport and I'll be back home in my own bed by midnight. Have a super day everyone!


  1. FABULOUS show ... used to live near there and if I were still in the area I would definitely have been at one of your workshops. LOVE that quilt ... may have to add that to my bucket list! Enjoy PA ... great group of quilters!! Linda

  2. Bonnie, I so appreciate these little looks at your classes. First, I enjoy the slide show. Then, I often go back through the album to view and consider the color combinations I liked best. It's a great tool.

  3. Amazing slideshow of some beautiful blocks being made! I just love to see all those different "takes" on one block--such fun!! Thanks for sharing Julierose

  4. Lots of inspiration here! I have a bunch of 9 patches (Kansas Troubles) and they will be Sisters Choice blocks soon....just need to choose a color for star points. Love all of the blocks pictured, and enjoyed seeing some very familiar fabrics from my stash in those pictures! The red white and black is very striking.....

  5. Great slide show. Gave me the urge to make this quilt. I especially love the batik blocks. I think I know now how I want mine to look. Thanks for the quilty inspiration. (Red squiggly line under quilty.)

  6. Loved many of those blocks...I agree, Aliceart, it's a great tool to see which ones I like the best for my Stash!!
    Looks like they were all having a blast! Can't wait for my workshop with Bonnie, two weeks from today! WOOTS!!
    Cindy in NY

  7. some really beautiful blocks here, will have to try and put one together myself one day!Will look on your blog ans see what i can find out about Sister Choice blocks as I am new to quilting and still not understanding very much!

  8. So many color combos! I hadn't thought of using a dark fabric for the star points for mine. Curious how the blocks that have dark corners will look in the quilt. Might have to try that in EQ, No FQ's get harmed that way... The ladies are making real progress on their Sister Choice Quilts in PA

  9. Bonnie, the slide show looks great! I enjoyed looking at the blocks and remembering the ladies I met in Beaver. Everyone was GREAT! I had a blast and am still stitching away today at home. It looks like today's class is bigger. Have fun and safe travels home!

  10. I am not a 'pink' girl. Or I wasn't. I like your colourway best of all Bonnie! I really want to make this quilt. With pink star points!! I have discovered blue nine patches in my stash, I have a baby quilt to make so it will either be your current quiltcam project for a boy or sisters choice with pink star points for a girl (can't start it yet as 'the' scan hasn't taken place). Thank you for all your inspiration, I'm sure those ladies had a great time, wish I was there xx

  11. How fun! Love that you shared the pics with the Pennsylvania gals! LOVE all the Sister's Choice Blocks! Especially since I was making one with you! It's so neat to see everyone else's version, and the blocks are great! I don't belong to a guild, but following your blog, and quilt cam makes me feel like I part of the Bonnie Hunter guild!
    Thanks Bonnie!

  12. Bonnie, hold onto your horses! You are scheduled to come to my favorititist retreat down the road in a couple of years. I just got back two weeks ago and we had 117 ladies sewing away for 4 days!

  13. Love this pattern!!! These ladies' blocks are gorgeous!!!


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