Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Special Dear Jane Exhibit!

My friend Caroline has been key in getting a group of Dear Jane quilts from all over the world together for an exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the "original" Dear Jane quilt made by Jane Stickle during of Pour Lamour Du Fil.  ((For The Love of thread.))

Pour Lamour Du Fil is going to be held for a period of four days ((THIS WEEKEND!))  in Nantes, France.

This expo will include 100 exhibitors, who will get an opportunity to showcase fabrics for patchwork, embroidery techniques, knitting wool and printed fabrics. At the same time different kinds of embroidery kits and felts and bosses, Patchwork Fabrics, wool and felts will also be displayed by the exhibitors in this expo.

The display of these products and services will draw the attention of a large number of embroiderers and Designer of embroidery kits and sewing, Not to mention QUILTERS!

Pour Lamour Du Fil will bring forward major ways of bringing some improvements and contemporary changes in the sectors of Sewing, Crochet, Knitting, Ribbon Embroidery, Sewing and textile arts such as......QUILTING!!

But THIS exhibit is going to knock everyone’s socks off!!


Photos by Ines Marta, Quilt House

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for all your hard work, Caroline and friends! I so wish I could be there with you!


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM EDT

    Linda in the Barn from Australia is there, I sure hope she post many pictures. Have looked to see if Ines has a blog and will follow for a while to see if she posts..... guess who has parts, many parts, also known as blocks of this quilt that are at least 10 years young "in a box".

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM EDT

    How fantastic! Nreath taking, imagine the many hours of handwork and dedication that went
    Into all of the DearJanequilts.


  3. Bonnie....in your studio at home, is that a Dear Jane quilt hanging behind the long arm machine? We can see it on Quilt Cam.

    1. I know that answer! It sure is and we get to look at it every time Bonnie does Quilt-Cam!

  4. WAH! My favorite ever and on my bucket list and I am no where near being able to see that live. Looks awesome.

  5. Anonymous11:18 AM EDT

    Oh my word...Wow!

  6. I don't know if I even dare to add that to my list. They are so beautiful! Hope lots of pictures are posted.

  7. OH. MY. GOODNESS! What a picture. There are no words.

  8. Gosh darn, my weekend plans preclude quick jaunt to Nantes!

    I hope that there will be lots more pictures. I went to the website http://www.pourlamourdufil.com/en/default.asp and found only info about the show, with the news that Brenda Papadakis (the first Janiac) has a broken arm and her doctor won't allow her to travel.

  9. What a great show!! I only wish it was close by to have the opportunity to attend!! I'm sure that all the hard work that your friend did will definitely make it an outstanding show!!

  10. WOW!!! One day I WILL do a Dear Jane. :)

  11. I will live through all of you who have the patience to make the DEAR JANE! I too enjoy seeing Bonnie's DJ quilt when she does QuiltCam.

  12. what an amazing exhibition, if only I lived in France I would certainly visit. Have the Dear Jane book but still a beginner and not completed any blocks yet so will be a while before I finish one!!

  13. Wow...that would be amazing to see. One of the members of my guild is in France right now. Sent her the link. Hope she is checking her email!!!

  14. What an amazing opportunity! Hope to see many of the photo's from those that are lucky enough to attend. As many, this IS on my to-do list!


  15. https://plus.google.com/photos/109209024211909963337/albums/5871970854532247041
    on this link all the pictures on the French guild "France Patchwork".
    It was wonderful.
    Have a good day.
    Chantal from Le Mans in France


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