Monday, April 08, 2013

Diane, The Quilting Fairy ---

A few months ago Diane had contacted me about some vintage quilt tops she had seen while on retreat.

Would I be interested in any of them?

Someone had brought in a bunch of vintage tops, for the whopping huge price of $25.00 each!

You know, I love the wonky ones the best, right?

Give me the ones with busy fabrics and stripes that go all different directions.  And these tops did not disappoint!

Can’t you tell from this first photo that these fabrics are SCREAMING!?

Bow-ties sewn into groups of 4 of "like kinds" and sashed with cherry blossom pink!

Nashville_TN2013 280

Here is the full top…a bit wonky, no borders.  FUN FUN FUN! And yes, I love that pink!

This one also came home…..it’s a Trip Around the World on point….All because Diane said “I thought you might like this one too!”  ((She knows me too well!))  Could you leave this behind for $25.00?

Nashville_TN2013 279

Crazy Busy and I love it! Not sure if this one was ever complete, it’s still got the zig zag edge --- so will I straighten the edges and add a border? or just straighten and bind?

It depends if I can even get it to lay flat enough to quilt it!  the edges hang awfully fluted….but I love a challenge, and I love the patience that this woman had in hand piecing this quilt, one square at a time.  Many of the fabrics are feed sacks, and it dates from possibly the late 1930s into the 1940s where prints got bolder and bigger.

This scrappy girl loves the connection with scrappy quilters past!


  1. My Mother married in 1948 and was given a quilt top exactly like the one you show of the trip around the world. Except the one she has lays flat and nice. And yes it is still a top. My Mom sews beautifully but does not do much quilting of her tops. Well only the small ones.
    Mother actually was given 6 tops and 3 she did have quilted. One was a bow tie with all kinds of fabric in it like cotton and courteroy. They make circles and do not have sashing.
    The others are pieced blocks in different patterns.

  2. I'm sure you were excited by that one!

  3. Very fun! like the trip around the world...lots of fabrics!

  4. Anonymous5:11 PM EDT

    that round the world is screaming to go home with you...I'll be watching quilt cam to see if it makes it to your longarm!

  5. That first picture makes me dizzy with all those crazy stripes. WOW

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM EDT

    Nice! What batting and quilting designs will you use on these quilts?

  7. I love how there is no rhyme or reason (that I can see) to the layout of the bow tie quilt. I hope to one day be able to just lay things down at random and sew them together! Awesome finds for an awesome price!

  8. Yes, when I saw them, they seemed to say "Bonnie needs to take us home!". Glad I was able to deliver them, then on to Whittles in KY. Did some serious stash damage there - but the prices were so good! I have a few more quilts that need homes; they'll get placed someday..... :) Di in TN/TN Treadler

  9. Great job Diane on finding those tops for Bonnie. We just don't have any sources in the Northern Midwest that I can find. Although, sometimes I feel like I live under a rock!

    To Bonnie,
    That trip around the world is so great. A dainty binding would be my choice with no borders to let the fabrics in the top sing. It will be fun to see what you choose as a finish. I'm sure those creative juices-mo jo is revving up about now.

  10. Anonymous8:23 PM EDT

    WOW I need to shop with these lucky ladies! The bow tie "looks like Bonnie" ... And that is a compliment.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bonnie: I would be honored to hand quilt the trip around the world for you. that would be one way to work out the wonky!
    Paula in Omaha

  12. It is interesting how quilts find their owners (caretakers). I found one for a friend that fits him perfectly. It didn't scream take me home, but tell Bill, he needs me.

  13. What wonderful tops! You must be so pleased to have them!

  14. The "Trip Around The World" is a fabulous quilt! Love the colors and on point. Lucky you!

  15. I have a top similar to the Trip Around the World that I got at a garage sale for $20. It isn't totally together and I haven't actually seen it in a couple of years. Something I should pull out one of these days and do something about!

  16. Beautiful "trip" quilt. I would just straighten the edges and bind. I think I would hand quilt it, too. (In your "spare" time! LOL)

  17. I wouldn't have passed on the bow tie for $25 that's for sure. I didn't see the bow tie at first because of how busy it was. Lucky you to nab them all.


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