Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Off to Pittsburgh!

Off to Pittsburgh.....Via NEWARK!--AGAIN!  Bleeehhhhhhh!

Oh the Newark airport isn’t all that bad, just that I fly small commuter jets, and the A gates are SUCH a cattle pen….there are only a few choices for food, not much gluten free, and it is usually mobbed with weary travelers with no peace or space to be found anywhere.  The press of humanity!

But isn’t this skyline gorgeous?

I’ve never flown into Pittsburgh before, and I’m looking forward to seeing this sight!

And I’m happy to say that going with me is this lovely:

sisterschoice1 085

Quilted! Bound! Sleeved!  Labeled!  Done!

sisterschoice1 081

Close up of weirdo fabrics!  The more oddballs the better I like it!

It was finished in the nick of time too…

I’m teaching 2 back to back days of this class to two groups from the Beaver Piecemakers in Beaver, PA!

sisterschoice1 083

Close up of Quilting!

sisterschoice1 082

Bottom Corner!

I really love how that striped binding turned out too!

Next time you hear from me…I will have my feet on the ground in Pennsylvania!


  1. This quilt came out beautiful. My heart did a little flip flop seeing it all completed. The borders and binding are perfect and I got to watch the whole process via quilt cam. Thanks Bonnie.

  2. Sorry to blow the view but the airport is a long way from the city and you might get the view from the other direction which is boring. Driving in you'd get that view. ;-)
    LOVE the quilt!!!!!!

  3. I just love how your quilt turned out! Love the mix of fabrics and colors. Just beautiful!!

  4. Your quilt is lovely. It inspires me to pull mine out (unfinished) and continue on. I enjoyed working on it and being in your class but then life happened and it went into a box. Love the border color too.

  5. I also really like this quilt. Did you have any plan when it came to chosing colors or was it anything goes? I would like to make something similar but am not sure that I can put my colors together the way you did. I have lots of oddball scraps I'd like to use, but I want to make a quirky quilt, not an ugly one.

  6. So happy that you are in our neck of the woods, though I am north of Pittsburgh while you will be visiting west of Pittsburgh. I also agree with Roberta above that you will not get that view from the airport. Your quilt turned out beautiful!!!! Thus this may just be another project in the making. I've only recently discovered you though I have been quilting off an on for years, but I am very glad to have found you. Hope you have a great trip into the area.

  7. Bonnie, Thanks for letting us share the journey with you and the
    completion of your quilt. I just love it, and it just amazes me
    of your productivity, with all that you have going on all the time.
    Congratulations it is just beautiful, it will be awe inspiring to
    all those who are able to take your class for the quilt. Happy Quilting! Safe travels to you.

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  9. Anonymous9:05 AM EDT

    Have fun! baack to backssounds likeawild set to me tho.

    The binding was a terriFic choice a busy quilt. (What's with that capital f ). IPAD messiness.
    At any rate, the whole quilt really does come together well. Just shows me there are no too ugly fabrics lol.


  10. Beautiful quilt Bonnie. I keep snacks in my purse ( gluten free) at all times as I'm also diabetic. I love the Ocean Spray fruit flavored snacks,(several other companies make them too) they are all delicious, compact and gluten free. Also the small packages of mixed nuts, cheese strings, GF granola bar,Popcorn or fruit are transportable. My last airplane trip I got veggies and dip and a fruit cup. Tortilla chips are good and Snackwells makes some delicious popcorn blends with caramel or chocolate that are GF and in single serving packages. Hope this helps. Travel safe!

  11. I love the way your quilt turned out! I am originally from Pittsburgh and coincidently driving there tomorrow to visit family. It is a beautiful city and hope you get to see some sights while there. Where will you be teaching?

  12. So glad to see it Finished. You inspire us all. I'm still deciding on the color to use for the points on my Sister's Choice. I'm leaning towards the Pink since it is for a Grand-Daughter! I can hardly wait for the end of Summer when I get these 2 PINK variety Grandbabies. Better get off the computer and get their quilts done.

  13. It's gorgeous Bonnie! Love the borders too - and that striped binding is the perfect finish :*)

  14. Your quilt is sew lovely! Love the borders and the stripe binding! Great choices.

  15. I have been to Pittsburgh several times in the past on business. We always stayed in a hotel that could have been located where this photo was taken from. The views of the rivers, bridges, and river traffic were ever fascinating. Unfortunately we were flown in and out just for conferences and saw little more than the inside of the hotel. Always thought of Pittsburgh as a gritty industrial city, but as are most such impressions, was obviously incorrect. And the quilt is gorgeous!

  16. WOW .... just WOW !!!!

  17. Lovely quilt, lovely skyline. Thanks so much for taking us all on your travel adventures through your blog. Have a super day!

  18. Oh, the quilt turned out gorgeous! I want to have a handpiecing project and maybe Sisters Choice would be a good one. Remember the Quiltmania magazine issue that had the nice article on you when you went to visit Lucy? Think it was that same issue that interviewed a French woman who was a judge (in a court of law, not a quilting judge...lol). She pieced all her (very scrappy) quilts by hand. Ever since then, I have been meaning to start one by hand and think I've been inspired by your lovely scrappy Sister's Choice to do this one. Let's see if I can do the whole thing by hand....and not cop out and finish with the machine....

  19. That view of Pittsburgh is why we call it "the Golden Triangle". Pittsburgh is my home airport, Bonnie, and I must say I only saw that view from the plane one time.

  20. Anonymous7:17 PM EDT

    I love this quilt its so bright, and everytime I see it I look for pooh can not spot him today.

  21. Love the quilt. The striped binding is perfect. I might want to try that myself. Enjoy your time in Pittsburgh.

  22. It is amazing how all those oddball fabrics, all the irreverant combinations result in such a beautiful, wonderful quilt! You've done it again! Guess I'd better get back to work on my Sister's Choice I started in Prescott with you in January.

  23. Your quilt is beautiful. I love what you do with colors! Have a great trip.

  24. Hi Bonnie! By the time I found out that you were going to be in my backyard, the classes were already booked up. Oh, well, I had to work today anyway. Have a safe trip back home, and I hope you enjoyed your stay here in the 'Burgh!


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