Sunday, April 07, 2013

Off to Pennsylvania!

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my first flight to board.

Comical how TSA is different in different locations.  In Nashville I was shown to the pre-check line and didn’t have to remove my shoes, my laptop, or my toiletries.

This morning in Greensboro I was escorted aside and watched TSA freak out over a bag of pin-catcher magnets and Plexiglas seam guides.

Just another day in the life of traveling at this early hour!

Here are a couple photos of some really great antique quilts that a group of us spied on my last evening in Nashville – there was time for some antique browsing before we headed to dinner ---

Can you see me run for this Wild Goose Chase?  Look at that vibrant blue background, and that pop of cheddar!  OOOOOOHHHH!!!

SmithMt_TN2013 066

This is the best we could get it laid out…..I LOVE this pattern!  That solid blue is like a midnight sky.

SmithMt_TN2013 067

Perfect quilting stitches!

This quilt has never been washed – for whatever reason, it was probably saved for “Good.”  Check out those indigos!

SmithMt_TN2013 070

Very precise piecing!

SmithMt_TN2013 068

I just had to show some restraint on this one and leave it for someone else to adopt……but wouldn't it be a great one to make?

Check out the rounded corner of that binding ---that's straight grain binding going around a curved corner.  The quilt police would freak out if you put that on a quilt you enter in a show -- but it's a time-honored tradition, and found quite a lot in quilts of this era, which I am guessing is 1890-1900.

SmithMt_TN2013 064

The album quilt was great too…another good use of a blue to show off the prints and shirtings in this classic.  I also love the softness that the pink cornerstones bring to the very masculine plaids and checks in the blocks!

SmithMt_TN2013 065

Sweet ginghams!

I just can’t get enough of these beauties!

My flight is boarding in about 15 minutes, so I’ll send this off now and catch you all on the Pennsylvania side!


  1. Yes, I can see where you'd have to hold back on buying that darker one. It has so much going for it. I can only imagine how frustrating flying is...
    Have a good day.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous quilts - thanks for sharing them with us! It might be a good idea to practice my machine piecing skills (I'm a hand piecing/quilting person
    ) on a pattern like that.

  3. love both of those quilts!! thanks so much for sharing and also for the customs/inspection tips. must confess that i haven't flown in over 25 years, so i would really be in for culture shock if i flew these days.

  4. Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts Bonnie. Save travels and have fun. Although I don't think I need to tell you that, you seem to have a wonderful time wherever you go. How could you Not, with quilters???

  5. Love the geese. It should be named Midnight Migration and it is a must make.

    1. Midnight Migration is spot-on as a name for that quilt! I would NOT have been able to restrain myself from buying it. I would have melterized my credit card no matter what it cost.

  6. Yes, how about those great cheddar cornerstones! They make the whole quilt. Have a safe trip!

  7. Love the Flying Geese but I am always a sucker for anything with dark blue. Thanks for sharing these Bonnie. safe trip.

  8. Ok, trip to Pennsylvania.... YEAH!!! Can't wait till Friday :o)

    I cannot believe you left that geese quilt... it is so you :) Who knows, maybe it will be there the next time you are in Nashville :)

    Have a safe journey!

  9. That wild goose chase quilt is really amazing. Of course I am a blue girl so I would love this one. Can't believ you left it behind. Happy trails.

  10. Bonnie did't leave it behind..she brought it to all of us ..this quilt will have lookalikes I think.

  11. Bonnie did't leave it behind..she brought it to all of us ..this quilt will have lookalikes I think.

  12. Yes, would make a perfect leader/ender project.

  13. You find the most gorgeous old quilts!

  14. hi Bonnie--WOW--I took a good long "gander" (haha) at that Flying Geese quilt--what a beauty!! I just love that dark blue sky background--and all those indigoes!! What a treasure!! Have a great trip Julierose

    1. Name= "Gander's Midnight Migration?"

  15. Can't wait to make a Wild Goose Chase of my own. Just learned how to make the geese in a strip and method looks like a piece of cake ! Thanks for sharing with us. Safe travels, Peggy

  16. that cheddar blue wild goose chase would be easy to make...it's like the antique you showed last week with the flying geese sashing except no pieced blocks...this one is easy peasy....

  17. I can so see the dark blue quilt coming out of Bonnie's house eventually! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us. Have a safe trip.

  18. I really love the dark blue one. It would make a great leaders&enders quiltproject. The sampler has just the right midnightblue/purple fabric for it. I think I am going to make this one, I am so in love with it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm regards,

  19. Wow! That Wild Goose Chase is gorgeous! So wish I had my Grandmother's stash. Wish I knew where it went to. It would be great in that quilt.


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