Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram!! Jared takes Another Wife!

I taught Jared takes a wife in Nashville last week – this week I am teaching it in Lebanon, Pennsylvania!

It's a gorgeous spring day and spirits are high!

Wish you were here sewing with us!


  1. Funny! Your title had me hooked. I had to read to see who Jared was. :) Looks like you are all having fun. Wish I were there. Have a super day!

  2. It is a pretty spring day up North in PA, but down South it is cold winter time in AR. Good indoor quilting day.

  3. Chuckling...did you notice that your page bottom where it says "you might also like,,," has a cropped pix that says Addicted (next line) craps ?? So....does that mean some of your income comes from gambling?? I am sure from the printing under it, it is addicted to scraps, but the "S" is missing. Maybe it doesn't show up on everyone's page like that, but...

  4. Ok....when my page reloaded, it was gone. Was a nice laugh on a gloomy day!! Happy quilting!!

  5. JTAW's border may just be the inspiration I needed for my Easy Street border! Love the scrappy purples!

  6. Wow! Really whish I was there with you all!
    But.....I'm having fun as well..... Finally sewing Sisters Choice blocks!
    And..... 7 blocks done! So lovelya
    Enjoy Pennsylvania.
    Love from the Netherlands!

  7. I think Jared is a bigamist.

  8. Jared should celebrate his anniversary with his first and only wife!
    Why not "Jared renews his vows" for all coming JTAW workshops =^}
    (there is still a Jared among those many ufo's at hand...)
    From the middle of the chaos in dark Amsterdam (trying to redo my playgrounds),
    Love, Irene

  9. I wish I was there sewing with you also. I love this quilt.

  10. I wish I were there with you too. What is so funny is that over Easter we were just a few miles from there. On Easter Monday we were at...guess..Hershy Chocolate...I can't believe I missed you by about one week. How funny is that? We really do need that bumper sticker...I think mine should say.." I'm following Bonnie Hunter." Thanks for making my day.


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