Tuesday, December 06, 2022

And The Quilters Are Still Quilting!

Michelle has been one busy stitcher throughout the whole December Quiltvillians retreat!

I think it is safe to say that if Santa DOES indeed have elves, that Michelle is the leader of the pack in the "quilts made by Christmas" division!

I am posting this photo to remind me of the holiday explosion of fun that filled these walls over the past week.

And yes, those are Boxy Bow Ties blocks up on the wall being made by her table mate!

This morning everyone is heading out toward home and their own families and holiday traditions.

I'll finish the last loads of laundry, do some last rounds of winter prep, turn the thermostats down, and lock the doors on the 3rd season of retreats at Quiltville Inn.

What a wonderful year it's been!

Monday, December 05, 2022

Lovin' From the Oven!

If you walk through the front door and can't find a soul - chances are they are all in the kitchen!

And with good reason - the December Quiltvillians have been treating each other to all of their favorites as well as trying out new recipes before they spring them on their families on Christmas morning.

As much as I love to hear all of the quilty chatter to the hum of machines coming from the Quilting Quarters, the sounds of meal prep and all of the resulting yummy smells add such a hominess to this space!

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Gettin' Cozy With the December Quiltvillians!

After a two week break, it's so great to have the Quilting Quarters and Hen Den full of so much creative activity!

And I am so tickled that things are made even more festive with Christmas music playing throughout the halls.

It's such a happy place - full of quilty projects and good cheer.

That doesn't mean that the rip-it and swear jars aren't receiving deposits, however - usually to much laughter. Followed by the passing of the no-whining sign to the next recipient.

Goodness, this is fun!

Friday, December 02, 2022

Chilhowie Mystery, Part Two!

Happy first week of December, everyone!

I hope everyone survived our Chilhowie Part One from last week and is ready to move forward as we get closer to Chanukah, Christmas, and New Years!

I have loved seeing all of the Part One posts using hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #chilhowiequilt.

Please keep up the good work and keep tagging your photos so we can find them easily.  I love to see the different colors and all of the beautiful fabrics you are using.

This week is a fun one - we will be making some mirror image units!

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Hello, December!

It's December.  And I am doing the best I can to embrace the season and the cold long winter months ahead.

That's about as positive as I can get with the whole thing - I'm trying!

And then there are those days where even the best intentions create a complete cluster - I kid you not!

For instance, when housekeeper Susan arrived yesterday to finish prepping the house so we'd be ready for the December Quiltvillians' arrival yesterday afternoon she let me know by text message that "The house is 80 degrees!!  I can't get the Hen Den fireplace to turn off!"

Well shoot!

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

A Bit More Stitching!

I am obsessed with The Crown.

Now onto season five - It's even more riveting to me when things take place during my own adulthood - and in my mind I can't help comparing what was going on in my own life, to the things that are being portrayed on the screen.

Some fiction to fil in the blanks?  Absolutely.

Some facts making real life stranger than fiction?  Definitely.

This season also includes many sub-titles when the speaking is in Egyptian.  I don't do well with subtitles.

I can't read them from where I sit so I get up from my machine, scroll back a bit...and stand in front of the wall-mounted TV to read them as the replay begins.