Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Day for Box Kite Beauty!

Here I am capturing all of the smiles and memories of my quick but jam packed visit with the Amoskeag Quilters in Manchester, New Hampshire!

Such a positive group of quilters – willing to throw themselves into new skill sets with open minds, embracing the scrappy chaos and all that comes with it!

Our numbers were full up at 57, and yet it didn’t feel crowded at all as the room space at the church we were using for our workshop was roomy, airy and full of light from windows on both sides of the room.

There was room to spread out, plenty of cutting table space, and thanks to Kathy’s hubby who offered to rewire the room at the church so we wouldn’t blow circuits (What a way to say thank you for the use of the space – an electrical upgrade!) there were no power blips at all.

I wonder if he would like to come down to Virginia and rewire the Quilting Quarters at Quiltville Inn??!

It was just a bang up fun of a day….from beginning to end.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Jamestown Landing Day in Manchester, NH!

Oh, the laughter!!  SO many hugs and smiles – catching up with folks I haven’t seen since the last time I was in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, FIVE years ago!

We booked these dates 5 years back when I was here the last time.  I thought it would never get here, but it did….and we’ve been having the best time since wheels touched tarmac on Thursday morning.

I just had to take a photo of this "lunch box” style tote…what a crack up!

Of course, we are not taking this all seriously, but I can bet you The Hubster would have no problem wearing a cheddar colored T-shirt sporting the slogan “I got a new lawn mower for my wife – Great trade, huh?!”

(And as of yesterday it was still pouring down rain in Southwest Virginia, and there is little chance of that lawn getting mowed any day soon – and it continues to grow…..and grow and grow!)

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 2018 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Good morning from beautiful Manchester, New Hampshire!

I thought today would be a very good day to throw THIS little double gift-away goodie up for grabs in this morning’s post -

It’s the May 2018 Quilty Box & Quilty Box Mini Gift-Away and you are going to have a ball with all that is included!

What is a Quilty Box?
Here are some highlights to keep in mind:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Show & Share from Shoreline, WA!

I’m thinking about where I was a week ago today – spending my last workshop with the Quilters Anonymous gals in Shoreline, Washington outside of Seattle!

Oh, the quilts that came out to play during my quick stay with these ladies – they knocked my socks off!

This is Dianna and her beautiful En Provence quilt!  She altered the colors to use her own stash, and her result is stunning.

Can you see the little inset border of squares in pink?  SUCH a great touch!

Often times it is the border that brings the whole thing together, as in this case – another En Provence:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fly, Birdie, Fly!

Can you even SEE this house now that the trees are leafed out?

The changing of the seasons is definitely amazing.  I have lived through 56 spring times, and the “unfolding of the green” always captivates me.

The world just knows what it is supposed to do when it is supposed to do it.

No one has to tell the trees to leaf out – they just do.

And as for the title of this post ---well, that’s another story!

I was in the kitchen scrubbing cupboards (oh, so many cupboards!) when I heard a banging commotion coming from one of the upstairs bedrooms.

There was a storm getting ready to rage outside, was a wild wind whipping a bedroom door shut?  What WAS that sound?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On the Way to Moving In!

Hello from Virginia!

It took longer to get here yesterday than I thought – but by mid afternoon I was pulling up into the drive at Quiltville Inn, ready to unload the first of many loads to come.

My first stop yesterday of course was the car dealership – Moby needed a 30,000 mile spa treatment.  All systems flushed, everything gone through – to the painful tune of more than $400.00.  OUCH!

I kept telling myself that this is what it takes to keep a vehicle running well for safety’s sake – and I’d rather pay for maintenance than a repair bill down the road which could be more – but OUCH.

And while I waited:

Monday, May 14, 2018

A Mother’s Day of Stitching, Kitting & Reflecting…

It’s nearly the end of a hexie era!

I think I’ve spent nearly the last 5 to 6 years working on this quilt top as my “on the go” project, busy bag in hand for many travels from international to domestic.  It’s seen SO many countries, witnessed so many memories!

And it isn’t that this project isn’t going to see anything else – there is still a lot to come after I finish attaching the last half of the last border.

I’m looking forward to many happy evenings of stitching with my feet up in the recliner or comfy stitching chair at the cabin.

Maybe I’ll be stitching on this during evening visits with the retreaters at Quiltville Inn

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day 2018

Window (booth) shopping on a Saturday home!

After being gone for a work week there were plenty of errands to be run yesterday.

Could I help it if one of those runs put me within proximity (Proximity being a bit over/under 10 miles! LOL!) of a favorite BIG antique mall?

I had determined once my flight hit the tarmac in Greensboro on Friday night that this would be a "Mother’s Day Weekend OFF” (The first Mother’s Day I hadn’t been traveling to or from guilds ON Mother’s Day in years) and no work-work was to happen.

Regular house keeping errands are NOT work.  Not like work-work.  Grocery stores, picking up something at Lowes, dropping off something somewhere else – it’s a chance to be out and about and reconnect with this area I call home.

And in between it all, what’s ONE antique mall stop?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

One Hexie Short of the Last Border!

How can it be that I missed just ONE neutral hexie on the way home from Seattle yesterday?

I laid this out this morning, so pleased with myself to have this border finally done and – whammo!

Not that it won’t be an easy fix, it’s the principle of the thing!

I thought that I had finished shortly before landing in Detroit last evening, packed it all up, finished the movie on the seat back screen in front of me and settled into some relaxation and dreaming of the NEXT busy bag project.

From Detroit to Greensboro the busy bag didn’t even come out of my backpack – I had downloaded 2 episodes of Doctor Foster via Netflix to my phone and sat there in the dark watching away….all the while one hexie hole remained! HA!