Thursday, February 25, 2021

Projects in a Holding Pattern -

I'm at that stage where I am in the "middle"  of two projects.

As in - there is much already accomplished, but so much ahead before I start really seeing progress.

This is when projects seem to stall out for me.

I've reached the danger zone.  Do you have a danger zone too?

I know once I find myself past that half-way mark - getting closer to 75% - on the downhill side of things, and ready to set blocks together there is no stopping me.

But here at 50% I'm teetering on the edge and there are new things I want to play with. Different colors that are pulling at me as Spring draws near.

I'm not bored with what I'm working on - but it feels like other projects are passing me by. LOL!

Maybe it is spring fever?

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Good Things Come in Blue!

Yesterday was a work SEW from home kind of Tuesday!

It all came about due to the Hubs needing to be in Winston-Salem for the day - leaving Zoey's care up to yours truly.

Rather than haul Zoey to the QPO studio to do stuff there we stayed at the cabin.

And it was such a LOVELY day (Highs got to mid 50s! Whoowhooo!) that it seemed a shame to keep her inside at the QPO where she couldn't run and explore due to the busy road.  She has 42 acres to play up on the mountain.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

February '21 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Look what arrived yesterday!

I have had my fingers crossed all month long that it would come!

Nothing says SPRING like a beautiful Quilty Box featuring Jennifer Sampou's gorgeous Spring Shimmer fabrics!

Jennifer's fabrics with Robert Kaufman are printed in Japan with pearlescent accents on vibrant, fresh spring colors designed with quilters in mind. 

And the February Quilty Box includes a curated bundle along with the pattern (In the included Bundles of Inspiration Magazine) to make the beautiful  Butterfly Window cover quilt!

Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekend? What Weekend?

Does this look like we were packing for a picnic?

We weren't - we were bugging out and heading over to Quiltville Inn to wait for Monday's propane truck arrival -

I mentioned a couple of days ago that the propane tank to the cabin was dangerously close to running on fumes.⁣
Saturday afternoon when I came back from working at the QPO I was told by the hubster that the time for bugging out and staying at Quiltville Inn until the tank could be filled on Monday had come - We were under 12٪ and with temps in the teens overnight, and barely getting above freezing during the day we were likely to run out that night.⁣

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Winter at a Snail's Pace!

I spent my Friday at THIS for most of the day -

This isn't all of the blocks that were completed, but it really wasn't much more than this.  In true Quiltville fashion, I love big quilts made with small pieces that take a lot of time to complete..

Temps never got out of the 30s - but at least there was blue sky and sunshine for most of the day, and having the window shades up for all of the windows at the Quiltville Post Office brought on a bit of "greenhouse" effect and the light was just wonderful.

Lola spent much of her time being as close to me as she could.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Blue Triangles of Happiness!

The ice storm adventures of February 2021 continue!

The power outages and generator kick-ons I talked about yesterday, well - through the day it only happened TWICE, and both times in the morning.

The longest the Generac ran was about 2 hours while I was blog-writing yesterday.

Mid morning, the power blipped one more time, and stayed off for about 20 minutes.

We have enough propane to last until Monday, as long as the power stays on.

So yes, in a way, we are still playing the waiting game but temps are rising and by Monday the propane truck should be able to navigate our steep (and formerly icy) drive  and fill our tank!