Friday, April 12, 2013

Log Cabins, Two of a Kind!

On one of my Allentown Antiquing jaunts That provided us with the  photos of two rail fence quilts ((Shown yesterday HERE.))

I also crossed paths with an amazing Log Cabin quilt…..Close up shown here.

I fell in love with the large almost tan-peach colored centers, a break-away from the traditinal red we are so used to seeing.

The prints, both on the light side of the block, and the dark side as well are WONDERFUL.

But it’s the layout that I like.

This “Sunshine & Shadows” layout is the same as the first ever log cabin quilt that I made back in the 1980s –only….

PA_April2013 215

This one has an uneven set!
I love quilts with asymmetrical settings!

Why did the Quiltmaker do this? Probably – because “The bed was only that big!”  But we will never know for sure.

PA_April2013 216

Bottom corner – great gingham and black-on-red borders!

PA_April2013 217

I just love the way she put things together, even frugal-piecing strips if they were not long enough to do the job.  I believe this quilt dates to about 1880 –but someone will correct me if I’m wrong I’m sure!

Then YESTERDAY, Jo brought this antique beauty to class…and I realized we had the beginning of a theme going!

PA_April2013 245

Log Cabin, Barn Raising!  Also late 1800s!

PA_April2013 248

Center close up…I love how the cheddars and blues alternate on the light side of the block as well!

PA_April2013 252

And if the blocks aren’t the same size….just add some gathers!

PA_April2013 253

Not a problem!  This will QUILT OUT! :cD

This was such a fabulous example of early foundation piecing – the strips were pieced on a fabric foundation --- when the quilt was joined there was no batting added, the blocks were stitched in the ditch between the blocks, but the blocks themselves contain no quilting.  It was just “enough” to hold the backing to the front.

PA_April2013 250

Log Cabin Love!

Thanks Jo, for sharing your treasure!  Okay, I’m adding another log cabin to my long list of “want to do” along with a rail fence!


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM EDT

    Both are fabulous ... The shading just pops. Maybe we should be more like the one maker ... We do spend alot of tme and engery fusing over being exact in every way lol.

    Would love to have met both makers! What would hey have been like? What was their lives like? OH, wouldn't that be great to know?

    THANK, log cains always tug at my heart.

  2. I think log cabin is one of my favourite blocks. I have been thinking of starting a scrappy one soon. These are wonderful - would love to own one xx

  3. I am fairly new to your blog, but I am already a big fan! You do such great work! Just last night I was searching your site for log cabin inspiration. So this is a fun coincidence :) I've made a couple of log cabins with kinda lackluster results. But I'm newly inspired now, and I'm loving that "bullseye" quilt up above! So cool!

  4. I love log cabins too! I have never made one. I did follow inspired by antique quilts method to make some log cabin blocks that I turned into coasters for my MIL. They sure are fun to make.

  5. Fabulous! Ill have top bring the log cabin I have to the retreat this summer to show. My grandmother bought it for me in a PA antiques mall . I also have a family bow tie to share.

  6. Second quilt, first picture; Wow that glows with all that cheddar yellow. really spectacular.

  7. The very first quilt I even had was a log cabin made by my wonderful mother-in-law. She gave it to my husband and I for our 2nd anniversary. I grew up in southern Florida and quilts really weren't necessary and my mother didn't quilt. I was never really exposed to quilting until meeting my mother-in-law. A log cabin has been on my must do list since I first started a list!

  8. I love log cabins...have three in my collection and have made at least 3! Both of those you showed are wonderful examples...makes me want to start another one!


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