Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Tuesday!

Silly Becca!  Climbing into my big Quilt Duffle!

Why is Becca Here – because today is about the color RED!!  Cute little Red Head, isn’t she?

I was going through my files and realized there were some cool quilts that I didn’t get a chance to post before I was off to New Hampshire! So I am back tracking a bit today in an effort to share these with you!

More finds from Antique Mall Hopping in Allentown, PA!

PA_Apr2013 173-001

Chinese Boxes!  LOVE the sashing cornerstone effect and how it creates a secondary design!

PA_Apr2013 174-001

Bottom Corner….Such a great quilt, and do you see those are not all the same red?!

PA_Apr2013 057

Tattered bindings don’t stop me from wanting to see what this is!

PA_Apr2013 053

Poinsettia Pots!  How wonderful!

PA_Apr2013 055

Love how the placement is NOT perfect, just placed by eye.

Do you think those blues were once greens?

PA_Apr2013 056

Side pot…Those stamen in the centers are stuffed yellow berries!

PA_Apr2013 054

Tall and leafy, Corner Poinsettia!

This quilt was so unique to me…I’d never seen another one like it with a definite “CHRISTMAS” feel to it from this time period.  IT was quilted to death –but because it’s all solids, I’m not really sure where to date it to.  Siobhan!?!?!

PA_Apr2013 157

Pine Tree Love!!

This is definitely a Very Very PA Dutch quilt….wide sashings, huge cornerstones…and I love the effect of some of the trees having light backgrounds and dark trees,  while some had dark backgrounds and lighter trees…VERY fun quilt!

PA_Apr2013 158 

Close up of one corner

PA_Apr2013 164 


I’m on a roll today to finish the binding on the Sister’s Choice quilt – it’s flying off with me to Beaver, Pennsylvania TOMORROW!  I’ve only got one side and the sleeve left to stitch --- doesn’t that sound like a decadent afternoon?  A Chick Flick and binding time as “Sorry, Dear…I must get this done TODAY!?”

As Mommy Said….
If Life gives you Lemons…Throw them back and DEMAND FABRIC!!

Whatever YOU get up to..Make it a good one!

And don't forget...QUILT-CAM at 9pm Eastern tonight!  Catch you there!


  1. Altho a true scrap quilter I do love two color quilts. Could I do one--don't know. Thanks for the mini quilt show. My day is cleaning up my quilts space. Just finished a quilt that I found thru a comment posted on your blog from Liz in Yorkshire, England. Your blog just keeps on giving. (I tried to send a picture but couldn't figure it out). Love all you do. Joan

  2. My day is unloading and cleaning our camper - we have been out for two weeks and it needs it! When done, I am trimming 12 blocks that I finally have done so I can put sashings on them and get a quilt top assembled. I am keeping my progress on this a secret from one of my quilting buddies who is working on it too - I have a sneaky feeling that I am ahead of her ... lol

  3. Beautiful quilts. I really have to make a red and white quilt. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels.

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    I love scrap quilts but red and white two color quilts are a secret collecting passion for me. I wish I could find such great quilts at antique malls in my area

  5. Love the Poinsettia quilt! For this you have to go by the style of the quilt and less by the fabrics (though solids were very popular in the 20's when scrappy quilts were out of fashion with the well to do quilters.) If I remember correctly both Marie Webster and Mountain Mist published Poinsettia patterns. Have to do some research to see which one this is...great quilt! It is on my "list."

  6. Anonymous3:01 PM EDT

    I really realy love that poinsettia quilt. Thanks for sharing!

    By the way, I was unable to post a comment on your newer post on "Gluten Free" because a TIDE ad popped up over the comment box and could not be closed. I eliminated MSG and Nitrites from my diet to minimize the number and severity of migraines. MSG is also in just about everything and many things in restaurants, so I have to ask. Oscar Mayer and Hormel have all natural uncured bacons and lunchmeats that have no nitites or preservatives. One more thing, I don't have issues with sugar or diet sweeteners, but just prefer to avoid them. So, I use blue agave nectar wherever possible for sweetening drinks, salad dressings and in my baking. I use it because I love it. Not all agave nectars are the same, so I stick with organic blue agave for the best taste. I prefer Himalayan Sea Salt too.

  7. POINSETTIA QUILT!!!!!! I can not believe it, Bonnie. A lady in our Quilt A Rama group just brought in one exactly like that which belongs to her Aunt. I was huge, 100 x 100 inches about. We all ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over it as well, and had no idea about the date for it, too. was done in solids only. I never thought I would see a second one in this life time. BTW, love the Chinese Puzzle, gonna have to try one of those...maybe in blue! Be well...
    Faye in Maine

  8. OK The Poinsettia quilt was haunting me so I pulled out the books...this one is Mountain Mist pattern #39. It was designed by Margaret Hayes circa 1930. At that time if you bought a Mountain Mist batting there was a pattern on the wrapper (for you next quilt perhaps?!) The directions were pretty specific on what types of fabrics to use and quilting design directions. The IQSCM in Lincoln acquired the entire collection of Mountain Mist Quilts last year.

  9. I think YankeeQuilter might be right about the Poinsettia quilt being made around the 1920's. The grid quilting made me think it wasn't earlier--didn't the earlier quilts usually use double lines spaced about 1/4" apart for a more formal applique quilt? I'm no expert, I've just been following Barbara Brackman for years. I enjoy the "mystery" that surrounds dating quilts. Possibly that "fugitive" green (blue) fabric was from a grandmother's stash. I still use 1980's fabrics in my quilts along with newer fabrics! I was fortunate to buy a shoebox with Nile green 1930's fabric in it and it hasn't faded at all.

  10. all the quilts are beautiful but I think I'm partial to the poinsettia applique one! Just lovely!

  11. Oh! Look what I found! More info on the Poinsettia pattern!


    So interesting!

  12. Love your blog posts, especially the antique quilts. If you'd like to view an exhibit of all red and white quilts, check out the YouTube from the Gold Coast Quilter's Guild in Boca Raton, FL. The Guild was inspired by the exhibit in NYC of a personal collection of red and white quilts and used that inspiration for its 2012 challenge, "Red, White & Beautiful". www.youtube.com/TheGCQG

  13. I am in possession of about 15 or so old quilts that I need to clean and figure out what to do with! They are amazing with the hand quilting and colors. There is a red/white one and a smaller version that appears to be a child's quilt, along with another small quilt made from orphan blocks. There's a yellow/red/white one, a wool quilt, and others I haven't really looked at closely yet. Someone told me they thought the fabrics dated them in the 1800's. They are living in my basement in tubs until I figure out what to do with them.


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