Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Things Come in Blue!

I mentioned last post that my friend Mary of Quilt Hollow had a goodie something for me ----

I was just about to present to the Chambersburg Quilt Guild when the message came in, but oh boy, did I jump on it!

Mary was down in Burlington at a flea market, saw this and thought of me!

ENABLERS!!  All of you!!

But I’m not complaining --- I have an affinity for blue machines.  They remind me of the 1968 Firebird that my mom had while we were growing up.  Yeah.  She sold that car just short of my 15th birthday and bought a MINIVAN.  I was never so humiliated..I wanted that car!


I have so many great memories of this car growing up!  I can still feel the sear of the blue vinyl seats against my thighs on the way home from Santa Cruz in the summer time!  And that CHROME!

I can’t have this.

But I can have THIS:

sisterschoice1 072

MORSE!!  Blue & Chromey!

And Mary, that wheeler-dealer, got it for me for $25!

This is a straight stitch only Japanese import version of a Class 15 Singer.  The decals are in such EXCELLENT SHAPE!  I honestly don’t think this one was sewn on much..even the badge on the pillar is shiny gold.  This machine dates from the 1950s.

sisterschoice1 073
Check it out!  Ohhhh…..SHINY!

sisterschoice1 074

The one thing I’ve discovered is that this guy needs a tension check spring.  And the wiring might be a bit iffy, but that is easily taken care of!  We’ll have this beauty up and sewing in no time…..another reason to keep check springs on hand at all times! You never know when the need will arise.

I’m off to New Hampshire tomorrow---  I don’t have time to fix a machine today anyway.

One of the things on the to-do list is to get going on those two baby quilts I need for my soon-to-be-born nephews.  I’ll plan on having enough cut out to start sewing them at Quilt Cam time tonight, at 9PM Eastern Time.  Will you be joining me? What will you bring to sew on?

See you then!


  1. I'm making 3 scrappy trips twins, will be sewing the second tonight with you. Can't believe how quickly they go together, the first one only took 3 days. I usually make complicated quilts very slowly :)

    I got a seagreen 15 last weekend, badged Kaiser, needs a belt is all, my singer ones are just too long.
    Sharyn in Kalama

  2. I was SO happy to see your excitement about this machine; you have no idea. I *just* picked one up at a local online auction for $10! Did some research and thought it would be a good buy and LOVED the color (mine is a bit more turquoise but otherwise the same, including the MORSE brand) but never thought I'd get it for the price I did. Your excitement, of course, confirmed I got a good deal. I don't pick it up until Sunday, but more than ever now I'm excited to get it home and check it out.

  3. Very nice!! I have one like this except for where yours says "morse" mine says "princess" I love how it sews. I also love the beautiful blue color. These machine sew really great don't they?

    Have a wonderful and Blessed day

  4. Loving the new blue machine!!!! She sure is pertty!! Planning on joining you tonight for QuiltCam. Still working on 1/4" hexies. That or binding.

  5. The new machine is so pretty!

    I can't join quilt cam tonight, gotta work! But thanks to some clever person...I can watch later! You have no idea how happy that makes me! I can do tonight's quilt cam when I off Friday. I'll be sewing the borders on my Sister's choice for Addi.

  6. What are you going to name it?

  7. $30!!?? WHY oh WHY do I never come across these deals? I've been pining for a couple years now wanting a vintage machine. I'm keeping my eyes peeled. I really want one in a neato colour. I didn't even know they had this blue. SO AWESOME!

  8. When I saw Mary's post about a friend that loves vintage machines and how she found one for her, I knew it had to be Bonnie. : )

  9. Hi Bonnie!
    Love the new 'ride'!! If you get a minute today check out my blog...http://sweetp-paulette.blogspot.ca/2013/04/thanks-bonnie.html
    Have a great day!

  10. Beautiful machine, Bonnie! Congratulations :) Too bad you can't introduce her tonight on the Quiltcam, but oh well! I'm sure she'll show up in a later time :)

  11. lol - I saw her post and immediately thought of you! I have no idea why. . .

  12. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    Oh man...that blue car my boys would flip over as well! Safe travels!

  13. For those of you in southern Michigan - I saw a Sew Gem model 215 at the Jackson Antique store in Jackson, Michigan. It is in the basement room. It looked clean, had a bunch of attachments and the manual. There was a card that said that it had been oiled in 1993. It was priced at $39.50 which, according to the internet, is a good price. I did not see a foot pedal. The wheel turned easily. I'm looking for a featherweight and resisting the urge to buy anything else.

  14. Can't join you tonight for the live Cam but I will be watching when I get home and go to sew :) Love the new Quilt cam . It's like sewing with friends .

  15. What a Good Friend your Mary is! Love the Blue Chrome machine. I'd love to go for a ride int hat Blue car too. I got to drive a station wagon, a shiny classic car was only in my dreams too. But it was a Mustang for me that made my heart pitter patter. I'll be watching Quilt Cam tonight- designing a quilt for the Alliance 20 challenge and spinning more 4 patches for Midnight Flight.

  16. Love the car and the blue sewing machine. I hope to find some more vintage machines to play with this summer, your lucky! Enjoy.

  17. I have this SAME machine- Only mine has the brand name "White" on it and made in Japan by DeLuxe.
    I turned mine into a treadle machine, I call him "Ol Blue Eyes" We just picked up another one this past weekend off of craigslist that is made by DeLuxe for "Gimbel's" and was a prize from the department store. A one owner, Betty and she had blue eyes, so the machine is "Betty Blue Eyes"
    They are a lovely machine to sew on.
    I love that iced blue metallic color.
    Guess I will have to post pics of my machines on Pintrest also.

  18. What a beautiful machine..you are so luckyand appreciative. I wish I could find a machine similiar for such little money..enjoy. Sew Peacefully

  19. You are one lucky girl! Blue is the best color for a machine, as it is also my favorite color! LOL. Yes I plan on being with you tonight for Quiltcam and I will be working on Zuckerwatte in Purple and Green for one of my grandgirls. See you then!

  20. you north me south.....but we'll meet up on may 5th....wahoo!

  21. Ooohhhh! i want the blue Firebird! It would look so neat next to my 1970 Olds Cutlass! Look at those red line tires and those hubs-perfect! Yum! Minivan can rot while I drive my pretty!

  22. What a beautiful machine! I would have bought it too. :)

  23. I will be marking my quilt for machine quilting it. I'm looking forward to seeing the baby quilt patterns. I have one to make for August this year for a little boy and need some inspiration. I did a denim look with red handkerchief material and some farm animals for the last baby, so am looking for something else to do this time.

  24. HEHE, your mom knew what she was doing. She wasn't going to turn you loose on the world in a car like that. Cool car though. Great sewing machine too. How come I never run across anything like that??

  25. Anonymous3:49 PM EDT

    Just love it! A nice sweet blue machine has a home with Bonnie and gang! Looks like such a perfect paint job with intact decals ... your friend knows you well.

    Thanks for sharing this great find with us.

  26. Beautiful blue machine! I'll be working on hand quilting my "Henrietta Whiskers" from the Bunny Hill BOM during quiltcam.

  27. I will be doing one of three things tonight--treadling, if I can get the internet in that room, de-boning some men's shirts, or quilting a small quilt for a granddaugher. See you then. Love the new machine you got!

  28. I knew that machine was for you when Mary posted about it! Hope you have fun with it when you get it up and running. I might see you on quiltcam tonight!

  29. I'm at work tonight but I'll work on Jamestown Landing when I get home. That's the last quilt started at Indiana Heritage Quilt Show...and that was just over a month ago.

  30. I'll be there tonight working on a applique border on a wll hanging that I am currently making as a shop sample. See you tonight!

    Kim in Central Minnesota

  31. I haven't found a blue machine like that yet. I do have an Army green Bernina 614, Pink Necchi Lelia 510, green Alden (made in West Germany) the Sewmor is minty/torq. green, but the American Beauty is a blue, plus lots of blk Singers. Love collecting them sewing machines, big and little! What fun! Vickie

  32. I saw one just like it today in archdale nc for $50! You got a great deal !!

  33. Plus a Betsy Ross mini for $45. Didn't buy either!

  34. I just love these Japanese clone '15 machines. They come in all colors and are badged with probably hundreds of names. But the most wonderful thing about them (that actual Singer 15's don't have) is the feed dog adjustment dial on the bed that makes setting up Free Motion sewing SOOOOOOOO EASY! They are super strong and have such a long straight stitch setting. Unlike the 15-91's and 201's with the potted motors, these machines can be easily mounted on treadle stands. All n' all the are gorgeous super functional machines. And yes you can get one on ebay for $25 + shipping.


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