Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Drive-By Bloomin’!

I took a little drive to Kernersville to visit my friend Mary today ---She had picked up something for me over the weekend and I needed to get it from her.

What is it?  I’ll show you later!

But THIS is what grabbed my attention on the most glorious drive!


I passed the largest in full bloom dogwood I had ever seen!  And I stopped to take a photo – I just had to!

Look at the full tree:

sisterschoice1 060

This is ONE TREE!!

sisterschoice1 059

I love Dogwoods!

Their blossoms are so delicately perched on the branches…and these really do not last long, so I was so happy to be here when they were out in all of their glory.

I also passed some PINK Dogwoods….

sisterschoice1 065

Aren’t those blossoms delicate?

And yes, that is Shamu in the photo…this was in a bank parking lot!

sisterschoice1 068

What a glorious spring day!

And that wasn’t the only pink thing stealing the show.  How about these Azaleas?

sisterschoice1 061

Dear Mother Nature..thank you so much for making these flowers match my Sister’s Choice quilt!  I would hate to be clashing!  Especially now that I am down to putting the binding on:


Have a good night, everyone!


  1. Bonnie I really like the border fabrics you picked for you sisters quilt now that you have sewn then on
    I have to admit when you showed the fabrics it would not have been my choice but when it's sewn up its beautiful
    Sooo I guess I need to make more quilts and be more willing to reach out and try
    Colleen in calif

  2. If it's QuiltHollow Mary I already know what it is! :-) Jo Anna

  3. Thank you for sharing those photos. We have been "blooming" in CA for a while but I never tire of seeing gorgeous spring blooms.

  4. What gorgeous springtime photos! No flowers here in MN--our third winter storm in a week is forecast to hit tomorrow. So I'll have to stay inside and work on my Sister's Choice--yay!

  5. Jealous - completely jealous. Grass is just starting to green in cold, rainy IL. Enjoy those flowers for all of us.

  6. No flowers here in MI either to speak of. Just a few daffodils here and there and some crocuses but nothing like the beautiful flowering trees and shrubs you were able to get pictures of. Thank you so much for sharing. It gives us northerners hope that winter will come to an end someday!!!!

  7. I just love PINK Dogwoods!!! We are still getting snow out here in Denver. In fact, they are calling for even more of it tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, Bonnie! Yes, it surely has been such a gorgeous springtime here in NC! We went to Columbia, SC yesterday and it was really pretty there, too. Guess the beautiful blooms are to help us not mind all of the pollen so much. ;-)

  9. Dogwood.....that name just does NOT match the tree....at least in the spring????? Or is it just me? However, Azalea really matches that shrub!

  10. Anonymous2:20 AM EDT

    Those are beautiful pictures. I wanted to say thanks for post info about the scrappy trip around the world. Because of that, I create my ow trip around the world but not scrappy. Here is a link to the top on my pintrest site. I had so much fun doing it! http://pinterest.com/pin/194006696420292309/

  11. Anonymous3:40 AM EDT

    Next time lunch and stitching, promise!

  12. Love dogwoods. I have a pink one in my front yard. One of the reasons I picked this house.

  13. That is, by far, the prettiest Dogwood I have EVER seen!
    I can't read the little caption... I got, you might be a quilter if...
    I know I need glasses. I tried clicking to make it larger, but it didn't work.
    I'm going to Mecca , I mean Paducah, this coming week!~ whoot!~~

  14. Love the striped binding that you are using. It adds a spark to a quilt.

  15. Love the dogwoods! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Thanks for the pictures of the beautiful flowers, I love the pink flowers, dogwoods smell to nice too. Everything here in our area in Saskatchewan is still buried under 3 feet of snow, we've had a horrible long winter with tons of snow, and lots of blizzards, and we just had another big blizzard on the weekend with a huge amount of snow, so we have not seen a sign spring yet this year, temps are still below freezing even during the day, hopefully we see some grass and trees budding out soon.

    Gwen in Sask.

  17. The blooms are beautiful but it's just "not fair" as we still have snow on the ground around Groveland School! Enjoy the blooms..

  18. What pretty spring blooms! We're still waiting for spring in Michigan; the daffodils are blooming, but no dogwoods or serviceberry yet. (Sigh)

  19. Always think positive and post positive now i am say that your posting really positive mind ..
    sandhi sudha plus

  20. Anonymous4:36 PM EDT

    Aren't Dogwoods beautiful, and so lacey looking? I have wondered if there would be a way to make a scrappy Dogwood Quilt. Any one have a pattern or idea?

    You know, now that I have gone totally scrappy, no other quilts appeal all that much. There is a real from-the-heart look to scrappies :).



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