Friday, April 12, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Stripping in Chambersburg!

Today's class with the Chambersburg Quilt Guild is Strip Twist!

It's a very rainy yucky day outside, but there is sunshine, laughter and the wonderful sound of many machines humming inside!

A neat treat-- Jack & Dianna, hubby and wife are here sewing together!

When asked about their stash arrangements at home, Jack said that they each have their own---and that quilt shows and shop hops turn out VERY expensive. ((But Fun!!))

Another day in the life of a traveling itinerant quilter!


Kim said...

Wow what a nice big group of happy quilters!

Enjoy and Happy Sewing

Karen said...

Reminds me of the John cougar mellencamp song... Here's a little story bout jack and Diane... Lol

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Patchwork Penguin said...

I see Judie, and Fran, and Jan, and Linda, and Tracy, and Cheryl.... would have been so much more fun than being at school...... soooo looking forward to the summer class in Bedford.

Tracy said...

Missed you today!

Colleen said...

Ok Im humming the John Melloncamp song, one of my favs, " A little ditty, bout Jack and Diane..."

Maureen said...

Good for you, Jack and Dianna! My husband and I also quilt. I've been a quilter since 1980, and he became one in the early 2000s, out of self-defense, he says: He tried to convert me to fishing, but it didn't take. He's and I have different styles, different colorways, separate stashes, though we are open to negotiation. Great combined obsession. Long may you both quilt!