Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Scratch & Dent Sale!

This is how happy I was to see Jason last night!  It’s so great having him here for the weekend!

These times go by so fast ---but there is hope that he may be moving up to Charlotte soon, which will bring him loads closer.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I’m trying to be patient.  But we all know how kids lives go, and they can change their minds at any time and how important it is that he have the opportunity to make these choices himself without any pressure from mom.  But I’m HOPING!

I spent some time in the studio this morning while everyone was still asleep.

I’ve had a stack of books growing…..remember a few months ago we redid the flooring in my basement studio, I got new book cases, and was doing some sorting?

I found several goodies that would be happier living in your home than mine! LOL!

I’m listing these on my Etsy Store

There are several books you may be interested in, I’m showing them in the slide show below.  Things sell out quickly, so just know that even if you see it in the slide show here, that by the end of the day the item will be gone, and when they are gone they are gone.

Have a great day, everyone! If you can't view the slide show, click the thumbnail below...or go to the etsy shop by clicking the link above.
For Sale in my Etsy Shop!


  1. That's pretty funny! I have all of those old books. Some are pulled out to go to our guilds Silent Auction in August.

    Love my copies of your books and will not be selling those.

    Judy Snider
    Gleason, Tn

    1. Anonymous10:31 AM EDT

      Judy .. Agree with you lol, Bonnie's book are life long keepers for sure.

      Been going through my. Ownbooks and weding out where. I can. Our local lobrary is very active. Theycan always use another quilt book, either to put out onthe shelves or at one of the quarterly book sales. It is a win-win deal.

      Smilies Bonnie, enjoy your boyswhenever they comearound.

  2. I can see where he gets his smile!

  3. Yes, Bonnie, he really looks a lot like you! Enjoy your visit.

  4. LOL you have Jeff and Jason & I have Josh & Joe. Great quilter's must love sons with "J" names! Last week I saw in "the you may also like" posts one that you wrote about the Calico Cow in Delta Junction. I so want to go there! It's Alaska Shop Hop time again in May too. Our tour stops at Rika's Roadhouse about 9 miles away. Do tour guides take bribes?

  5. I have my fingers crossed for you. My son in law just applied for a job 1 1/2 hours from us and we have ours crossed too. It's hard when they grow up and move away. But, I did it to my folks when I married a career military man and traveled the world with their grandchildren.

  6. It is always such fun when the kids come home! Or I get to go visit them. We are thousand's of miles apart these days.

    I would of like to try for a book or two that you had on sale but you posted this at 4:30 a.m. my time. May I suggest you post some of your sale blogs later in the day so at least all of the U.S. can have a chance and not just the east coast. Thanks.

  7. I've got my fingers crossed for Jason moving to Charlotte soon! I wish my daughter would move back to Denver. Her husband is hoping for a transfer, but it doesn't look good so far. A mother can only hope. We love having our babies near us. Glad you had a nice visit!

  8. But he hasn't got a wee tuft on his chin to pull any more...it is the same son right? I would have my fingers crossed until they bruised. Our son moved to Scotland where he lives with his lovely wife and our only grand daughter. Our daughters all live here in New Zealand and we are sooo fortunate to have our only married daughter living on the same property as us with her husband and three sons but Scotland is just too far away...
    I bet you those books haven't even made a ding in your collection!


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