Friday, April 19, 2013

The Ups & Downs of Flying!

After Beth picked me up at the airport yesterday, we headed out to get a bit of a late breakfast/early lunch at the nearby Airport Diner.

I love diners like this!  Old style, bustling with customers, regulars, and travelers, 1960s music rocking in the background, and the sounds of cooks doing what they do best in the kitchen.

Some of the world’s finest comfort foods comes from diners like this!

Nothing fancy, but everything good!

Manchester_NH2013 018

They carried out their “Airport” theme really well too!  There is vintage airplane/airport memorabilia throughout the diner.

Manchester_NH2013 019

And the menu is just what you would suspect.

I love the Cluck & Grunt, Breakfast all day….that must mean eggs & bacon, NH style!

The fun for me really started when I took a trip to the ladies room to find the pink walls laden with airport/pilot/flight attendant humor!  I had to take photos for my pilot and flight attendant friends…..these jokes are for you guys & gals!

Manchester_NH2013 020

Problems Reported – Solutions or action taken:
Something Loose in Cockpit
Something Tightened in Cockpit.

Evidence of leak on right main landing gear
Evidence removed.

Dead bugs on windshield.
Live bugs on back order!

Cracks me up!

Manchester_NH2013 021

Just when you think it was NATURE causing turbulence!

Manchester_NH2013 022

Flight Rules:
Every Take Off is Optional….Every Landing is Mandatory!

Manchester_NH2013 024

How many pilots does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one to hold the bulb, while the world revolves around him/her  LOL!

Manchester_NH2013 025

How do you know when your date with a pilot is half over?
He says “But enough about me, wanna hear about my plane?”  hehehehe

Manchester_NH2013 026

How do you know if there is a pilot at your party?  He will tell you!

Manchester_NH2013 027

We are proud to have some of the best flight attendants in the industry….unfortunately none of them are on this flight….

Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport…

Manchester_NH2013 028

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We have reached our cruising altitude, and will be turning down the cabin lights.  This is for your comfort and to enhance the appearance of your flight attendants!  ((LOL!!!))

What was even funnier was the customers in the ladies room….none of them waiting for a stall, ALL of them reading the jokes on the walls and cracking up!

Yeah, I know it’s not a quilty post, but this just sent my day off on such a good note with a chuckle, a smile, and a very good breakfast with a new friend.

Giggles from New Hampshire ---


  1. Love it! Thanks Bonnie, Deb

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM EDT

    Those are really great. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Funny! But slightly scary, too! Have a super day!

  4. Oh I didn't mind the quality of the pics at all the jokes were too funny!

  5. Bonnie - That diner is one of my favorites. We always stop there when we fly back home into Manchester!

  6. Bonnie, when you use all these different machines, do you travel with a little yellow seam gauge? You must or you'd eat up your time getting the 1/4" just right.

    Thanks for sharing all you do, you set an incredible example for those mired in UFO's. I spent three years cleaning mine up ('04-'07) and it is Such a pleasure to finish something and then yehaa, start something completely new.
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM EDT

    Thanks for the morning giggles today Bonnie. America needs to smile today.

    Have fun, keep grinning and now "gita quiltin" lol


  8. What fun...I think that diner was built long after we moved from the area...but know right where it is.

  9. I'm married to the pilot of small aircraft. Funny post. You keep life real Bonnie. Thanks.

  10. I too am married to a pilot of a small aircraft and laughed out loud - particularly at the one about the date. True story: my first date with my husband was for a ride "around the pattern." First time I'd been in a small plane and he was showing off, did some stalls and such not knowing that I'm prone to motion sickness. When he looked at me he noticed the green around my gills and asked if I wanted to land. I nodded my head and we made it down just in time for him to throw the door open and let me leave my lunch on the runaway. That was 44 years ago and we still get a lot of milage out of that story!

  11. Fun! Thank you for sharing the chuckles, we needed them today.

  12. Those are hilarious!! My whole family flies, and when my mom was learning she used to tell everyone she was an excellent pilot, she just couldn't land the plane... lots of scared people on that one....

  13. Lots of funnies. Thanks for sharing

  14. Too funny ! My favorite; noise coming from instrument panel sounds like monkey pounding on something with hammer . Solution took hammer away from monkey! Rofl thank you for the belly laughs ! NH looks beautiful.


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