Monday, April 29, 2013

On Growing Things….Bushes, Trees, Boys & Quilts!

I just have to share a couple of pictures from my corner of the world!

This azalea bush lives in the corner of my drive way, and it is such a happy bloomer!  The pinky-purple blossoms make me smile each spring and I wish they would last longer.

Over the weekend talk was had over whether or not we should plant more azaleas up the curve of the drive.  I don’t want anything that is going to take a lot of care and pruning, but azaleas grow nearly wild here and I think they would add a lot of color to the yard without having to work so hard for it each year.

We have our choice of white, or a pink red, or these……and THESE are my favorite color by far!

dancingnines 005

The trees grow tall and leafy now….this is looking up at the canopy the covers the drive and shades the house from the summer sun.  Oh how I have missed this shade of green!

dancingnines 006

And these silly boys, ages 23 and 29 are my heart’s joy.  It was fun spending the weekend with them both and seeing them interact with each other.

dancingnines 007

Sometimes it’s like they’ve never grown up at all!

dancingnines 008

But I love that they are becoming better friends than they ever have before.

((And did you notice the LEAVES?!?))

dancingnines 017

This is what has been accomplished so far today.

My “Dancing Nines” baby quilt top center #1 is together and ready for borders!  It needs a bit of trimming on the edges, those plaids are a bit stretchy, but oh so soft!

dancingnines 016

I’ve decided that quilt #2 is going to have pale green sashings – where I originally thought red.  The red was just too strong, but this is just right!  It’s a fabric designed by my friend Mary Koval, and it’s lived in the stash for just this purpose……it will be PERFECT!

Borders are still working in the back of my mind.  Maybe I’ll go simple, or maybe I’ll do something fun….I’m just loving how these leader/ender 9 patches that have been set back with no project in mind are coming to fit the bill for these two cousins who are on a race to see who will be born FIRST!

Auntie Bonnie better get BUSY!


  1. I love the pics of your boys. I have three offspring, two sons, 28 and 26 and a daughter, 23. A while back we were all together and I watched as they interacted and it made my heart proud. They have become friends as well as siblings and it makes me so happy to see that. I told my husband we must have done something right to have our kids enjoy being together as adults.

  2. I just love your pinky-purple azaleas! Go ahead and put more of them in your yard. It looks you and your boys had a nice visit. It's wonderful when they become better friends as they grow older. (Yes, I noticed all the leaves and I'm jealous! It's supposed to snow again the day after tomorrow.) Your blue Dancing Nines quilt is really looking good! I love the fabric that you picked for sashing the other one! That is such a fun pail green fabric. It sounds like you have made up your mind to go ahead and make some more 9 patches. Great idea! I just love 9 patches. Well, you'd better get busy Auntie Bonnie!

  3. Anonymous5:42 PM EDT

    Our azaleas are almost at the dull bloom. WOW, such fantastic plants. Like you do, I wish the blossoms lasted a. It longer. They are acid lovers, so when the blooms are gone, within 2 weeks, they get a huge feeding of acid fertilizer.

    Your sons loollike real good guys and characters to boot in these photos. Isn't itngreat when sibs get along better and better as they age!!! Our daughters are like that...
    Enjoy each and every moment with hem ... Time flies.


  4. O Bonnie, your dancing nines looks great. I had a bunch of 4 patches, so I am going to do the same and see how this turns out. Thank you,

    Happy quilting,

  5. Bonnie, I love this quilt; it is so old fashion looking. I think I will have to make one.
    Paula in KY

  6. I used to live in South Carolina, OMG the huge azalea bushes that grew where I lived! I do miss them, I've not seen many in Texas.
    Your sons look like wonderful young men. The quilt is great too.

  7. It is so sweet to see your boys. It looks like they get their orneriness from their wonderful mama.~ Glad you get to enjoy them even if it is short time. ~Love~ those cute smiles.

    Lucy (in IN)~

  8. Love how that quilt is coming along!

  9. wow beauty of natural i like green.

  10. Beautiful flowers and green leaves, I can't wait to see green grass and leaves and flowers, it's been a long old winter here in Sask.
    Glad that you got to spend some time with your boys, they both look like they were having fun, so nice when our children grow up and become good friends, looks like your boys have done just that too.
    The baby quilt looks great! I look forward to seeing the next one also.

  11. I did notice the green leaves, green is my favorite color. What about the wild orange azaleas? They are gorgeous.

  12. I love your azaleas! There is a house front in the neighborhood just covered by huge ORANGE azleas! I've never seen the color before and haven't found any at the nurseries around here. I keep forgetting to ask her when she got them! We planted a variety of colors in the back yard a couple years ago, but they havent done well. The black eyed susans have taken over instead!

    Great pictures of your boys! I hope my girls get along that well as they reach that age... right now, not so much :p

    hm in tn


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