Wednesday, April 03, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Live from Nashville!

It's Jared Takes a Wife Day in Nashville!!

Many scrappy wishes from all of us to all of you--

Quilt On, everyone!


  1. Thank you sooo much for your generosity. You share so much of your life with us! And pictures are not the most important in life! People are! and how we treat them. Keep up the good work. We travel the world through you! Thank you again.

  2. ooh, lots of eye candy I see... Love both of those machines, as I own both the 301 and an 99K ( made in Scotland) Both great sewers...

  3. oh, how i wish i had known you were going to be in my town!!! i would be right there with all those happy sewers!! "quilt on" indeed!!

  4. How nice to be in Nashville....and don't forget to watch it on TV tonight. Have fun.....

  5. I like to see the vintage sewing machines in use.

  6. What kind of Singer is the black on in the bottom photo? It is EXACTLY like the one my mother had when I was growing up. Would love to know so I can be on the lookout for one.

    1. Singer 99 it is a smaller but heavy sewing machine 3/4 the size of a full sized machine
      Singer 66 is the same sewing machine in full size
      They are heavy

  7. Looking forward to this same class next Thursday here in PA. Trying to decide colors, so my strips can be ready. Spent my evening de-boning shirts for an Irish chain I plan to make.

  8. Hope you are having a good trip. Sorry about the pix-in the end you have to be kind to yourself! You are very generous with your life and your talents. I appreciate it. Thanks, Micki

  9. Looks like you are having so much fun.. Love the old sewing machines..have a great day.. :)

  10. LOVE to see all those old machines. That singer takes me back to the one my Mom used to sew clothing for me, 4 sisters and a brother. It was a workhorse. It looks exactly like it. Thanks for posting and giving me that memory! Glad you are having fun!!

  11. Wonderful fun in Nashville! All that room to spread out is great. Yes, the fun thing about the Sew-Ezi tables when they first came out was a fellow table mate that did not notice her tiny four patches were going down through the handle on the outside edge and pooling in a perfect circle. Since she is an engineer I said, "Look Martha, value added corralling!!" That started a giggling fit for both of us. Heading out to the NE TX TOGA in Lone Oak, TX EARLY tomorrow morning. Safe travels, Allison in North Texas


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