Sunday, April 21, 2013

Show and Share from New Hampshire!

The end of lunch time is always a great time for a bit of show and share, and I really REALLY love to see what my students have been working on.  It’s a quick 10 to 15 minutes as we are wrapping up our break, and getting our inspiration back on for another round of sewing to finish out the day…

Show and Share is like an instant sugar rush to get us motivated!

This photo is Vic's Easy Street done in civil war reproduction fabrics…look at those yummy colors! I just love what she did with this!

I am always inspired when I see my quilts done in different color ways, reflecting the personalities and choices of the maker ---it’s great to take a pattern, much like you would a recipe, and doctor it your own way to suit your own styles and tastes.  BEAUTIFUL!

Manchester_NH2013 116

Fair and Square is from Scraps & Shirttails II, and here it is show in BATIKS!  The string pieced blocks really do take on a water color feel…loved this quilt top!

Manchester_NH2013 118
Cactus Patch is from Scraps & Shirttails I, and I love the red and turquoise combo together for the sashings and cornerstones.  Fabulous job!

Manchester_NH2013 119

This is Mad City Mama from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Manchester_NH2013 120

Playing With Jacks is one of the free patterns in the free patterns tab at the top of the blog, and this one takes on a completely different feel with the use of taupe fabrics and pink…..so subtle!

Manchester_NH2013 123

Star Struck (Free patterns tab) in rainbow batiks!

Manchester_NH2013 124

Star Struck in warmer earth tones!
((I see you hiding, Marcella!!))

Manchester_NH2013 125

Oh, Beautiful Orca Bay!

Orca Bay was our mystery a couple years ago, and is now found in my book String Fling.  If I didn’t know any better, this one could be mistaken for mine…..great job!

Manchester_NH2013 128

Pineapple Blossom in Christmas colors, set in straight furrows!
Pineapple Blossom is also in the free patterns tab above.

Manchester_NH2013 129

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll!

So pretty!  I love how this one turned out.  This was our mystery about 3 years ago, and is found in my book String Fling.  Great job!

I’m setting this to send as I am boarding a plane and starting my voyage home.  I’ve loved my time in New Hampshire!!  Let’s do it again!


  1. Love when you share the pictures, Bonnie ... it's like a "mini quilt show" ... computer eye candy! Thanks for sharing ... absolutely BEAUTIFUL quilts! Linda

  2. I agree with 45th Parallel... computer eye candy! Your followers are making some beautiful renditions of your quilts! I don't think I could pick out a favorite...they're ALL so stunning!

  3. So nice to see so many of your patterns in this post. Love it! Thanks Bonnie. Some gorgeous work right there!

  4. Just gorgeous. Safe travels!

  5. These are beautiful. Really love "Easy Street" in the Civil War fabrics. Such a different look. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. What fun sharing. Inspirational.


  7. I love how warm and cozy that Easy Street quilt looks. Gorgeous color choices.

  8. Thanks for the pictures. We enjoyed your time in NH as well.

  9. Easy Street in Civil War reproductions - genius!! Fair & Square in batiks was so pretty! REALLY liked Star Struck in rainbow batiks! What a lot of talent in one room. I'd have been totally intimidated and wanted to hide under the table.

  10. Every single one of them is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing, the pictues and all of your fantastic patterns.

  11. Thank you, Bonnie, for pouring out every ounce of your charismatic energy into both the lecture and the workshop! I wish you safe travels home and a nice cold diet Dr.Pepper in your refrigerator.

  12. Thanks for the share. I needed this to Push me forward. Some times I only breathe when fabric or thread is in my hands. Thanks Teach!

  13. Great looking quilts. You have created so many beauties and inspired so many wonderful variations.
    I love that Easy Street, too!

  14. Great quilts! Why is it my eye immediately picked out the 2 blocks in Roll Roll Cotton Boll where she reversed the white and green (brown?) in the centers? Those two blocks just popped out at me. I think it must be that I have to look for those kind of things in my own quilts! Love all these quilts!

  15. Wow! What a great show-n-tell! I love to see your quilts done in other colorways. Such inspiration in this post!

  16. wow bonnie, what super inspiration! 2 wks to workshop for meeee! btw, it's 34 degrees here this morning, just warnin' ya!


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