Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Walking Tour Round Portland, Maine!

Yesterday temps were quite balmy in Maine –we reached a wonderful 43 degrees and folks were out in droves ---

The huge piles of snow are everywhere, but are slowly melting.  Roads and sidewalks are clear and there are a lot of folks up here EAGER for spring to set in for sure and for certain.

Jackets may be worn by most, but hey – they were unzipped as if to say “It’s almost warm enough to not need this coat!”

Christine met me at the airport and we gathered my bags, crammed them into her car and went downtown for a few sights and some grub.

It took a while to locate a parking spot within the parking garage, but we persevered and  hoofed it downtown from there.

She had told me about a place called the Portland Public Market that had great and unique food vendors,

I was game!  And on our walk we passed sights and sounds of Portland ---

Friday, March 27, 2015

A Friday Flight to Maine!

Fingers busily stitched as I flew from Greensboro first to Detroit, Michigan –and then on to Portland, Maine.

It may seem like a bit out-of-the-way route, but this is how things go.

When you fly from a smaller regional airport, like Greensboro, you HAVE to hit a major hub before continuing on to your destination.  Hubs are like bus depots.  You may not be able to get directly to Portland, Maine from Greensboro, North Carolina – neither are hubs, but you CAN get there as soon as you hit a hub which can get you anywhere from there.

I fly Delta.  My choices as far as hubs go are mostly Atlanta or Detroit.  Sometimes La Guardia, but that one rarely works out as the times are odd, and I avoid La Guardia with a passion anyway!

Today – it was Detroit.  It’s only an hour’s flight from Greensboro, and nearly straight north, so it really isn’t out of the way.  Atlanta would have been, because that is flying south westerly to go north west!

I’m a Cover Girl! Quiltmaker May/June ‘15 Give-Away!

I was feeling really tired and a bit down in the dumps when I opened this large white envelope on Tuesday morning to find…

My QUILT is on the COVER of the May/June 2015 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine, soon to be found at a newsstand, shop or bookstore near you!

I have had to keep this quilt under wraps for so long that I really did forget about it.

If you remember back in December ((Oh wow, that rhymes!)) I was getting ready to teach a “MYSTERY WORKSHOP” in Plano, Texas over New Years, this was it!

It is a two block quilt, perfect for a one day mystery and we had a lot of fun playing in the scraps, swapping strips and sewing up a storm.

You will find the full instructions for Garden Party in the soon-to-be-released May/June 2015 issue.

You might recognize the main block…that is Hot Cross Buns from my Addicted to Scraps column in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue.  2010!!  My how time flies.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Diana and the Girl Scout Gold Award!

This is Diana!
A while back Diana emailed me, introducing herself and telling me about her Girl Scout project.
She asked if she could use the Scrappy Trips tutorial to make quilts, and then in turn give a presentation on quilting, and what she intends to do with these quilts for her Girl Scout Gold award.
Not only is she great at digital communication, coming across as to the point, and very mature for her age, she is quite the quilter to boot!
Yesterday I received her email reply with these photos and the following story.
She writes:

For my Friends in Tulsa!

It was just Tuesday morning when I posted my photos of downtown Tulsa along with the show and share quilts that had been brought to our Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop.

What a difference two days makes!

I wasn’t aware of the tornadoes yesterday – I have this habit of leaving OFF the news when I am up here for some cabin R & R.

It wasn’t until this morning on my hike with Sadie that I was alerted to the fact that Oklahoma had been hit with some terrifying and deadly tornadoes yesterday.

My thoughts went immediately to those folks I just spent a wonderful few days with, worried about each and every one.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Rough Start, but a Wonderful Finish!

Yes, this is me ---at Walmart.  The closest optical place to the cabin in Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

I know there is a lot of bad talk about Walmart.

But let me tell you something – when it is the only thing you have, the only optical center for miles, and you are in a real fix with broken glasses and no where else to turn, it is a WONDERFUL place!

I got there at 10am just as the eye center was opening, and told my whole sob story to the gentleman optician behind the desk.

He untaped the scotch tape holding my glasses together at the nose piece ((Yes, this is vaguely reminiscent of an experience I had in the 4th grade, where I had to wear tape on my glasses for months because getting new glasses was an expensive thing for my family ))  and told me that if I could leave the glasses with him for an hour or so, he MIGHT be able to just replace the whole nose piece if he had one on hand that would fit the holes in my lenses.

I have never been so happy or so hopeful!

Galaxy-Gram! Glasses Disaster!

I was just cleaning my glasses and this happened.

Just simply wiping them dry and the welding came apart at the nose piece.

I am completely blind without my glasses and my bifocal lenses.

I fly to Maine on Friday and I sure hope that I can find a place to fix this in a hurry.

It looks like my plan to stay up at the cabin until tomorrow has been curtailed and I am making a beeline to the closest optical place, which is back in Winston Salem.

My prescription is out of date, I'm going to need an eye exam and I doubt I can get one on the fly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

R&R on the Mountain!

Do you see this view?

My one lone forsythia bush has burst forth into yellow!

I LOVE forsythia season.  That yellow doesn’t tone itself down for ANY ONE!

It is what it is ---whether you like yellow or not, it stands true and proud to itself, fulfilling its purpose. 

One of the first signs to me that spring really IS here, along with the daffies and the dogwodods.

It’s a bit cloudy, and late this afternoon after a nap, Sadie and I headed out for a much needed slow hike.

Tulsa Oklahoma and Quilts!

Headed into downtown Tulsa!

Just look at that blue blue sky!

I hadn’t seen the sun for days so it was awfully nice to spend part of Sunday under some Tulsa sunshine before heading to the airport.

I learned things that I didn’t know ---Tulsa was native territory, and a small spot on the road, until the oil boom happened.

I enjoyed my a nickle drive-by tour of downtown Tulsa, and I thought I would share these great photos with you while interspersing them with the Show & Share photos from Saturday’s workshop.

The best of both worlds…oh look!  A building!  Look!  A quilt!  It will keep your attention that way..hahaha!