Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Off to Ohio Gift-Away!

I’m at the airport ready to head off to Ohio this morning bright and early.

I spent yesterday in a blur – driving home from Virginia, getting 125 orders out the door (More than half were dropped at the post office yesterday, the rest will be taken in today thanks to family help.) packing up the trunk show quilts, doing some laundry, re-packing my suitcase and getting ready to go.

While I was gone to California a couple copies of Quiltmaker’s Reader Favorites arrived on my doorstep.

I didn’t get a chance to even sit down and thumb through them until last night!

Oh, these are fun ---

Monday, June 26, 2017

Rulers and Stickers are IN!!!

Good Afternoon!

This is a very quick post.  I just arrived home from Quilt Villa, Virginia to a HUGE stack of boxes and mail and other goodies that have been delivered while I was away for the long weekend.

Guess what was waiting for me??

I have 100 Simple Folded Corners rulers and 75 packs of Ruler Stickers in stock!

I demo’d this ruler two previous Quilt-Cam episodes HERE and HERE.

Better grab them how because they are going to go fast.

A Heading Home Morning.

Favorite Beanie and Jeff photo from Saturday!

It’s been an awesome weekend.  I know I use the word awesome likely way too often, but I just can’t find another way to describe our time up here.

An equal amount of relaxation mixed with shed-building for the guys, and quilt building for me, with a great amount of Mona Time thrown in!

The only thing that would have made it better was to have an extra 8 hours in each day, and a couple of extra days added on to fit it all in.

Mona has also been busy!

She brought a couple of quilt top finishes to share and I couldn’t be more proud of her:

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Friends,Trail Cam Fun, and a Quilty Box Drawing!

I knew it would happen!

Our drawing time last night was interrupted by a raucous round of FARKLE with friends Rick & Mona after a wonderful meal, lots of visiting and catching up,

It had been MONTHS since we had been able to get together since we now live an hour apart.

Beanie and Sadie, reunited!!

“Why are we stuck out on the porch, Mom??”  Because it was a beautiful day and you had all of the comforts of dogdom out there at your paw-tips.

The BBQ pot roast had been cooking all day in the crock pot. Roasted red potatoes, carrots and onions were baking in the oven, corn on the cob was being prepared, with fresh watermelon on the side.  Cake had been baked to be served with sliced strawberries for dessert all while the guys were outside handling this:


4 walls up!  Siding going on!


3 men, 4 walls and a bunch of power tools.

It was a happy sound on the mountain!

And there is more to share, but considering all of this activity and the fact that I skunked EVERYONE in a master round of Farkle leaving them in the dust - there is little need to explain why a drawing last night was relocated to this morning!

We’ll get that drawing done NOW!

To learn more about this box and its contents, visit the original gift-away post HERE.


We are looking for #2328 out of 3972 entries!


Betsy Lehman!!  This is your Quilty Box!

Congrats, Betsy.  I’ve sent you an email.  Please get back to me with your snail mail address and we’ll have the folks at Quilty Box get this sweet package off to you.  Thank you for participating!

There will be a July Quilty Box Gift-Away happening within the next few weeks.

About Quilty Box:
  • Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box of fun quilting supplies. We offer plans from $44-48/mo.
  • 5% of the profits of multi-month subscriptions are donated to Quilts for Kids - a non-profit which donates quilts for children in need
  • Each month we have 4 or more products (fabric, patterns, thread, or notions)
  • Our retail value of the products in the box is always more than $60
  • July's Quilty Box Featured Artist will be Allison Harris from Cluck Cluck Sew.
  • The next Quilty Box will ship around July 11th. Subscribers will need to purchase before July 10th to receive this shipment.
  • We will be using the hashtags #QuiltyBox and #GetQuilty
Your support is appreciated. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me.
Get Quilty!
Patrick Claytor, CEO

I love knowing that part of the proceeds go to benefit kids.  To me that is a win/win all the way around!

We are loving June on the Mountain.  The first tie we saw this cabin was in the depths of December.  Watching the surroundings change with the changing of the seasons has been a beautiful experience of awareness.  Every time I come up here, things are just a bit different.

You know what else June brings?  Mamas and babies!  Check out the scenes caught on our trail cam:

These photos had us going "Awww!" to "Oh, my" and "WHAT?!?"




Wow! (in the velvet phase!)


"Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!" *Singing*

My plan was to leave here this evening, but I just can’t make myself go.  One more night.  I’ll go home in the morning.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double-knit polyester quilt shared by Sherry.

When you start believing in your own worth, what other people think really doesn't matter. You are of infinite worth, just as you are.

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Handy Dan the Fan Man & More!

It’s a weekend of GET’R Done in Virginia!

While I’ve been busy stitching up projects-with-deadlines, some other must-be-fixed items on the cabin to-do list have been crossed off.

Remember the tale of the haunted fans that would go on and off at will, with the fans ONLY capable of running on TURBO?  We found a wonderful electrician/plumber through our realtor and he came out yesterday to help get this funny situation solved.

The fan over the living area also needed a light, so we switched the old ones out for new ones, and they are wired so we can take care of fan/light with old school pull chains to determine which speed the fan needs to be running at, and whether or not the lights will be on or off at any given moment.  Easy.  Effective.  And best of all, DONE!

A 3rd light kit was added to the ceiling fan in the loft area which has become office space which also includes my treadle machine and a couple of comfy chairs for reading.

As the construction debris was being put away at the end of this fan-dango, son Jeff arrived!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Border This, Border That!

Yesterday was a day of borders, from baby quilts to our China Project, to the “down to the wire” Hourglass Leader & Ender Challenge.

The WHOLE DAY was border related.

Which is a good thing when you think about it – if you are down to the borders, you are almost done with the top, and I’m seeing progress in all 3 areas.

I started in right after breakfast.

Before I knew it it was 5pm.

Time DOES fly when you are having fun!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some So Cal Machine Love!

After leaving our last Jamestown Landing workshop with the Orange Grove Quilters, we made a quick stop on our way to LAX to visit Janet and her vintage machine collection!

In photo left to right: Janet, Alice and Debi!

Janet has been interested in vintage sewing machines LONGER than she has been a quilter.  In fact, she has started quilting only just recently after meeting Debi online via a Facebook vintage machine lover’s group.  After watching each other’s posts for a while, Debi discovered that they lived in the same vicinity and suggested a meet up so they could get to know each other in person.

With just a bit of quilter’s persuasion, Janet has jumped into quilting with both feet and joined the local guild.  She is in good hands!

I was so happy to be invited in to share some vintage machine love with these gals!  Many of the machines are ones I don’t have or haven’t seen, and they are SO beautiful.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quilt-Cam, The Morning After!

Last night’s Quilt-Cam via Facebook Live was a wonderful way to spend some time while assembling a baby quilt “on-point.”

I’ve had questions before on how I do it, asking if it is possible to web it, but as of yet, I don’t work diagonally set quilts the same way as straight set quilts.  The rows on diagonally set quilts grow in length until you reach the center row, and then decrease again, making continuous piecing a bit on the difficult side.

But I did have some hints and helps!

And we talked about pinning – or no pinning – asking readers to comment on their level of pinning compulsion.

And through it all, I got this top closer to completion!

And we got to see YOUR photos too!  Before I get to those:

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Some Orange Grove Show & Share!

A beautiful flag show & share on FLAG DAY, USA!

This was just the most beautiful moment when this quilt was unfurled at the beginning of our show & share during my visit with the Orange Grove Quilters of Garden Grove, California.

We had just stood for the Pledge of Allegiance as the meeting came to order, led by a former Marine.

Folks were wearing red, white & blue.

We weren’t on two sides of a political spectrum, at this moment we were AMERICANS. ONE NATION. 

It felt wonderful to be part of this moment.