Monday, October 15, 2018

The First Snow Day Sew Day of Autumn!


If you had told me day before yesterday that yesterday would be full of fluffy white stuff, i would have replied “Oh certainly – CERTAINLY NOT!”

But you can’t fool mother nature!

However, we can point out that she is a bit confused at the moment!

And evidently, I am too – because I’m out it in short sleeves (but just for a moment – just for this photo!)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

In Search of the Lovely, and the Strange!


Adventures in Treasure Hunting!

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to hit some area Antiquing hubs while on this whirlwind 10 days in Nebraska tour – One in Grand Island on my way in from Lincoln, and yesterday afternoon after being passed off from the Grand Island group into the hands of the Elkhorn group.

The changing of the guard.

The passing of the package.

Much like the pigskin being passed during yesterday’s Husker’s game that we listened to on our way to Elkhorn.

I LOVE college spirit.  I LOVE seeing folks behind their teams and wearing colors and athletic wear even on an “away-game” day.

I went from one car full of red wearing quilting fans into another big truck of red wearing quilting fans!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Virginia Bounding in Grand Island!


Workshop day number 2 in Grand Island, and workshop number 4 of my 6 workshop, 4 lecture tour in Nebraska is in the books! As LEGENDARY!

What is also fun this time around is that NONE of the workshops have been duplicates of any others this trip – 6 workshops, all different!  There is always something new to look forward to each day.

Yesterday we dove into boxes and bags of strings, stitching up Virginia Bound from my very first book, Scraps & Shirttails – and it dawned on me.  This book just celebrated its 10th anniversary in print – released in September of 2008!  OH. MY. WORD!  I never gave that any thought until yesterday.

TEN YEARS IN PRINT!  That’s a huge mile stone.

And watch – now I’ve jinxed it and it will go out of print.  LOL!  It’s been a good run, and I’m thrilled.  And if it does go out of print – maybe we need a Scraps & Shirttails III down the pipeline?  Heaven knows I have enough recycled shirts on hand to do many many more quilts with these fabrics that are so fun to work with.

Friday, October 12, 2018

A Cathedral Stars Day to Play!


Grand Island has been Grand in every sense of the word!

Where else can you get the whole QUILT ROOM at the state fair grounds to host a workshop for 46?

And then have your evening presentation held to maximum capacity at the beautifully renovated Grand Theater downtown??

They’ve pulled out ALL the stops, and there is no stopping!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

From Omaha to Lincoln!


Three of us loaded up into Gerry’s SUV and drove 45 minutes past fields of corn, and rambling pumpkin patches to meet up with Kay and pass me off for the next leg of this wild wild Nebraska quilt tour!

What a better place to move luggage from one vehicle to another!  The International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Have you ever been?  It’s been several years since my last visit, and this time they had not only a display of Cheddar quilts from the Joanna S Rose collection (mu passion!) but a terrific gallery exhibit by Marti Michell, but a special exhibit on wood quilts by Wood Quilts by Laura Petrovich Cheney.  Another exhibit featured the eclectic collection of Mark Dunn of Moda fabrics, among others!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Box Kite Nebraska Style!


It was a Box Kite Workshop Day of ultimate scrappiness with the Omaha Quilters Guild!

When the weather is just nasty drippy drizzly and otherwise messy outside, where is the best place to be?  Pressing, cutting out, sewing up, and having a wonderful time with quilty friends from all over!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Tropical Twisting Away in the Rain!


Check out what we did yesterday!

I met with the Omaha Quilters Guild in Papillion, Nebraska for a Tropical Twist workshop from my book Addicted to Scraps!

Of course, this rainy wet Monday in October was anything BUT tropical, but we could imagine that it was rain on palm trees in some place far away with sand and sea.

And I was just bursting with happiness to be back doing what I love so much – teaching and getting to know these quilters one by one.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Nebraska! The Good Life!


Singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain!

I was met by Gerry and Helen right on time at the Omaha airport and whisked off for a round of sight seeing in the rain.

Now, a little bit of rain doesn’t bother me at all – I rather like it!  Especially with colorful umbrellas and no wind or extremely cold temps – it just feels like someone has turned the tap on AUTUMN and it is doing its best to turn from the 90 degree heat wave from last week, to mid October this week.

Aren’t these the cutest gals ever?  We became fast friends as we headed toward downtown Omaha where this was my view:

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Nebraska Bound!


Guess what I found last night?

Hidden in NEARLY plain sight?

My missing *put away for safe keeping* Hexie Star blocks.

Where were they?  On my vanity table with a quilt on top.  Oh, brother!

And if I hadn’t been searching for something else during my round of packing for Nebraska – I never would have found them.  Isn’t that the way it always goes?

I’m packed and ready for the Nebraska quilters – I hope THEY are ready for ME!

On my way home from “the great bed run of 2018” on Friday, I was able to stop at a couple of places I had passed before – and with enough advance warning knowing I was coming this way – was on the look out for!

This is Sarah’s Fox Creek General Store.  The building has been here since 1934!

When I had driven past before, it was either after hours or I didn’t have time to stop, or was in the car with other folks – but Friday was MINE an I stopped in.