Thursday, April 28, 2016

Garlic Knots Blocks and a Book Cover!

Quilt-Cam lost audio last night, so we got in only about 5 minutes of sew time!

I tried to figure out what was going on, I hadn’t touched anything, was just sewing and talking away and sound froze.  I couldn’t get it back even after a second try, so we tanked it.

However, I kept sewing because I really wanted to see what these blocks would do!

They’ve been on the bucket list for a long time, always pushed back for some reason or another.  This is Garlic Knots, from a previous Addicted to Scraps column.  (Click the link and scroll down, you’ll find it in 2014 I believe!) and they are so super cute.

I cut these pieces quickly out of strips that were sitting near my cutting table as a way to purpose them rather than put them away, and I’m on a roll.  These may be destined for a baby quilt!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quilt-Cam, 4/27/2016!

This is Kevin’s Gracie!

Obviously, she is more interested in KEVIN than what is going on during Quilt-Cam! LOL!

I was sent this photo a couple of months ago, or what feels like it and I came across it today in my files.  What a sweet face!

The dog!  The dog!  The dog has a sweet face!  As for me, I’m just feeling old and road weary…focus on the dog!

I’m really glad to be home.  It’s a ton of fun getting to hang out with quilters and do two back to back retreats, but you can’t stay at retreat forever and the pull of home is strong.

I have cleaned!  I have done laundry!  I even grocery shopped a bit, and made Jeff what he said he’d been missing for dinner.  Throw in a hair cut and a massage and massive amounts of book orders off to the post office and you pretty much have my past couple of days.

Plus this:

A Retreat Made for Quilters!

The Spring Retreat with the Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild was held in the Stoney Creek Inn in downtown Sioux City, Iowa.

What a great location!  Beautiful large rooms, terrific conference center – and look!  Barn Blocks on the walls!

It was as if they had decorated JUST FOR US.

And you should have heard the exclamations of quilters as they stopped at each block along the way, each speculating on the traditional name of that block.

“Oh, thats a such-and-such chain.”  “No, I think it’s a something-or-other crossroads”  You are BOTH wrong, it’s called “Someone’s pavement!”

Too much fun.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars Blog Hop!

Hi everyone!

I made it home from Iowa late last night, and good thing for me that i wrote this blog post a bit ahead so it was ready to post this morning!

I’m trhilled to be asked to participate in the Kick Off of Barbara Cline’s new book, Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars!

I love following Barbara and seeing what she is up to with needle and thread.  Her design ideas are not only knock-out fabulous, but fantastic results are made easy by her wonderful way of writing directions that even a beginner can understand.

I love how simply changing the fabrics and the value placement in her designs completely changes the quilts and makes so many options possible!

About this book:
Turn a single block into eight distinctive quilts―the magic is in the fabric! This triangle block is easy to sew, but can transform using countless intricate designs when you experiment with color and value. Stunning triangle-star quilts are perfect for adventurous beginners looking to try something new or intermediate quilters who'd like to put their skills to use in a creative way. Includes line drawings you can color in to create your own designs.

Monday, April 25, 2016

A Bit of My Blue Heaven in Iowa!

We all met yesterday morning to begin our My Blue Heaven workshop, on retreat with the Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild and visitors from as far away as Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota….our Ohio gal drove over 600 miles to come spend the weekend with us!

Her sister thinks she came to visit her, but as a quilter, we know the truth! Ha!

We filled our day with basic units we use all of the time in traditional patchwork: Half square triangles, Quarter square triangles sewn into hour glass units, and flying geese.  the fun came when we used specialty rulers to cut EVERYTHING from 2 1/2’’ strips – something we have on hand nearly all of the time, so working with the rulers made this extra easy.

This silly group is showing off their first “Yay!” moment when their alternate blocks started falling easily together with units coming out the right size, just before lunch!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Meet the Siouxland Sampler Quilters!

Hello from Sioux City, Iowa!

Retreat #2 of this fairly quick trip away from home….it has been non-stop quilty gatherings with all of the excitement and flurry of activity.  I have enjoyed this so much, feeling like *I* am on retreat right along with everyone else!

Yesterday morning we gathered with 46 folks for a Jared Takes a Wife workshop – and what you see here is a group all yelling “TADA!!” as they quickly mastered spinning the seams on the back of their 4 patches.  It’s the simple things that make us so happy, isn’t it?

Our retreat is being held at the Stoney Creek Inn in downtown Sioux City.  What a great place for an event.  Comfy rooms, great breakfast, our lunches have been catered in, and there are nearby eateries perfect for getting out at dinner time.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Farewell to Okoboji!

Yesterday’s Texas Tumbleweed Workshop during Spring Retreat with the Pieceful Spirits guild held at Lakeshore Lodge on Lake Okoboji was a riot of activity, a flurry of scraps, humming machines and loads of laughter, everyt  25 hing a retreat should be!

The day flew by at break neck speed – especially when I was running between two sewing areas, one in the main hall of the lodge, and the other directly below in more conference space. 

25 students upstairs, 24 students downstairs..it can make a girl’s fitbit overheat! LOL! 

But it’s a good thing – this way I had access to BOTH the upstairs and the downstairs treat tables.  I needed those steps!

What a fun bunch these folks were and I hope they will have me back.  Lake Okoboji is a great place for a retreat!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Quilting up an Iowa Storm!

Retreat Workshop Day 1 passed so quickly!

While half of the 49 quilters in attendance decided to arrive a day early and make good use of the “quilting by the lake” time , the remainder started filtering in after breakfast.

Soon the entire place was hopping, a continual flow of wagons pulling quilt goodies and paraphernalia – Machines, fabric, cutting mats, rulers, notions, tools, even personal sewing chairs and portable fans!

You get into a room with all of the machines and irons and women of a certain age, and we all need a little personal air space now and then!

Take a look at this photo!  don’t we look like variations on a theme?  From purple to pink and all the way to burgundy!  A quilt palette in the wearing!

Our Strip Twist half day workshop started after Lunch.  Eat first, sew second!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

To the Shores of Okojobi -

People make the world go round.

And I have to share with you the story of a new friend I made yesterday!  This is Joyce.

It’s not easy to get to this corner of Iowa from Anywhere, especially when flying out of Greensboro, NC.  My flights were full, but everything went swimmingly with no delays, even IF i did have to get up at 3:15am to leave the house by 4:00am to board a flight at 4:45am that left for Atlanta at 5:20.  This was Ordinary travel for me.

From Atlanta it was a flight to Minneapolis and that is where the extraordinary began.

I’m boarded on the plan in Minneapolis, the boarding door is soon to be closing which means things need to be turned off or switched to airplane mode.

Just before switching off, a facebook message pops up.