Monday, December 06, 2021

Is It Really December?

The ponies are getting their wooly winter coats!

But it was warm enough this weekend to be hiking out on the Appalachian Trail without one, really - a sweater, a sweatshirt, something light - was really all that was needed.

Especially as we continued to climb, our exertions warming us up as we went.

Isn't this foal sleeping on the hay just the cutest thing?

So precious!  Click to Play:

There were only a few of us - but we were mighty!

It's a stare off!  First one to blink.....

It may be winter, but just take a moment and study these colors -

From the ground, the brush, the sky -

Even these three ladies blending in to the palette.

Their hair either matching the clouds, the brush, or the dormant grass!

You ladies are troopers!

Walking this section of the Appalachian Trail -

Where it connects with Rhododendron Trail -

The markings on this little one!

And the scenery beyond.

Someone is curious!

On our decent back to the van -

No, we never got rained on - but I was sure wondering if we would at this point!  I love how the clouds parted enough to let the sun's rays through.  Always so pretty!

And yes, I got my rows sewn together -

I am loving this project more and more as the colors are found in nearly all of the photos I've shared above, from ponies, to ground, to brush to sky to clouds - it's all there.

Next up - what to do with borders?

I am not in a rush for anything, so I'm not just slapping plain borders on there to call it done.  It needs something more.

My goal today is to dig in to some more scrap cutting - and try a few ideas.

Into that last big corner background fill-in section.

It's getting there!

We are continuing our tradition of picking one schmaltzy holiday movie to watch each night - last night's  enjoyment was Jingle All The Way.  Fun!  And easy to stitch to since I don't really have to keep my eye on the movie that much.

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Congrats, ladies!

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And my thanks to the folks at IronEZ for the privilege of offering these Gift-Aways here on my blog for you.

The December Quiltvillians have their last full day at Quiltville Inn today - they will be on the road by noon tomorrow so we have other activities planned for today - including the last "Over the Porch Rail" photo op of the 2021 season!

There were several "Nearly there!" quilt tops in progress last evening when I headed home - so we'll see if they are together by this afternoon for that photo op.

How about you?  What did you get up to this weekend? Did you do any holiday baking?  Any mystery quilt sewing?  Fill me in on what you've been up to!

Quiltville Quote of the Day-

When I remember those early days of first apartments, hopes and dreams and scrambling to make ends meet I smile!
We really didn't think we had it that bad at the time, yet we would never want to go back!
Grateful for every step of the way.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!



  1. It is definitely NOT winter. Boise in the 50s all week. We have NO SNOW on the ground in McCall. Brundage has a 2 inch base. It is terrible :-(


  2. put xmas tree up downstairs over the weekend Hubby helped wrap gifts. I cleaned most of the downstairs had gotten a van load of fabric from a guild member that is downsized into assisted living a friend and I sorted all of it and re-bagged it so in the new year the guild can start to make charity projects with it. so it had to get put away for the holidays. got 2 quilts trimmed ready for bindings today 2 more quilts to quilt this week and bind. tradition at our house is getting a pillowcase with name embroidered from me so have couple more to make and then to marathon embroidery names. off for a good full week of xmas happenings.

  3. Love the photos out on the trail with the ponies!!

    1. I love seeing the pony photos too. The black one has such pretty markings and isn't the foal as sweet as can be. Bonnie takes such good photos.

  4. I've finished Clues 1 and 2. Today I will be making pot pies--my favorite winter meal!

  5. oh, the ponies! So glad they showed up to reward you & your courageous hikers!!! Take a chance on the weather? Good for y'all...thanks for the photos!!!! I'll be taking a couple of "vintage" quilts to the long armer today. Hand pieced, purchased at a flea market 30 years ago! Thought I would hand-quilt... they've languished in a closet all this time, so in my DOT efforts I'm getting them finished! I have so very many other WIP and UFO projects... and now Emerald City needs to be packed up in order to finish Christmas projects! Second year for THAT, and i have six of nine blocks assembled, discovering parts missing for the next three... SOOOooo I need to make ten more string blocks w/neutral half (the neutral parts are made!) Many HSTs to finish the "bear paw" block... LOL I "think" I've got the sashing parts finished (some attached)... LOL... i SHALL finish her in 2022... I so want to start Azure Skies... I know where it's going... but EC needs to be done... and deserves to be at the Long Armer... I think she's scrappy enough and should have a single green binding, but that's far into the future...AND have only printed directions for the first two Mystery Quilt 2021 Steps... Rhododendron Trail fabric pulled and clues printed--on hold in a banker's box!!!! I have my Grandson's shirt to do and a couple pillow cases to go with a quilt i gifted last year and a boatload of soup cozies on my "Christmas Plans" so i best get started hmmm? Love seeing Zoey out with the Retreaters... she must just love helping the Inn Keeper get people out and about!!! Last bit of news: One of my favorite quilt stores is for sale... the ladies who've been partnering for the last ten years are ready to retire... they will be "on the market" for 2022 and if Grand Country Quilting (in San Marcos) doesn't sell? They will close. That's their plan for now, I'm too old to start another career!!! I like my retirement, so I'm hoping some enthusiastic and energetic person(s) will step up... that's all i got for today, sew on, find me on FB and let's talk!!! <3 Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. comfy here most of last week but the winds have kicked up, it's gray and it's cold in Northern Illinois. Enjoyed it while it lasted and many of my neighbors got the decorations up, so that was great. Hoping we get a nice spot in January, so we can take them down again.
    Anna in IL (who can't wait to see the last over the railing photos!)

  7. I love your quote!

  8. Switching back and forth between sewing clue 2 and decorating the Christmas tree!

  9. Made Clue 2... Bring it on Clue 3... :-)

  10. The sleeping pony was so adorable! I have finished sewing part 1. They need to be ironed. I have staged the left sides of part 2 since I did them very scrappy and wanted them to look good together. I thought I counted everything correctly but I came out with 2 extra pinks and not enough neutrals so I guess I need to go back to kindergarten! :-) Have fun with your gorgeous new quilt top! K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  11. Good grief! I'm exhausted just reading "Cats" comment! I've started sewing my triangles for step one. Since I'm not a pink person, I switched to 2 shades of blue and the turquoise is now a lovely red/orange.

  12. I have always loved Blue and brown together. Those blue skies and seeing the ponies along the Rhododendron Trail make me want to go and hike, but not today. Meeting an older dear friend for lunch. I'll be stitching on part 2 all the rest of the week. Christmas is 19 days away and mailing has to be done very soon. My Homemade Christmas takes a little time away from the Mystery. Happy days to remember the younger apartments and homes we had. 46 Christmases and counting.

  13. Got a Christmas quilt top from 3 years ago with binding sewn on- will finish this week!

    1. Great!!! I always feel such a relief and happiness when finally finishing a quilt.

  14. Beautiful walk with the cutest ponies! I almost completed part 2 yesterday. I happened to have the right dies and made short work of the cutting. All while waiting for the the biggest storm to hit Hawaii . The mountains did get a LOT of snow and the high winds. Most of the island got the tons of rain and wind. Power was out with trees down. We were fortunate to have just normal rain with no wind where we live. We live below Mauna Kea and are enjoying a chilly morning. Chilly enough to be under a quilt ! More sewing happening today!

  15. No work on quilts this weekend, but got some mending done on the hubby’s work clothes…that’s a full time job! I also finished a long sleeved knit dress to wear for cooler days…too bad Sunday was in the 70’s. But, it’s cooler today, and will be again next week, so I’m ready! Probably won’t get anymore quilts done this year, but will keep plugging along on the 2 that are WIP right now.

  16. I worked on the Quiltlmaker Mystery and tried to get my Christmas tree done, but only got as far as bringing it up from the basement and plugging in the lights only to find the star topper was dead. Couldn't find a new one that suited my taste so took the light string off and tied on a new one. It worked.
    Today was more QM Mystery sewing and since the sun came out I'll be switching things up to get the ornaments on the tree.
    Love the pictures of the ponies.

  17. I remember those early days very well. Better half and I have been taking it slow and easy on the decorating this year. Ligts up last weekend, Christmas trees out this weekend (we have put up three this year). Planning to start a quilt for SIL this week, and maybe make some molasses cookies. I also got SIL a copy of "Scraps and Shirttails" so we can make quilts from her late dad's shirts.

  18. We decorated the front porch and enjoyed Mexican food for supper. Kept warm under a BH mystery quilt from years ago.

  19. Sewing with a small group the rest of the week. First up is clue 2, they are all cut and ready to sew. Then I will work on a custom t shirt quilt for a favorite relative. Looking forward to putting all his "Tough Mudder" shirts into an awesome quilt!

  20. After selling our condo home of almost 20 years (I can identify with the tales of your move Bonnie) we are finally settled into our new condo address in Franklin, WI. WE had 3 offers the first day! This past weekend, we entertained 25 of our family and closest friends at our first Holiday Open House. Finally fully settled and loving our new home, remembering the highlights of both sale and purchase, treasuring memories of our Viking cruise in Europe halfway through our move, and looking forward to a beautiful future overlooking the nature conservancy outside of our upstairs sewing room window, we have reached a feeling of peace and gratitude in our new surroundings and happenings during the past 4 months. Thank you Bonnie for our new Mystery quilting adventure--perfect colors for welcoming spring!

  21. We also watch a Christmas movie each night. We found a NEW jingle all the way and a NEE home alone!!! While not as good as the originals both were worth watching!

  22. I have all my pieces cut for clue 2 but dropped a basketball t-shirt quilt at longarmer and am finishing a pillow made from a very vintage letter sweater both Christmas presents that I was hired to do and tomorrow is my guild Christmas party so not sure when I'll get #2 done.

  23. Love the warm looking pictures. Today in mid-western wisconsin,it was a high of 7 degrees. Right now at 7:30 it's -1. Now I have an excuse to stay inside and sew!

  24. Did some holiday baking including your pumpkin spice cookies. Also started step 2 of the MQ. My son came over for the 8th night of Channukah and we enjoyed latkes, chicken wings and some of the cookies.

  25. I'm working on Bitcoin. I needed something not too complicated right now and I am getting in little spirts of sewing between doing other things. Before Covid I had two medium/large size tubs of fabric that were full of under 1/4 yard fabric pieces. I was kitting up mask kits for my daughter-in-law and got down to one tub of small cuttings that were left over from the masks. So, I am using those cuttings to make my bitcoin pieces. Some ladders are pretty short but some are longer when I have 44" fabric but can only get one or two strips out of it. The left over little pieces are now going into a lettuce box that had organic lettuce in so I can make crumb blocks. All fabric costs the same no matter how small you cut it. Haha. Polly Blank

  26. Watching The Bishop's Wife tonight on you tube. Have a beautiful day!

    1. I have seen 'The Bishop's Wife' mentioned a couple of times. I haven't seen the movie so I wrote it down so I can see if it is playing on Netflix.


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