Monday, December 20, 2021

A Bit of Sand & Sunshine -

About that Sand & Sunshine - were you thinking BEACHY?

Not so, unfortunately.  

But there has been much progress on the pathway across the back yard at Quiltville Inn running from loading zone to back porch.

It's much more than just plopping concrete pavers on top of the grass and calling it done.

First - Things were marked so we've have nice even and strait runs.

Tben, just the sod layer was shoveled up, leaving the exposed soil below.

From there, that heavy clay-like soil had to be broken up and about 3 to 4'' removed leaving a much deeper trench.

It's back breaking work for my menfolk who shoveled large loads of dirt into the tractor bucket.

And that dirt isn't going to waste - it's being used to fill a sloping area that is near a wire fence making it hard to mow - 

We had no idea how many yards of sand we needed to fill the pathway trenches, but we definitely ran short so more sand will be picked up at the quarry today.

They really worked hard to get this far - My main job?  Providing a hearty lunch, prepared in the Quiltville Inn kitchen and doing all of the clean up so they could get back to work.

It seemed like a fair trade to me!

Evidently this is what Lola thought of everything.  LOL.

More string blocks have been made.

This is either going to be the ugliest quilt on the planet, or turn into something amazing and so super cool - I haven't decided which yet, but we will see.

I'm going to have to grab more neutrals from the neutral string bin as I've about depleted the number of neutrals that are in the cabin string bin (Which is one mix of EVERYTHING.)

Evenings are spent still working on this.

How can you tell a hand stitcher from a non hand stitcher?  Just look for the pin pricks and callouses!

I admit I don't have pretty hands and have no use for them.

Here I am folding the trimmed backing in to meet the turned under edge of the hexie on top.  Tiny whip stitches just catching a few threads at each fold are in progress.

Last night I turned a corner and am on the second side.

As I said before, it's fiddly!  The hexies are only 3/4'' per side.  The point of my seam ripper has been my friend in helping to turn those edges under and keep those corners as crisp as possible.

It's been trim-a-little-stitch-a-little, repeat, repeat, repeat but it's getting there.

Will I have it all done by New Years?  Who knows.  Does it matter?  At this point, not really - I'm just putting in a couple of hours every evening no matter how much gets done.

This is the texture I see in the morning light -

There is just something about hand quilted texture that can't be duplicated by machine, no matter how much I love long arm quilting.

It's a different beast all together, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to experience both for as long as these eyes and hands hold out.

How are you coming along on your Rhododendron Trail Part Four?

I know it is a BIG clue with many units, but I have heard that some are done already!  WOW!

That is so fantastic, and I know that you were working to clear out time to enjoy your families over the coming week.

We are planning on just a small gathering here for Christmas Eve dinner.  Just The Hubster, myself, son Jeff & Ashlyn, and yes Casden of course, which has me so super excited.

We just may have to have a cookie decorating activity while he is up here.  Who cares if it spoils his dinner?

What is left for your holiday preparation?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Worry is going on the back burner.
Today I choose JOY!

Have a joyful Monday, everyone!



  1. My hourglass units are DONE! But they all need to be de-dog eared. Is that a real word?

    So, I hemmed a pair of pants for my mom. When I take the pants back to her later today, I’ll deliver a basket full of hourglass units, all pressed and counted-and all sporting dog ears that need to be removed. Sounds like a pretty good deal for both of us.

  2. My contribution to projects is LUNCH, they appreciate it and I don't have to help outside.

  3. LOL...most every house remodel or fix it job is more work than it looks like...i watch 'this old house' religiously and can attest to that!

  4. I can relate to your projects in so many ways--this fall I replaced the rotten raised bed with a galvanized one--back breaking work and still not completely finished. And yes, quilting is hard on the hands and fingers. will be sewing on a binding during Christmas and I expect many pin/needle pricks

  5. Spoil that boy!! He will love it and after all, it's Christmas! Enjoy your time with the family, Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Your hand stitched quilt is very pretty. I've been all caught up on the mystery quilt until this week. I just have too much to do, but that is okay, it's not a race, right?

  7. I am over half way done with the hour glass units -- have the rest cut and ready to sew -- hope to get most of the way done today!! Have the Ruby Jubliee to work on between clues!! Love your hexi -- I finished one a friend started and only got 4 blocks done before she passed away - finished it a couple of years later - not as pretty as yours, but done and given back to her family!!

  8. Ha ha. Trim a little, stich a little sent my mind to singing pick-a-little, talk-a-little from The Music Man. One of my favorites. Violet.

    1. My thought exactly! The song started playing in my head :-)

  9. I finished my Christmas Gifts except for the wrapping. Baking will happen this week. I hope to get caught up on parts 2,3 & 4 this week between clues. Winter showed up in the form of snow. I'm happy to stay inside!!! Have a wonderful time with a family there for Christmas. Children make it more magical. Cookies for sure!!! I predict you will take a Nap on New Years under that Hexie Quilt. Go Bonnie Go!

  10. Gorgeous! I love hand-quilted texture! But on the mystery quilt end; I am low on neutrals and the other color. Might have to switch it to another color that is common in rhododendrons. Love the name. Love the flower/shrub.

  11. Hello Bonnie, I watch your progress and love that quilt. Your Sons will be so lucky to have it. Your new project at Quiltville is going to be such a hit with your guests. Just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

  12. Loved the bit about pin pricks & calluses. :) I'm working on a 3/4" paper pieced project, too. It was found in my grandma's things, started either by her or her mother, from original feedsack fabrics that are now 80-90 years old. It was a mess, to say the least, not even completed and already coming undone. I took it all apart, pressed the hexies, and am putting it back together w papers. Had set it aside for a long while, but have some momentum going again. The callus on the tip of my right middle finger had worn away and had to be built back up, but my built-in "biothimble" is back in action.

    Really enjoyed the look at the lovely texture from your hand quilting, and the closeups of the many prints. You can feature closeups of that quilt every day for the next month and I won't get tired of it. ;)

  13. I’ve spent most of today organizing and inventorying my pantry. We have a small gathering we will attend tonight, then I have gift. wrapping and a little bit of baking and food prep still to do. Most of that will happen while we watch Christmas movies. I’m trying to keep things very low key since we aren’t having company this year.

  14. Your hands serve you well. No need for pretty, I see function over pretty when I look at myself.

  15. Your hexi quilt is so pretty. I admire your patience doing the "border". I took Lucy today for an extended walk in the park and took a break from sewing. However, I did cut more 1.5" strips and cut out more triangles. I'll continue to sew tomorrow. I want to get done before Christmas. I don't have to cook since we all, including youngest daughter and family, will be having dinner with my older daughter. Bonnie,I am so happy to be part of this group. I wish you and the rest of blog people a very Happy Holiday.

  16. Dear Bonnie: Your hexi quilt is beautiful!!! Working on sewing rows together, then borders on the "Homemade Holiday" Mystery Quilt sew along through Fort Worth Fabric Studios. Your work is impeccable and I love your blog. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year, 2022!

  17. 1,2,3 are done but 4 is going to have to wait. I have pulled fabrics and scrap strips from my 1 1/2" bin. But have to go into the larger stash for more garnets and put them all in a box for later. Thanks for giving us another chance to deplete our stashes. I want to try to clean up my sewing room a for the new year. Sometimes I think it is futile but I feel better when it doesn't look like a hurricane just went thru. It also give me a chance to find some projects that got displaced and put to the surface to finish in the new year.

  18. First thing I thought of when I saw your hands my gosh they look like my hands! Hard working hands!!!

  19. Bonnie- I just got Monday's and Tuesday's post together, this evening. This happens a couple times a week. It doesn't matter, just glad to be getting them. Yahoo must be screwing up, as I get your posts later and later. I used to get them at about 0800 daily.

    I am telling YOU, Your Hexie quilt is just awe inspiring. It is just beautiful. Each Time I see it, I fall more in love with it.

    My Rhododendron trail is at a standstill, at least one more day. I am working on a couple last minute gifts, then I will be back at it. So far, I am loving what I am seeing, and love doing the stitching too. Thank You so much for giving us another wonderful Mystery year. It gives us something wonderful to look forward to each week during the Holiday season. The End result is always something we anxiously wait for, work towards. This year is no different in that respect. Thank You, Bonnie for being so caring!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been warmer, but tonight we are back in the deep freeze!

  20. I have never in my 76 years of life had a manicure, unlike most of the other "girls" I know. I simply state that "These are working hands!" Enough said.

  21. I admit I don't have pretty hands and have no use for them. I really hope you meant the "pretty" and NOT your hands! LOL

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