Saturday, November 27, 2021

Stuffing, Stitching & Small Business Saturday!

Things were In the Pink on Thanksgiving morning!

Son Jeff was up bright and early to get the insulation activity started.  And lucky for us - temps were not bad on Turkey Day.  High of 55 and I'll take it!

When I arrived at Quiltville Inn, I could hear the whir of the machine upstairs as soon as I entered through the kitchen door.

It looks like this!

The bales are cut in half, and as you push them into the side of the machine, the plastic wrapper is cut off and discarded.

Click to Play:

Some of you asked what the turret space looks like from the attic and if you can go in there. It's really just a façade.⁣

The still photo in this video contains the turret space in the upper corner. I really think it was only added there because of the housing style of the day, and the windows brought in much-needed light. 

There are a couple of other window spaces that are not rooms in the Attic – the windows are only there to bring in light.  If you look at the top photo of this post, you'll see window light behind Jeff.  That's the window above bedroom #2 which is directly above the Quilting Quarters.

Thanks for all the help, Jeff – we couldn't do this without you! 

Blowing it in nice and thick!

Another glimpse at the metal roof through the slats.

This is why we need insulation!

The next thing we are thinking of down the road is to use spray insulation on the inside of the rafters here to keep more heat from escaping.

Coming back down the creepy stairs.

No, we will never turn the attic into additional living space. We don't even really store anything up there.  It's too creepy! But it made for easy installation of more insulation.

And there was enough left over that the guys did the garage/shop too!

I really couldn't do any of this without the willingness of my family to help.  We are a team.  I'm grateful for that.

Now on that long holiday weekend stitching thing?  Other than getting mail out to the USPS - my goal this long weekend is to spend more time at the cabin, and less time at "WORK."

So I present to you:

Sunlight on Strings.  LOL!

From Disaster to Fantastic!

And I admit to indulging in cute movies ala Netflix while doing so.  If you like period pieces, so give Bright Star a watch. 

It's a 2009 biographical fiction romantic drama film based on the last three years of the life of poet John Keats and his romantic relationship with Fanny Brawne. It stars Ben Whishaw as Keats and Abbie Cornish as Fanny. 

I loved it from the start - as Fanny is very into fashion - deft with her needle and thread and that plays a part throughout the movie.

Also very cute and fun is The Lost Husband.  After the death of her husband, Libby also loses her home and finds herself a single mother of two, Abby and Tank, with no place to live. Libby and her two children move to Aunt Jean's goat farm in central Texas looking for a fresh start. Upon arriving at the farm, Aunt Jean instructs James O'Connor, her farm manager, to teach Libby the ropes of keeping up the farm. Libby is not thrilled about the idea, but accepts because she needs a job. Slowly, Libby and the children start getting used to their new life at the farm. 

And there are funny parts and heartfelt parts, and old house love parts  - it was just a feel good movie while string piecing myself into oblivion.

I have plans on where these string blocks are going to end up - but I need loads more.  it's a good thing there is no shortage to the scraps around here.

It's time to draw the winner of our November Quilty Box Gift-away!

You guys!  There were over 7,000 entries for this box!

And only one lucky winner:

Entry 2817 - Paula Rhodes!

Congrats Paula!  I know you are going to love this box.  Please reply to the email I sent to the address you provided with your entry and I'll have the folks at Quilty Box get your prize right out to you.

I just love the boxes that Quilty Box sends out every month.  If you want to treat yourself monthly - subscribe!

Today is Small Business Saturday!!

I've been asked what block resources I use the most.

In addition to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Block Patterns, Block Base+ and EQ8 (Use Code 25Days for 25% off HERE.) There are a couple of must-have dog-eared books that I keep near me at all times.

The Quick & Easy block book series has from 100 to 110 different blocks in each volume, all presented in a variety of sizes -

All your favorite traditional blocks and more - right at your fingertips with all of the math figured out for you.

I have placed these three titles at 25% off in the Books Section of the Quiltville Store through Cyber Monday 11/29/21 while supplies last.  

It's the perfect quilting reference collection for yourself, or for a quilting friend.  No coupon required - and remember all orders over $75.00 ship free using coupon code FREE75 at purchase.

And while there, check out the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store for those patterns you've been waiting for!

All PDF patterns are currently 30% off using code Digital30 at checkout. This sale is also good through Monday 11/29/21 and ends Tuesday morning when I switch it off.  LOL!

Code must be used at time of purchase. No refunds if you forget, okay?  And it's not retroactive -
And yes - the folks at SewPad are jumping in on a Small Business Saturday sale TODAY ONLY as well!  And it's while supplies last, so if you've been on the fence when it comes to sewing in comfort - it's time to jump in!

What is a SewPad?

SewPad™ is filled with a thick cushion of proprietary viscoelastic polymer gel– the same stuff used in surgical mats and wheelchair pads.

Unlike foam (memory foam or otherwise) gel doesn’t bottom-out and it provides comfort and support by diffusing and distributing pressure.

Upholstered in a plush layer of AirFlex™ fabric, SewPad™ helps your backside stay cool while the no-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around in your chair. 

SewPad™ was designed for quilters and crafters, but we think you’ll find other uses as well.

Church. Stadium seats, in the car and anywhere else that you might expect to be sitting for a good while.

Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

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If you are thinking hard on Electric Quilt Software for Christmas - EQ is hosting 25 days of 25% off at ElectricQuilt.com!

Remember to use code 25DAYS at ElectricQuilt.com.

And yes, the 25% off sale includes all software - and even Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns, 3rd edition.

Along with a Rhododendron Trail blog badge for your own blog side bar, I'll be placing this info and the link in my own side bar for the next 25 days so you'll be able to come find it later.

There is so much you can do with EQ!

My plan for today?  I really need a studio deep clean.  I may settle for a partial clean and get back to stitching.

How is your Part One of Rhododendron Trail coming along?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Very important to know!
Don't put the keys to your happiness in someone else's pocket.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!



  1. I'm so excited for this year's Mystery to begin! I finished Clue 1 yesterday and just had to thank you for all the tips. With the help of your photos, I finally figured out how to use the Essential Triangle ruler correctly for perfect HSTs. Thank you for all you do!!!

  2. RE: Scarry Stairs
    Try going up and down the Scarry Stairs backwards. It works like going up and down a ladder and is a lot more safe than using stairs with no railings.

  3. That insulation will make a big difference, we did the same in our garage exterior walls.
    Your string blocks always look so well balanced. Do you have a color pattern you use when stringing them together, or is it totally random? I have a very similar tote that I want to string up, but am dragging my feet in starting it.

  4. Sunlight on Strings - that sounds like a good quilt name! WOW - you DO have a bunch of strings and I so admire how you utilize all of your fabric scraps. You turn all variety of scraps into lovely creations!

  5. Queen Bees is a very funny sweet movie. Although, you may find yourself watching more than sewing!

  6. Spent last evening ptessing my pinks so i can begin cutting. Need to find more pinks as well. Didn't realize I was lacking in that one color. But I am determined to use from my stash. This year I am going to keep up. Still need tp finish Frolic. Last year didn't happen. Life got in the way. Maybe some day.

  7. Thank you, Bonnie! I had a complete blast sewing my part 1 yesterday. Totally my idea of fun 😁

  8. With all your connections do you know of any store that carries silver (not grey) fabric. My daughter & son in law will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next year and I want to surprise them with a Christmas themed quilt but have tried all local quilt shops as well as the major online stores but can only find grey. I only need probably about a yard so if there is even a shop that has a remnant i could make it work. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. Robert Kaufman makes several fabrics with metallic threads woven right into the fabric...Moondust and Manchester are cotton w/lurex, and Essex is cotton/linen w/lurex. Try searching for a store that carries them. I carry some in my store, but I'm in Canada. I'm sure you can find someone in the US

    2. Judy - Have you tried silver lame'? Its light but easy to sew, especially if you use a fusible before sewing it. And it stays nice looking even after washing.

  9. WOW!!! Fantastic job on the insulation by your guys. This post reminded me that I have one of the Quick & Easy Block Tool books - how did I forget. I just reviewed it, and it will be moved to a better location, so I can use it. I am in the process of making a QOV using your LE Shoofly block in three different sizes. With this book and the others, it would be so easy to make more quilts using the same block in different sizes. 2022 is my year for focusing on scrappy quilts. Thanks

  10. I learn something new each year I make the Quiltville Mystery. Thanks for the tips and tricks. Your creepy stairs remind me of my Grandmas house. Creak, creak!! It's a catch up on Hallmark Saturday!

  11. Thanks, Bonnie, for all you do! We appreciate you. I could not find my Essential Tringle ruler yesterday to begin the Mystery, so I ordered another one. I bet I loaned it to a quilting friend and forgot to write it down. Although my quilting area needs a good clean up and could just be hiding. I am happy to get back into the swing of things after a few years of intensive care giving with recovery resulting. May your holidays be blessed!

  12. Love your quilts and can't wait to start on this year's mystery. I too like to watch/listen to movies while sewing. If you like the guy who played in the Lost Husband, check out Life As We Know It. He also plays in it with Katherine Heigel. It's an older movie.

  13. Oh thank you reminding me about Bright Star!! SO loved that movie. Will check out Lost Husband. Also, deep appreciation for all you do for us quilters.


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