Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Little Bits of Progress Here and There -

This is where things stood over the weekend.

Sometimes it feels mindlessly good to just chain all the pairs of triangles -

All caught into one long chain that seemed to reach from here to eternity.

But then the fun of having to press everything comes to mind, and that chain gets tangled quickly into the realm of "WHERE IS THE END?!  I CAN'T FIND THE END!"


There has to be a better way.

As a consummate chain-presser (I don't cut into individual units first, but leave things in a chain to press) and as hindsight is always clearer than the moment I am in - it hit me while untangling and pressing that I should have been trimming workable ironing board lengths of triangles off of my chain as they went through the machine.

You know - feed 9 pairs through, cut off the first 8 leaving one under the needle?  And continued on.

Why 8?  Because 8 was a workable amount that would keep sets together for this unit.  Depending on what I was making, it could be 10, or 12 pairs kept in the chain.

But nearly 500 pairs in one long chain?  Insanity.  Yes, it was mindless, but now I'm paying the tangled-web price.

As it stands now, I'm only about half way done with the pressing of nearly 500 pairs, and that will continue on today.

Revisiting one of my early quilts.

I thought I'd throw this in here today - it truly is more interesting than my visit to the doc for my physical yesterday. 

All I'd have to say is what I was told. "All looks good.  Lose some weight."

Okay, it wasn't that bad, but being told to get at least three 30 minute sessions of cardio a week when winter is coming on is just something I don't want to deal with on my "must fit this in to my way too busy life" list.

I've had two bad falls that have kept me from being cardio-active this past 6 months.

So let's talk about this quilt, shall we??

Oh those lovely 1990s VIP prints!

I always loved things that chain, and stars - of course.  And throwing in absolutely everything made me happy even "in the 90s."

I hand quilted this one...and yes, it was the 90s so it has poly batting that has gone flat over time.

This quilt was used and loved to nearly shreds.  Bit it was also deemed to be super-soft by my boys and was the one they would always grab for couch snoozing, or if they didn't feel well.

No pattern.  It's a simple sawtooth star and a puss-in-the-corner block.  I believe the block size is 8'' finished.

I have re-bound this one once already.  And I found some more Sadie chews on close inspection.

(That red paisley was one of my favorites, and the color never held up well!) 

I'm going to just fold this one and store it away.

And if a day arises where I am couch bound and feeling kind of punky, I think I'll pull it out for a good snuggle myself.  Just because.

What's funny for me is that though fabric styles and prints and colors may have changed, my love of all things scrappy and how I tend to construct things has not.

Last night's Potato Soup dinner in the Instant Pot.

Recipe HERE.

With The Hubster needing to eat gluten free, I hadn't made potato soup in a long, long time - our favorite family recipe included a roux made with bacon drippings, flour and milk.

This new-to-me recipe, however was fabulous and a new favorite! 

I did make a couple of changes based on ingredients I had on hand.

Where it calls for chopped onion, I used dried onion.  It cooks down to nothing and just adds flavor. The hubs isn't an onion fan.  I didn't have to peel and chop an onion and according to him "smell up" the kitchen. Win!

I used "Better than bullion" to make my chicken stock instead of broth.

Instead of leaving the bacon crumbles for just sprinkling on top of the soup as a garnish, I stirred them in as the soup was thickening with the cornstarch slurry.

I used the bacon drippings instead of butter.

Oh, and the retreaters left a container of half-and-half behind, so instead of using milk AND cream, I just substituted the half-and-half for both.

This was super yummy and I'll be doing it again through the winter.

"Lose weight" be danged!

Oh and this was exciting!

The trail cam at the top of the mountain caught this Big Buckster wandering around at 3am on Sunday morning.

When I returned from my doc appointment yesterday morning Lori and the Quiltville Q's had already departed.  The house was empty - and spotless!  Thank you, ladies!

I dug in and started the laundry, which will finish up today.

Nola's Bonniacs are soon to be on the way from Indiana, arriving tomorrow evening.

Which reminds me - I need to take the Indigo-a-Go-Go quilt with me as we are having a workshop when they arrive!

I am just so amazed at how quickly this year has flown by.  We are 10 days from the start of Rhododendron Trail.  Are you excited?

(Which reminds me, I unboxed another shipment of the Simple Folded Corners ruler and Simple Folded Corners mini so they are back in stock if you need either of them for the mystery!)
I have placed the printable PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point at 25% off - only $9.00 in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store

Sale price good through 11/24/21 when it will return to full price at $12.00. No coupon code required.

It's time to pull out those languishing holiday fabrics and sew yourself into the holiday spirit!
I made the runner in blue, too!  Good for having out all winter long!

Okay - laundry awaits.

And design wall thread removal.

And new freezer paper on the ironing stations so each retreat gets a clean surface.

And anything else I can through in there to avoid detangling that long long chain of triangles hat needs to be pressed and de-dog-eared so i can continue on to the next step.

What's up for your Tuesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Scatter sunshine not rain clouds everywhere you go...

Have a lovely day!



  1. Bonnie, doesn't your weekly change-over at the Inn count as at least part of your CARDIO? It may not be walking or hiking in the strictest sense, but I'm sure you get at least the equivalent of three 30 minute sessions in every week...all the stairs, the baskets of laundry down to the garage, etc. even with your helper...there is also the packing/hauling orders to the Post Office....
    and BTW, I still have some scraps of those VIP prints, after all, it was what was available at the time.
    love your blog, still adjusting to not having it on Sundays, but you deserve the day off...
    MaryAnn in Oregon

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    I'm a retired ICU/cardiac rehab RN that knows the importance of aerobic exercise. It can be challenging when the weather outside doesn't lend itself to a walk. Check-out You Tube videos. Search for "low-impact cardio workouts". I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. Remember, something is better than nothing!

  3. Dieting is so over rated. 🙃

  4. On Youtube, Leslie Sansone has "Walk at Home" videos. Have been using them for about 3-1/2 yr. You go at your own pace and it does keep you in shap and the cardio is good too. They are about 20 to 45 min in length. Just type Walk at home into the search bar on you-tube and away you go. When I had my surgery in April 19 I was glad I had been using them. as it made the recovery easier.

  5. Oh, dear heart, nevermind de-tangling! just cut'em apart and press, just remember for next time... LOL <3 erm, ah, clears throat, lose weight??? Ha, the doc needs to follow you around for a couple a days and see if he can find a way! Good grief on a bathroom scale!!! One must have sustenance to create and heal a twisted ankle, isn't it bad enough you hadda miss the trip to the poinies? Now you have to give up potato soup? sigh... I say wait until Spring, you'll be all over salads and veggies--it's hibernate, be sedentary, hand quilt and heal time! if you don't mind another suggestion, on your 'shopping' trips to thrift stores, pick up a few sets of sheets, 'justin case' !!!! A spare set or 3 or 5 might come in handy (given need for storage) if something untoward like a broken machine, should occur mid-change over... just something i thought of in the middle of the dark the other early morning... my creative brain must find SOMEthing to do waiting for the mystery! LOL, purchased another set of folded corners rulers... i suspect mine are safely packed away with another project... sigh...foggy morning, thanks again for all you do, hugs and healing prayers, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. I like to use instant potato flakes when I thicken creamed soups. I just put in a little at a time till I get it right.

    1. Ooooh! I never thought of that! Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Bonnie, on that 1990's quilt you made: the chewed binding is just Sadie's way of letting you know she is still with you. Frayed edges are okay. They are the best quilts to snuggle under. They are loved. Hugs

  8. I miss you on Sunday also but it makes me feel good to know you are enjoying a day off. It is so easy for doctors to tell you what you should do. We lived in SW Wyoming elevation 7000 and winter much of the year. I was told I should spend my lunch hour walking in the cold dressed in my professional wardrobe required by the bank three times a week! I agree with MaryAnn, you get more cardio than most of us! Happy stitching!

  9. Your 1990's VIP-print quilt is charming and sweet, even - or maybe especially - in its faded, well-used state. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I cut a few and then press them and so on.
    Lose weight!? I don't see it myself.
    I sewed the pine point string blocks the wrong way. Lengthwise instead of across. Grrr.😢
    We're getting closer to the mystery!

  11. I love your 90's quilt. The colors are so soft and muted, it looks loved.
    I guess I wasn't reading your blog when it came 7 days a week. Good grief! I thought 6 days was amazing. Housework counts for exercise, even if we don't use a scrub board anymore, changing 12 beds and washing the linens is a workout.

  12. Oh, detangling that chain sounds time consuming. And the exercise thing... in winter... ugh.

    I've never used flour or cornstarch to thicken potato soup - just mash up some of the potatoes, or add some instant mashed.

  13. I love my 1990's quilts. Did my first BOM in the 90's. First Rotary Cutter & Hard Mat purchase then too. Love Ssawtooth Stars. Quilt Yoga is my Cardio. Good luck with the de- tangling. Hope Lola isn't nearby to curl up in the tangles.

  14. I highly recommend the Mediteranean Diet. I have been using it and have lost 20 pounds since March. It is easy, quick and so incredibly flavorful. I don't count anything. But I have cut out butter (olive oil instead) most beef and most sugar ( a little honey in my morning tea). I am never hungry. I do walk most days but only 30 minutes. I need to find a good workout to do inside as winter is upon us high in the Colorado Rockies. Good luck to you I love your blog and all the wonderful pictures and stories you share with all of us. Thanks.

  15. I was a late comer to Weight Watchers (started at 63) and I don't know what finally clicked, but it did. I think part of it is that there are NO off limits foods - just get control of your serving size. I say I can have ANYTHING I want - I might not have ALL that I want, but enough to take care of the craving. Potato soup is a favorite and we have it often in the winter.
    All the best for a great week, everyone.

    1. WW has worked for me also. I love having all those no-point foods to choose from.

  16. once you get into the habit of regular cardio your body will want it...and you'll be happy to do it..

  17. The idea of cutting your triangle strings into controllable lengths is so simple and useful. I’m glad to see those ‘aha’ moments happen to experienced quilters as well as newbie quilters. It’s part of ‘ you’re never too old(experienced) to learn. I enjoy watching your projects grow. Keep sharing.

  18. You could look at adding cardio as, make one thing better. The one thing is you, well worth it.

  19. Hurray I found a supplier for your rulers here in Switzerland. Nothing's gonna stop me now from being in on the Mistery. Love from Switzerland, Ursula.

  20. I feel your pain with the chaining. I chained all the triangles that I cut from the flying geese when doing the Unity and they are squaring at 1-1/4" UF. I cut them the length of my ironing board and lay out 8 chains at a time and then cut and press. I have piles to square up and have no idea what I'll do with them. LOL

  21. I bought a stationary bike and ride 5 to 10 miles a day while watching YouTube tutorials. I did not buy an expensive bike knowing from past experience they can turn into very handy clothes catchers. I bought one that can fold up into an 18-inch square for storage if I found I wasn't using it. Always read or listen to a book or watch YouTube when riding. Also - highly recommend Pahla B's over 50 exercise and weight control videos on YouTube. Excellent at home routines. Five miles on the bike, 30 minutes with Pahla and I am good to go.

  22. Treadmill and Kindle...it's the only thing that gets me moving because I hate to exercise. I'd rather be sewing or doing cross stitch. If you have room for one I highly recommend it.


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