Saturday, November 13, 2021

All On a Friday Drive -

I had a day away yesterday.

I try to schedule any appointments for either a Friday or a Monday when I know retreaters are well settled in and self sufficient, and yesterday was a round of a couple of things in Winston-Salem, while The Hubster and Son Jeff went to blow leaves around the Wallburg house to get it ready for the buyers.

They also picked up the last of the big furniture - the couch, chair and ottoman going to Jeff' & Ashlyn, and my big cream leather recliner coming up to the QPO Studio.

I took these photos of our last fall colors as I was driving back about 3:30pm.  The sun was just reaching that golden hour -

And that sky!!

Sometimes it is perfectly good to be out from behind the computer or the sewing machine and just observing nature's beauty.  No matter the reason.

Autumn's glorious color palette passes us by far too quickly, get out and enjoy it while you can.

This chair was made for hand stitching!

We first thought it was going to go to Jeff's, but it wouldn't fit their cozy little cottage.  It was too big and bulky for the space.

Brainstorming, I said "Let's move the chair from the QPO studio to bedroom 5 at the inn, and put the cream chair in its place."

And now it is.

My job at hand?  There are some marks from the straps and tie downs that secured it to the trailer during transport.  I need some good (and safe) leather cleaner to remove the marks and road grit from open trailer hauling.

What do you use to clean cream leather like this?  Something maybe that can be used for leather car interiors as well? (I may as well clean ALL the leather!)

I was back in time to see just how busy Lori's Quiltville Q's had been all day!

I spy an Easy Breezy  (Now nicknamed Easy Peasy!LOL!) Leader & Ender challenge on the wall while other cute blocks are coming together!

Sandcastles from String Frenzy 

There is a whole forest of pine trees growing on this wall!

A whole lot of scrap sewing is happening here!

Wonky Wishes block getting sashings!

Oooh!  Loving Lori's blue string quilt with those pops of red!

These tress are multiplying as well.

I knew this top would be together by the time I returned!

Binding is on this Boho Heart - and being stitched down!

I hate to miss out on any of the fun, but I'm also glad that everyone had a great time without me.

Today - what can I say about today?

I'm looking forward to getting back to my brown/turquoise Triplet project.  I still have a load of cutting to do before I can start sewing the next round of blocks.

If the afternoon is warm enough (and dry enough) I'm thinking of a nice walk with some of the ladies may be happening.

How about your own weekend ahead?  Do you have any fun plans?
I have placed the printable PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point at 25% off - only $9.00 in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store. Sale price good through 11/24/21 when it will return to full price at $12.00. No coupon code required.

It's time to pull out those languishing holiday fabrics and sew yourself into the holiday spirit!
I made the runner in blue, too!  Good for having out all winter long!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

To live in the midst of fear is an act of courage.
Family and friends can help you through!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone - I'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. I spent the day quilting. It was windy & rainy.
    But I now have a fini My Blue Heaven quilted and bound! it is sew pretty.
    I think the quilts are beautiful the girls are working on.
    Blessings from western Ma.

  2. I have this same chair in pink leather! It was my mom's. Mine also has an ottoman. Yes, it's very comfy!

  3. try a Mr. clean eraser followed by furniture polish on your leather

    1. I'd do a test before using the magic eraser. It can scratch.

  4. Saddle soap ,microfiber cloth or dish soap mild solution, let dry over night, if leather is dry ( from age) after cleaning finish with leather conditioner. No furniture polish that has bad for leather stuff in it. Looks like a really comfy chair for studio naps.LOL

    1. I agree, Saddle soap has always been good. You could also try Armour All Leather cleaner. I thing Meguiar makes one too. I have some Danner Boot cleaner (Danner.com). I also have some Obenauf"s Heavy Duty leather cleaner/ Preservative. It is made in Idaho. I am sure you know, what ever you try, do so in an inconspicuos place to start.

  5. Many leather cleaner options in auto section of whatever store is near you - Lowes, auto parts store, etc

  6. I agree automotive products intended for leather are the ticket. Go to a auto supply place and browse the Maguires products for a cleaner and a conditioner/treatment.

  7. I love that blue and white star quilt! Great job.

  8. What brand is the leather chair??? It looks so comfy!!! And always so many neat quilts in progress. I should probably be sewing or quilting.......

  9. Lucky stitcher who will sit in your comfy chair. I Need one, it's on my Christmas list. Love the quote today. Family and Friends do help get us through! Have a wonderfilled weekend.

  10. I used Saddle Soap to clean, you guess it!, my saddle. Then a leather condition that I bought a the tack and feed. Can't remember the name of the product, but the suggestion of the auto shop is a good one. Just make sure it is a conditioner, not just a top shiner.

  11. My neighbors in our retirement community are having a "Senior" prom tonight. We bought thrift store fancy dresses and the men are dressing up too. It should be fun, but you can tell it's for seniors: It's over by 8PM! LOL!!

  12. Can’t beat saddle soap and Lexol leather conditioner. Have used them for years!

  13. Your quote reminds me of James Talylor’s song “It’s okay to feel afraid, but don’t let that stand in your way….”

  14. There is so much beauty in this country, especially in the country. Just seeing the pictures is soothing. I hope you ladies got to take a walk.
    I am in the midst of a crashing, rumbling thunderstorm with torrents of rain. To dark to see much, but the wind is making lots of noise. I love thunderstorms! My mother and I used to walk in the rain when I was a little girl.
    The quilts are lovely, what a joy to just sit and sew without any "must do's".

    1. Rainy days and thunder, open the curtains and watch the rain and quilt by the music of the thunder.

  15. Our furniture store recommended regular ol Dove bar soap with a wash cloth just as if you were washing your face--gently with warm water , wipe off and dry with an old towel.

    1. This is how I clean my leather recliners! Works well.

  16. Love the fall pictures. My kitchen window overlooks a neighbors yard with 2 beautiful trees with golden leaves on them. Love it. Really like your white leather chair, looks so comfortable. Ratchell in Arkansas.

  17. LOVE the Boho Heart!!!

  18. I second the saddle soap and lexol. I have some expensive combination cream that I don't remember the name of that I use on my boots and saddles, but I always always keep the combo of soap plus conditioner. They also make saddle soap in liquid form, but I would spot test anything...white leather is not what these products are made for!

  19. Horseman's One Step. Cleaner & conditioner in 1. I've used it on clients furniture for over 10 years. The furniture glows instead of shine.

  20. I have used Maguires Leather cleaner for Auto for years on both the
    cars and furniture. never had a problem and it works

  21. When I bought our very expensive leather chairs, the salesman told me to only use a cloth dampened with water. Nothing else is needed.


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