Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tulip Fields in Monroe, LA!

If I was only allowed to make one kind of quilt for the rest of my life…it would likely be a string quilt!  I love how each one turns out so different, and each fabric scrap has its own story to tell.

What’s not to like about a string quilt? 

They are utilitarian by nature, and perfection can be completely thrown out the window in favor of wild whimsy and reckless abandon ----at least for the string part of the block.

Halfway through the class day we switched gears and that is where the precision piecing comes in……and we had them doing a great job with that too thanks to fixing seam allowances and getting them where they need to be.

Here I am at Marie’s machine demoing my favorite method of sewing on two blocks at once, using each as the leader/ender for the other keeping the chain as simple and manageable as possible.  These blocks are easy breezy, no stress and so fun….and then…the tricky part!

The tricky part?  The pieced tulip top triangle needs to measure the same as the string pieced tulip base that you have just trimmed to size. 

If your top is too small…the only thing it can be is your seam allowance is too big.  If your tulip top triangle is too big?  You have got to fatten that seam allowance up ….find what you need to do with that seam allowance to get it to turn out right and don’t stop until you do!  Never trust a 1/4” marking on your machine bed….never trust a 1/4” foot.  Remember, the fold after sewing comes from the far side of the thread….so you have to think a bit scanter than a mathmatical 1/4” which measures only from the edge of the fabric up to the thread….but doesn’t include the thread, or where the pressing-over is going to happen.

Monroe_LA2013 064

Candy Pink’s cousin Lucy came to play today!

Of course her name is Lucy – she is a vintage red head!

Monroe_LA2013 074

I was also introduced to possibly the best potato chips ever --- and totally local!  Zapp's chips are crispy, tasty, with only 3 ingredients – Potatoes, PEANUT OIL, and salt!  Yummy! I love discovering local stuff while traveling. 

All in all it was such a super visit with the quilters of North Louisiana--- I’ll definitely be happy to come back any time!

I hope you enjoy the slide show below.  If it doesn’t play on your mobile device, simply click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album…..or visit your nearest REAL computer!

And if you are wondering...Tulip Fields is found in my book String Fling!  Click the String Fling book image in the left hand side bar to order :)
Tulip Fields, Monroe, LA 2013

My teaching time is done...and today is a travel home day for me -- but my flight isn't until 5pm!

I'm relaxing in the hotel room with a bit of laptop work, some hand quilting work ---and then I'll be meeting with Jeanette for lunch out and a bit of antique browsing before she drops me off at the airport this afternoon.

The last day of June 2013.  This year is half over already? WHERE did it go? HOW did that happen?

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  1. Great slide show....beautiful blocks...but now I have this craving for potato chips...lol

  2. Bonni
    My old machine going creazy, very quickly just alon..... alone just because it bluged to the electricity .
    I unfixed the badel but no way . what is it blroplem she must see a doctor

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM EDT

    How did this happen? one day at a time....just the way your leader ender blocks happen ....one seam at a time...if I had only learned earlier in life to do some of each project each day I would have finished so much more.... and had less stress.... so what to do with the second half of 2013??? thinking....

  4. Hi Bonnie! I had so much fun Friday and now I'm cutting more strips and squares for the stars. But I have one question - how small is too small to keep? I want to do Pineapple Crazy and some of those pieces are tiny!

  5. Love it! Love string piecing AND leaders and enders. I have joined a new quilt group - I call it my Fountain of Youth quilt group because they are all about 20 years older than I am (in their late 70s and 80s)! It's the quilt group at the retirement home where my mom and my in-laws live. I showed them a quilt I made using Leaders and Enders and those ladies took to the concept and RAN with it. They said they would make 35 blocks by our next meeting (July 6th) and they have made over 100! Yikes! We will be making a couple red, white and blue quilts for the American Heroes quilt project on Vashon Island, WA. See what you did?

  6. nice blocks and saw some familiar fabrics in those string blocks...LOL...and i agree, june gone, year is flying by...we must be having fun!

  7. I love going through these photo albums. Seeing other quilters' color and fabric choices is so inspirational!

  8. OMG, I love Zapp's! I can sometimes find them in World Market if you have one near you.


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