Saturday, June 01, 2013

Threads That Bind!

I love to hear friendship stories of how quilters get together and share their time!

I received photos from Sandra and Kathy who share with us their long Memorial Day weekend Sew-a-thon. These quilters live in DEEP Georgia ---and the weather was pleasant enough to take the said sewing out onto Sandra’s patio.  When the weather is great in Georgia, you better grab it, because sweltering times are not far behind!

Can you see how they have set up their vintage machines and baskets of parts so CUTE on top of the outside patio table, complete with red table cloth!

Forget fancy tea parties – let’s have a Quilting Fest!


Look at this gorgeous view!!

I also love how they are captured in silhouette.  Can’t you just imagine the chatter and the laughter as they sat and stitched?  This is BEAUTIFUL!


Sandra, working on her Winston Ways blocks!

Winston Ways was featured in a past 100 blocks by 100 designers issue and will be making an appearance in my next book!


Hi, Kathy!!

You might remember Kathy as that very crafty quilter who introduced me to the wonders of old machine case decoupage!  She’s sewing on a lovely 1950s 301.  Click HERE for a refresher course!


You girls look like you have had a fabulous time!  Wish I were there to join in the festivities!

Show & Share!!

There are THOUSANDS of tiny postage stamp pieces in this terrific quilt top made by one of Sandra’s neighbors.  I LOVE the hodge podge random look of it all…what a great study in the fabrics that have come through this quilter’s hands!  Can’t you just feel the gentle breeze that caught the quilt top in this way?

If you have photos to share from quilt outings with your friends and would like me to share them, I’m happy to do so!  This blog just isn’t about *ME* only.  I really feel we have developed a community of stitchers here!

While at a recent guild meeting, I was laughing silly while quotes were spoken aloud: “You just might be a Bonnie Hunter fan if you believe that Quiltville is a real town somewhere in North Carolina!”  ((Hysterical!))  But it IS!  Quiltville dwells in each of us ---just pick up a needle and sew with a friend and you will find it!

Update on things here:  CRAZYVILLE!

Most of yesterday was spent out on errands, from a brunch meeting planning more of the fun for our August Collaboration Celebration ((Oh, just WAIT!!  We have so many treats in store for you!)) to making a stop to pick up the Blue Morse from its rewiring job!  ((Yes, it’s home and I don’t have time to plug it in and sew on it yet!)) to dropping off and picking up a prescription for Jeff who has an abscessed tooth….is there anything worse than tooth pain? I wished there was something I could do to help him, poor baby! To a massage for me ((Oh YES..much needed!))

At the end of the day post-massage I found myself wandering around Target --- just wandering!!  CRAZYVILLE I tell you!  I did pick up a few things for my Ireland trip coming up…

There is a formal “Gala” night…which means dress up as if you were going to a wedding.  I don’t dress up all that often, and the weather is not supposed to be that warm there…so here I am standing in the aisle debating pantyhose or no pantyhose, and should they be nude or black?  AUUGHHH!

More desk time took up the rest of the day – finishing another pattern writing and sending it off to my editor ---feeling on a roll there, but knowing my time home is winding down!

Before I knew it the day was over ---and it will be much the same today, with little chance of stitching.

The Hubster wants to go to IKEA.

Watch out world, this could prove interesting!

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  1. Bonnie, I believe there is a "no pantyhose" rule in Ireland. At least there is for me. Black pants and a nice top will look spectacular (that is what I am wearing). We are leaving on Sunday for a couple of extra days in Dublin. See you there.

  2. Quilting buddies are the best! Our trio started as counted cross stitch lovers and have progressed to quilting insatiables! We have been at this for 12 years, and even over 4 moves to different states, we continue to gather for quilt shows and show and tells...we really need to get together more often to actually stitch instead of adding to our stashes:-)

  3. I have become very close friends with the girl that taught me the basics of quilting... and this summer she is coming for a week for us to have our own quilt retreat mixed with birthday celebrating! Yay for quilty friends... thanks for sharing that story and have fun at Ikea! Kathi

  4. It looks as if they had beautiful weather and a lovely time sewing outside. GA, too bad I am not closer. I would have crashed the sewing circle!!

  5. I agree, quilting buddies are the best. Whether you are shopping and buying or just sitting visiting and stitching, we always have fun.Through moves to different cities,growing kids and jobs, we have managed for almost 20 years. We three gals are the "Fabric Piranhas"
    And my other quilty friend we try to get together once a month. We are 2 hours apart and it is always a great weekend of sewing and catching up!

  6. I am in the less-than-two week countdown to a long standing sewing retreat with my quilting buddies at Ross Lake Resort in Washington state that coincides with your Ireland trip. This involves wrangling a small suitcase for clothing, a large suitcase for sewing projects, a cooler for perishable food, a bag for non-perishable food, a bag for miscellaneous stuff like pillow, e-reader and handwork, and my Featherweight sewing machine!

    Off you go, down a steep flight of 23 steps to a deck to load it all on a boat that will take you up a lake .... where you get to off load it to a flatbed truck for a long long long winding road trip to another lake where you will offload it to a small boat for a trip across another lake to your cabin on pontoons for the next week. No phone, no cellphone, no internet, no TV, just electricity, full kitchens and bathrooms and sort of comfy beds, beautiful mountain scenery, geese, kayaks, and peace. Ahhhh.....

  7. I wish I had local quilty friends but watching QuiltCam is almost like sewing with friends. Scrtch that , it is sewing with friends I just haven't met in person.

  8. My college-aged daughter (at the time) inspired me to quilt. I was traveling home to Indiana from Seattle at the end of her summer internship. What was supposed to be a national park hop, turned into a shop hop. This is when my daughter morphed into my dear friend. We had a ball. Now every time we travel anywhere--we throw in a shop or two or three. My mother, at 87, has also started to quilt. She watched me sew one day and said, "I think I can do that." We we are now three generations of quilters.

  9. Are you really sure there is not a place named Quiltville!?! There should be! Jimmy Buffett said Margaritaville is a 'state-of-mind', so maybe Quiltville is also a 'state-of-mind'! ;-)

    1. JB also said Margaritaville was any place you wanted it to be, so that could be true of Quiltville also!

  10. Oh, what a great treat to see what the quilting buddies were doing! I love seeing the patio refrigerator, yard chairs and smoker as well. It appears as if they spend a great amount of time outdoors which we don't do here and I miss it. Thanks for sharing. PS. my husband went to IKEA once about the same age as your husband and said, "never again" and he meant it!

  11. Oh Bonnie, what fun to come inside and find us on your blog!!!!~ :)
    I have been outside today, have had 2 strong men to work and I watched Josh's baby (lucky me!~) and supervised.... They made a frame and hung our swing, finished the pathway to my neighbors, planted roses, gardenia trees, other flowers. It was a very productive day outside and beautiful!~ The baby and I were on a quilt on the grass, just enjoying the great weather.
    Everyone is off to get showers now and rest, then I"m grilling dinner for everyone as a thank you.
    Thanks again for the great surprise today and hopefully it will inspire others to do the same. XO


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