Friday, June 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Drive-By!

Okay, we didn’t just drive by…..we pulled in and parked and got out and took photos!

Along with 100 other people who were milling about, trying to capture themselves beneath the legendary Duck Commander sign.

It’s a cult thing.

Because sometimes you just have to!

After all, it IS Monroe, Louisiana!

Mostly I did this for my guys --- because they are huge huge fans…and I admit it, I got swept up in the adventure too!

duckdynasty 048

Hi guys, guess where I am?!

duckdynasty 045

You dared me and I did!

duckdynasty 053

And yes, even the taxidermy has a long beard….

duckdynasty 051

And you CAN pick up plenty  of souvenirs ----

Baby, you are NOT in DUBLIN anymore! LOL!

duckdynasty 050

And NO, you can NOT have one of these….just because it is CAMMO!

And NO, we did not see any Duck Dynasty stars here….they have much better things to do than hang around where fans gather ---however….

duckdynasty 059

We went here for dinner --- Cotton!

duckdynasty 060

How many of you watched Chopped??

Chef Cory Bahr was a former winner, and this is HIS restaurant!  Oh my goodness, was it wonderful!  And while we were enjoying our meal---who should walk in??

duckdynasty 061

Pardon the grainy picture from the rear, this is a zoom shot from across the restaurant…..it’s Martin from Duck Dynasty.  He knows where the great eats are!

As we were leaving I was introduced to Chef Cory ---and we had a nice little chat!  Turns out he is a quilt lover too and was telling me about one he has that is all feed sacks ---and upon Susan telling him that we had done the “bring a tourist to Monroe” loop that included Duck Commander – he proceeded to tell us that the entire Robertson family was in the upstairs room having dinner at that moment ---THAT was the furniture I heard being moved around above during our meal.

So close but yet so far ---and I was tickled to be able to give this bit of gab back to my guys at home ---

This morning we are off and running with a very busy and full day.  it’s a Rectangle Wrangle workshop today, followed by a lecture tonight ---it was 100 degrees yesterday with high humidity and it should be the same today ---can anyone say PONYTAIL!?  It’s all about keeping cool and quilting on!

Have a super Friday, everyone!


QwerkyGrl said...

My hubby is so jealous of you he can't stand it. =)Love the pics! Thanks Bonnie

swooze said...

Ask them to take you to Eskamoe's.

justducky65 said...

Love the adventures you get to enjoy! My guys would have loved to be so close to their "family from another mother". We could be the northern clan (here in western PA) to this redneck family and I also have a Phil Robertson - my son!

Have fun quilting and trying to stay cool.

Jen Robertson

Kathi Kraftyzales said...

That is so cool! Awesome adventures of a lifetime. You are blessed, and you take us with you.
Kathleen in boring San Juan
Thank God I Quilt

mascanlon said...

Quilts gt you to the most interesting places!

TLC said...


queenie louise said...

I do so enjoy your adventures! Whoo! Hoo! Thanks!

diana569 said...

Hey Bonnie, if you were a true Duck Dynasty groupie, you would have waited in parking lot to get candid shots of them leaving!My freind's 15 year old daughter has it down to a science! She has picturea od all kinds od stars that were in NY! Can you say stalker? lol! Enjoy your Louisiana getaway!

Muv said...

Hello Bonnie,

I have to laugh. I had a good idea what was going on when you were in Ireland. Looking at your pictures today I haven't a clue what it is all about.


Meredith said...

Love the cammo truck. My dad collects ones like that one. Won't bore you with the details. So he never complains about my fabric stash. I was surprised how much he liked me sewing room lay out. My dad taught me to sew.

orchid said...

You...down in Monroe...where my best friend lives and just 30 minutes from my momma, sister and brother! Here I am in NE Kansas..there's something wrong with this picture..I know! I should be there with you...now I'm just down right jealous! I want some crawfish pies!
Carrie D.