Saturday, June 08, 2013

Céad Míle Fáilte! A Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

And a TON of Quilters ---gathering from all over the world!

I had some time yesterday morning to wander the show and see the quilts, enjoying the beautiful campus where the show is being held ---

I have NEVER been to a show with such a fun feel!  They don’t call it a FESTIVAL for nothing!

So much work has been done to turn a college campus into a real Quilters Village!

Ireland2013 389

From the castle façade of the Village Hall

Ireland2013 388

To the Wicked Thimble Pub for food and grog!

But you better watch yourself or you may find yourself HERE:

Ireland2013 387

The prison was actually a FABULOUS exhibit of quilts that are made by inmates imprisoned in Limmerick.  Photos were not allowed for this exhibit, but how it was staged was a whole experience….They’ve got it set up like a jail inside…the quilts are hung behind cell bars…this is just not a “look at the quilt” experience – but the sights of the bars, and a recording playing sounds of the inside of a prison gives a complete audio/visual/tangible experience.  The whole show is that way --- and I’ll describe more about that and show that later…For instance…in the “under the sea” exhibit, everything is decorated to make the entire exhibit area look like it is under the ocean, with music playing of ocean and whale sounds…incredible!

Ireland2013 382


As you wander the campus…you will find yourself entertained by local music!  This young group is singing in traditional Irish, a Gaelic dialect:

By afternoon I was so excited to see my students gather!  We had a 3 hour session for Pineapple Blossom…and I’ve put the photos in a slide show for you to enjoy below.  We also had some show and tell thrown in!  You really should have seen the Communion dress up close to appreciate the work in it….gorgeous lace and ribbon and…Wow!  A gorgeous civil war sampler, and be sure to check out Sigrid’s hexie owl…and another student’s hexie handbag!

If for any reason the slide show doesn’t play on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.
Pineapple Blossom, Galway, Ireland 2013
Today is a double duty day! We've got Jared Takes a Wife this morning, followed by String Spiderweb this afternoon! And our Ireland Adventure continues ---

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  1. Cucumber fabric - such fun!

  2. if you are guilty, then that makes US guilty too....LOL serial co-conspirators! looks like you are having a terrific time!

  3. Oh no, Sigrid closed her eyes when the camera flashed, I do that all the time. The Pineapple Blossom is looking so good. I liked the one with the neutrals instead of stark white.

  4. Hi Bonnie, I am delighted you are having a wonderful time in Galway. The weather is just amazing I hope the rest of your trip goes well. I'm planning on travelling up there tomorrow from Limerick with my mum to see the exhibit and I've been making your scrappy trip blocks this afternoon! Have fun in the city of the Tribes!

  5. Curious about the quilts made by the prisoners I 'googled' it and found a blog by one of their teachers with photos from last year.... interesting... http://paularafferty.blogspot.co.il/2012/06/international-quilt-festival-of-ireland.html

  6. Thanks Bonnie for a wonderful class yesterday ~ The three hours flew and we learnt lots! Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit.

  7. Clicked on the video and listened to the traditional Irish music as I read your blog post. Felt like I was there! So interesting about the prisoner quilts and how they are displayed behind the bars with audio. Now I'm ready for a class and then a visit to the Wicked Thimble Pub! Thanks again for all you do, Bonnie!


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