Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Further Down in Dingle Town --

Still wet and rainy---but what the Irish refer to as “soft” weather ---just a bit drippy, but it doesn’t stop you from getting out and about and taking care of your business!

We stopped for lunch and shopping in the town of Dingle and I was instantly re-charmed over the small Irish towns and villages and their vibrant colorful personalities.

If you come to Dingle, be sure to stop at Harrington’s for the best fish & chips in all of Ireland!  The seafood chowder was also to die for.

 Yes, I will seriously need a diet when I get home.  But it was SO WORTH IT!

These photos upcoming are in no certain order – I was just trying to capture the feel of Dingle and I still don’t think I did it justice ---but hopefully you will feel like you took a long walk with us up this darling town!

Ireland2013 757

Doorways are a favorite photo opportunity…look at the celtic braids on this wooden door décor!  AWESOME!

Ireland2013 758

Stone buildings are classic – I would have loved to have known who lived here when it was built.

Ireland2013 759

The cutest shoe shop in all of Ireland!

Ireland2013 761

Be sure to watch the entry ways! You just might leave quilt-inspired!

Ireland2013 762

Turquoise and Raspberry! I LOVE IT!!

Notice the American flag flying on the mustard colored building?  They love us Smile

Ireland2013 763

Old churches are always a photo-must for me.  So many of life’s greatest memories and moments were focused around the church.  Births, marriages, deaths ---

Ireland2013 764

I loved the rugged iron hinges on the door.  Do you see the orange writing?

Ireland2013 765

Traditional Irish or Gaelic.

Ireland2013 766

Church abbey

Ireland2013 767

Beautiful altar – all that stone work!

Ireland2013 768

Okay..this shop sign just cracked me up!  Elfis has Left the Building!

The proprieter is probably down the pub for a bite of lunch--

Ireland2013 769

One thing I know for sure…EVERY town in Ireland has at least ONE Murphy’s Pub!

Ireland2013 771

Murphy’s from the front!

Ireland2013 770

This row of shops face the bay ---

Ireland2013 772

Fishing boats in port.

Ireland2013 773

The name of this vessel?  The FIONA K II, of course!

Ireland2013 779

Can you see how windy and wet it is? Look at the gal in front’s hair!

We still had to stop on the hillside to capture this view:

Ireland2013 777

That storm is really brewing out there, it’s cold and rainy – such a difference from just the day before!

Can you see how the stones have been piled to help prevent against further erosion?

Ireland2013 776

Looking across at the islands.

Ireland2013 774

No WAY will weather dampen my spirits!  We are loving our Irish Adventure!

Ireland2013 783

I hope next time you’ll come WITH ME!

In fact –there is still room on our Germany/Austria/Bavaria Christmas Markets tour December 6-14th 2013!  It’s going to be fabulous!  Click HERE for more info, and drop an email to info@sewmanyplaces.com to learn more--  You won't want to miss it!

Today --- we explore DUBLIN!!

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  1. I that think was probably the best little town so far! You did a great capturing the feel of Dingle! I really did feel like I was taking a walk with you through the town! Thank you again Bonnie!

  2. Hello Bonnie,

    Lovely pictures, and you were bound to get a good bit of wind and rain coming in at you from the Altantic sooner or later.

    We stayed in a village in County Kerry when I was little in the early 1960s for our summer holidays, staying with an old lady who lived at the top of a hill. She had been my dad's teacher when he was young. The village children went barefoot in those days, all over the fields and lanes, so my brother and I did the same. I have vivid memories of the view of the patchwork of fields, riding donkeys, and paddling in the river. Totally glorious!

    PS. Thoses aren't daffodils in your last post, they are yellow flags, irises that thrive on boggy ground.


  3. Wonderful photos of a fantastic trip. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Wonderful photos! It reminds me of my trip there about 7 years ago. A truly beautiful country. Thanks for the memories...

  5. We ate at Murphy's Pub in Dingle last May!! Dingle was my favorite town on our trip. I think I took around 400 photos on our vacation. I think that you'll probably triple that number! And I'm enjoying every one of your pix. Thanks for the tour!

  6. Oh I can see it now the mystery quilt will be irish inspired which is great by me im collecting greens and creams already love Ireland love Dingle have a great time, Bonnie! !!!!!

  7. Oh I can see it now the mystery quilt will be irish inspired which is great by me im collecting greens and creams already love Ireland love Dingle have a great time, Bonnie! !!!!!

  8. I am LOVING this vicarious Irish adventure! When I travelled to England alone in 2010 I didn't let a little thing like typical UK bad weather get me down either! Coming from the left coast of the US (near Seattle) we just don't have the history of the east coast of the US, let alone the history of what England and Ireland have. Actually touching parts of the walls around the Tower of London that had stood since Roman times just gave me chills - must be the same for the castles of Ireland!

  9. My family is from Dingle, a couple of generations ago. Thanks for the close up tour!

  10. i sew wish I could go Ireland scottland australia are on my bucket list...if only SSDI would finally kick in

  11. I wonder what the floor looked like under the carpet...you can just see some of it peaking out from the edge...
    SO wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So glad you are sharing the journey with those of us that couldn't go... the architecture and colors you share and just amazing! Just ordered my first book of yours... leaders and enders! Can't wait to get more ideas on how to make 2 quilts at once :) Kathi

  13. love those picturesque village shots....looks like you have stepped right into "ballykissangel" from PBS! beautiful, just beautiful!

  14. That Turquoise and Raspberry building, Kathleen McAuliffe?? What was inside? I'm a McAuliffe, too, and love to hear what others are doing. I do hope to find out myself one day! Thanks for the photos and info! Glad you are having fun.

  15. I shared your first Ireland post with my daughter who is heading there with her husband later this month. She said they are going to Dingle too! What a fun time everyone is having!

  16. The one with the American Flag is Dingle Crystal -- where I bought my vase! We ate in Murphy's pub and then had some delicious ice cream made with Irish Cream at a cute Ice cream shop in Dingle! YUMMMMM

  17. Bonnie, it looks so beautiful. It is on my list of places to see. I really want to visit there.


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