Friday, June 21, 2013

Crumbs–The Aftermath!

Tonya rolled out of my driveway in her little red VW, making her way back to Maryland today ---She misses her kitties and her hubby, but I am so grateful she had time to come play for a bit in the basement with me!

Yesterday we both agreed that Indian food was a MUST DO for lunch…and I was eager to show her my favorite spot in Winston-Salem for yummies to satisfy – Nawab!

A quick text message also had Lisa joining us – and I love it when friends of mine can meet each other and make friends with each other too.  We had a great time ---

But there was no time to dawdle – we are working on some projects.  While I sewed, Tonya dug into my stash of recycled shirts….the deal was, if she de-boned them – it would be some for me and some for she – and I was totally up to that!  What you see here is my stack after she did ALL THE WORK!  Now that is a win for sure!

Tonya is really good at getting me out of my funk and inspiring me to set time out for myself to work on what *I* want to work on – even if it is competing with something that has a deadline.  All work and no play makes Bonnie a grumpy girl….so yesterday, current book work was put on hold ---this was a play day!

crumbs 020

See this box of crumb blocks?

There must be 500 blocks in the box --- I’m serious!  It was gifted to me by Bonita Fletcher back in 2011.  And it’s been waiting to be a quilt --- because I had so many other things going – and I wasn’t sure which direction to go with them.  Tonya has issued a challenge…let’s do it!

The blocks are full of " on the murky side"  vintage 1980s & 1990s fabrics…in a somewhat limited color range. lots of dusty greens, mauves, greyed blues, some browns, and lots of beige-y tan. It’s different working with someone else’s palette.  I keep reaching for colors that are not found in these….it’s like driving someone else’s car, and buttons and features are not available, or not where I’d put them. What a challenge!

I have been sewing the 3.5" cut blocks into groups of 4 to make 6" finished blocks.

The crumb strip piecing I had  *previously* been doing is to the right of the box lid...you can see my limes and oranges and hot pinks and purples--yellows and turquoise/teal are also things I love to grab...those are colors I tend to throw in to liven something up, but I'm not doing it with these...I want to work with what she sent me.

She put so much work into these -- what a gift!

I'm focusing on "Make do with what you have" with this....and will pump up the color palette by what I use to set the blocks with, and pull more colors into borders or something.  

I’m thinking of setting these against a solid…and we dug into the stash to see what would add a bit of pop to these blocks…

crumbs 018

Would you believe a very yellowy greeny chartreuse??

Just wait.

crumbs 015

Sadie thinks it’s going to be perfect!

I’m not shooting for perfect --- but I’m happy with fun, and used up!

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  1. Bonnie,

    I absolutely love the picture of the two treadles and all the clutter around them. It makes me feel totally at home!


  2. I think Sadie is saying she approves of your choices. Definitely will brighten up the scraps you were gifted with!

  3. What fun! I have a gifted bag of four patches and need to find a background for it as well. I'll have to lay them out and decide if I need MORE or not once I see the size. Play time!

  4. I love dogs! Her face says it all... comfy blanky and right in the center of things lol

  5. So glad you are out of your funk! About time you had some girl time fun! Miss my girlfriends! But I love my online girlfriends too!

  6. Looks like Sadie helps the same way my cat does. :)

  7. Anonymous11:07 AM EDT

    You should always listen to your dog!!!! Sadie and I think alike ;). Love the blocks, now what are you doing to border them with, might I ask?
    Surprise us
    Smiles, JulieinTn

  8. Great! I can't wait to see this.

  9. Glad to hear you had such a good time with your friends, you deserve it. Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out, this one should be just for fun, and that yellow is very fun!
    Happy sewing Julie

  10. So happy you had a fun time with your friend... My bff is coming down to quilt with me in a week from tomorrow and staying for a week... so excited after reading about your fun!

    thanks for sharing and good luck with your quilty adventures with those blocks :) That is a gift for sure!!! Kathi

  11. Chartreuse is my go-to "neutral"! Excellent choice, it will be lovely and quirky and fun when done. And yes, a just-for-fun sewing day can cure almost any funk.

  12. I like it! Use what you have has been my motto this year!

  13. woohoo, such a blast to play with you too! This quilt really is going to be fabulous, just know it. hmm, didn't mention that I harassed you into pulling out that gorgeous chartreuse. hee hee hee.

  14. I agree, chartreuse is a great neutral for me too! (Right up there with red and cheddar!) LOVE all those little crumb blocks! You have both inspired me to get out of my funk several times, and my stack of new quilt tops proves it!

  15. sewing with friends is just the best. Glad you had fun. Love that neutral.

  16. When I looked a the photo I thought "how cool, she is going to use chartreuse in the middle and brown around the edge..." then I realized it was the carpet! Still love the concept in the photo!!!

  17. using up stash! i will definitely drink (diet pepsi) to that! my stash beckons me all the time, explaining the UFOs but oh what fun! looking forward to a play date this week myself...can't wait! thanks, bonnie, for a preview!

  18. So you did you split the buttons? 50/50? If I deboned that many shirts I would want ALL of them. If I ever come in your basement I would LOVE that deal.

    Will work for shirt parts !!!

    Carolyn in NC

  19. I think Sadie says it's MINE!!!!

  20. Love, love love this! My other thought, before you showed the chartreuse was "cheddar"!! Glad to see you playing with a good friend.


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