Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice!

It’s the LONGEST daylight of 2013 today!

I’m happy about that ----been waiting all year for it --- but sad that I slept through nearly 3 hours of it this afternoon!

OY! With all the sewing and laughing and talking that Tonya and I did, I needed it.  The moment The Hubster left to go play golf –the quiet house just beckoned me to lie down for just a little bit to re-charge my batteries – and I was OUT!

Will you be sewing the extended daylight away this evening?

Yesterday ---a new addition was welcomed to the basement studio to help me do just that!

Basements ARE cooler in summer – but when it starts to not really cool down at night, it can get stuffy in here and no amount of fans can move enough air to dry the humidity out ----

To solve that bit of hot summer Southern Discomfort: My ONE basement window now sports a window a/c unit!

It doesn’t take much to make ME happy!

Doesn't he know that I many NEVER leave the basement now?!

Happy Summer to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!

And – Oh BOY!  12 days until that cabin in the mountains is MINE!!

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  1. The AC unit is a wonderful addition - but I bet you are more excited about the cabin :)

  2. Count down the days and hope it turns out to be everything you want.

  3. I have a window AC, too, but I have to be careful with it. If I turn on the iron, it blows the circuit breaker!

  4. Anonymous7:53 PM EDT

    window shaker will do the job. stay cool and happy sewing.

  5. Since I've been watching you (oh that sounds creepy)I have been thinking does everyone home (new or old)in the US have a basement? If so why? My idea of a basement is dark and dingy certainly not a quilt studio. What I want is an attic cause you find so much cool stuff in them but alas we don't have either here in Australia (some do but it is rare not the norm.

    1. It depends on the part of the country. In south Texas where I am, there is so much solid rock that basements aren't feasible and pretty much no one has one. In other parts of the country they are standard in most houses.

    2. Well the USA is a big country I am in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and in this area no basement no attic is normal.
      My own opinion is that it depends on when the home was built and where it is built.
      My grandparents house had a fruit cellar no attic. The cellar was just the dirt under the house dug out so food could be stored in a cooler more consistant tempature that's not needed in this area now.

    3. Thanks ladies I think I need a basement I could stay down there during summer with the fruit we can have temperature as high as 46.4C which is 115F.

    4. We're in Northern Michigan (very sandy soil) and we have a full basement. It's the exact same dimension and size of the house with 9' walls so the ceilings are high. It's WONDERFUL for storage and DH has his "shop" (he doesn't like the term man cave so uses shop instead) there. My sewing studio is upstairs in two of our four bedrooms in this house. I have never owned a house without a basement ... don't think I would like it without a basement. Where do you GO with all your stuff without one??

    5. Where do I go all over the house. I do have a spare bedroom that I have made into my sewing room but I can not contain it to that one space. Especially during winter as it get really cold so I do a lot in the living room where we have our wood heater. I really appreciate the info I just thought everyone in the US that lived in a house had a basement or an attic.

  6. Cool, literally on both the new AC and the cabin!

  7. My window A/C is on the opposite side of the room from my sewing machine. If I'm sitting at the computer it blows right on me. So, I sew for a while then take a break and browse on the computer for a while. Glad you got an A/C for those days are a little warm.

  8. Cabin countdown.....

    Glad you got some rest! Talking quilts is fun but after a few days some sleep is needed...

  9. Ahhh A/C and lots of fabric.

  10. Is that why the day at work seemed so much longer than normal??? Thought it was just because I had a short night with shoulder trouble keeping me awake! Glad to know there was a REAL reason for the long day!

  11. Wow, its good to know I wasnt the only one to take a long afternoon nap. Ha!

  12. If you are below sea level, Texas, basements are not a good idea. I am in Deep South Texas and we have no basements down here. I can see the clouds over Mexico from my front porch. Lol

  13. Bonnie I have sleep apnea my husband urged me to get tested as he had a friend die, believed to be due to sleep apnea.
    Of course I did not travel across time zones
    I did nap often
    I did snore
    My husband said he (in the night) would hear me stop breathing and wait for me to breath again sometimes he didn't wait he'd nudge me or call my name
    Of course that was annoying to me
    But I got tested I have moderate sleep apnea use a CPAP machine now
    Testing was to use a finger oxygen clip worn over night at my home to measure my oxygen levels over night
    I do nap still but less often and I don't feel like I need to nap like before
    Please consider being tested

    1. I understand your concern about sleep apnea (my mom has it and wears a CPAP mask at night) but I think Bonnie is still on jet lag time and making up for it. Just look at all she has done for the last 6-8 weeks and I get exhausted just READING about it!

    2. Oh I do agree Bonnie is so busy and "doing time zone " travel
      I for me, need to suggest to Bonnie to get tested its easy not expensive or time consuming
      But finding out can save a life also not getting the "correct" amount and type of sleep can lead to other health problems... Perhaps some have been mentioned by Bonnie this year
      It's up to Bonnie if she chooses to follow up on the suggestion
      I just needed to put it out there as I think she may need to be tested

  14. I was thinking about your cabin countdown just the other day ... how excited you must be. Take pictures of everything when you first move in so you have a record of what it looked like before you make any changes ... you can start an album with them! Happy for you!!


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