Sunday, June 09, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Touring Cliffs of Moher!

Just a short little update--we just arrived at our hotel in Killarney and it's almost time to gather for dinner.

Look at these cliffs! There are more photos to come--

We had the most beautiful day--see who I found on the path? :)

And this little slice of heaven is the view from the open door to my own private balcony at the Malton Hotel overlooking a gorgeous garden with walking paths.

Since it stays light until 10:30pm here--I'll be exploring after dinner!

Love from Ireland!!


  1. A little slice of heaven. Enjoy it, you've certainly earned it with all the hectic traveling you've been doing lately.

  2. Isn't that "Green" amazing????--Mom and I couldn't believe our eyes while we visited. There is no way to even capture it in a picture. Heavenly--enjoy!! Hugs, Julierose

  3. Two self made quilting superstars! Wow!
    Love the picture of you and Eleanor Burns :0).

    Have a wonderful time.....isn't it lovely?
    Did they finish the welcome center at the cliffs? It
    was under construction when we were there a few years ago.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Awesome! I too have a photo with E

  5. Ah the Cliffs of Moher are one of my most favorite areas in Ireland. The raw power of nature as the waves beat against the cliffs! The grass in green even in March when I was there. I love the photo of you and Eleanor. Believe that you are now a superstar congrats to you Bonnie. It is well deserved! Safe Travels!

  6. OMG! I would think I had died and gone to heaven!!

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM EDT

    I wish I was there with you! My Mom loved Ireland too. Said she felt like she was home there, more than anywhere else. I hope to visit one day too. Glad you are having such a wonderful time and with such wonderful company. I will never forget being at Road to CA with my friend Megan and Martha just started up a conversation with us like she was just another quilter, no one in particular. That is what makes her so precious.

  8. Looks beautiful...!!!!! I see you have a photo op with "Eleanor Burns"...

  9. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures from Ireland - they are treat!

  10. Bon, It looks like you're having an amazing trip! So glad!! Missing you! Love ya,

  11. Too funny! You and Eleanor had to travel half way 'round the world to run into each other :D (I know, I know, you're there for the conference, but still...). I am really enjoying your travelogue and photos!

  12. So pretty and it looks like perfect weather! So happy for you!

  13. I visit occasionally in Germany - a friend from high school. I once sat in her sunroom and worked on a white-on-white counted cross stitch sampler until late at night using only the natural light. You are right - it stays light until way late being so much farther north.

  14. Omigosh, absolutely stunning! I'm loving every photo you take. I have ancestors who came from Ireland and just feel like I know a little of what their land was like. Thank you.


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