Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Update on Quilts for Oklahoma!

I received an email last night thanking us all for the number of quilts that have been received in the quilt drive for Oklahoma.

Thank you SO much for participating!

If you still have a quilt to send, there is an update in the address to send it to --

Please read the following:

Just wanted to thank you for reposting info regarding the recent Quilts for OK! (Quilt Drive for OK Tornado Victims) I initiated.
We began the Drive with one post on Facebook, and off it went!

So very many kind donors mentioned that they read about it on your blog! We believe well over 1500+ quilts have been received at my Studio in Tulsa- aren’t quilters amazing??!!!
Thankfully I was contacted by Janice Grimes of “Quilts of Compassion” from Toledo OH after the FB posting.  We were happy to partner with them as we were totally overwhelmed with the kind and generous response we were experiencing!

Our Drive ended early in June, and I was wondering if you might post that our Studio’s part is over, but if there are still those who wish to help…please send directly to Quilts of Compassion at:

Quilts of Compassion
PO Box 350296
Toledo, OH  43635

If you have any questions, please contact me, or Janice Grimes (419) 708-9343. You can see all the wonderful blessings the quilt donations have been on the Quilts of Compassion’s Facebook Page. They have already made 2 trips to Moore, OK and vicinity to distribute the quilts!
Many thanks again,


Alternately, there are quilts being collected for the Calgary, Alberta Canada area – they have been flooded to the max and there are many out of their homes.  Quilts are needed there.
For anyone wanting to donate quilts to those affected in the Calgary and Canmore area by the recent flooding please send your donations to:
"Quilting for Calgary"
38 Rockbluff Close NW,
Calgary, AB T3G 5B1

Please be aware it will be several days before your donations can be distributed as many of our roads are still closed and we are being asked by officials to stay home.

Many of our evacuees are still in the process of being moved/shuffled to other facilities as officials learn where needs can best be met so we are still in a state of flux. Donations will be distributed as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

Thanks so much for your willingness to help, everyone!

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  1. Being a Canadian I am thankful you for posting about the flooding in Alberta too along with the tornado victims. Quilters really are special people!!!

  2. WONDERFUL to hear our quilts got the right folks.

    Bonnie, you also had a name and address of a quilt studio in Tulsa that would distribute our quilts. I sent mine directly to her.

    We just can't forget these folks. Imagine going through such a major tornado, and seeing your home turned to trash. I am so thankful many lives were spared.

    Bless you Bonnie for listing the places to mail the quilt too.

  3. Thank you Bonnie for posting about the flooding in Calgary as well.

    It's been my experience that a lot of times Canadian quilters contribute to American relief projects, but we may not get help in return when it is needed.

    I am NOT in Alberta, but my SIL's family has been affected and are living in shelters until they are cleared to return home again. They are in High River, AB.

    It's the unknown that is the hardest for them to deal with. Not knowing how much damage there will be, not knowing if they will ever be able to return to living in their homes, etc.....as well as my SIL not being able to get much information on her end.

    Thanks again. It's nice to be remembered :)


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