Monday, June 03, 2013

Hexie Planning?!?

Funniest email just came in from Suzi Quinn with the following caption!


Thought you might like to see my new way to try out Hexie designs!
Have a great trip to Ireland…I’d be going along if this wasn’t a big graduation/prom year!

Hahahah! I can see it now!  “You just might be a Hexi Addict if you plan hexi layouts with your food….”
Thanks for the chuckle, Suzi!
Which reminds me…I better get my hexies packed up for my backpack ---guess what I’ll be stitching ALL DAY TOMORROW!!

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  1. Anonymous4:24 PM EDT

    Yummy! One for the Hexie, one for me ... one more for the Hexie etc. I would increase in size a lot faster than my Hexie plan would. But heck this is worth a try, right? lol

    I love inventiveness ... and if nothing else, quilters do seem to be inventive rofl.

    Thanks for this giggle

  2. I think this is a riot--a yummy one! Good luck on your trip and you will LOVE Ireland--Mom and I went years ago and had a blast!! Great people (super beer!!hahaha) Hugs Julierose

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who does that! :) Skittles, M&Ms, sweet tarts all work great. Plus you get to eat them when your done! :)lol

  4. my problem is that I would be eating the design before it got designed.

  5. I love this idea good thing they aren't peanut ones or they would be gone.. can't leave the peanut ones alone..

  6. Have a great cruise and we'll watch Quilt Cam reruns on You tube while you're gone. Ireland is beautiful.

  7. I'm traveling tomorrow night, too and I have my hexies all packed up and ready to go! I also have a book on tape in case I start to get carsick. No, I'm not driving, DH is!

  8. Now THIS is what I call a great idea!!!! LOVE IT!!! :)

  9. I like Suzie's thinking! :-)

  10. I like this idea! If you don't like your design, you can eat it and start all over again with a fresh bag!

    Of course, I would have to buy several bags because there would be no red ones left to make any designs with!

    I had my kids convinced that there was a golden rule when they were younger that said, "If your mom buys you some M&Ms, then you have to give all the red ones to her." SIGH.......unfortunately they don't fall for that anymore! lol

  11. Lol!! What a brilliant idea!!


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